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  1. Would it be possible to have it tie into agx such that you put all your stage events into actions groups. Then, you set your staging as a list of action groups. So I could define my first stage as action group 1, my second stage as action group 2, and my third stage as action group 8. I set the staging to go 1-2-8 and each time I hit space, the next action group is activated.
  2. Does anybody know the replacement for this line? EditorPartList.Instance.categorySelected It worked in .25 and after a 4 hours of searching for the correct method/variable, it does not seem to be possible. The goal is to enable mouse scrolling between pages and shift+mouse scrolling to change categories. Thanks.
  3. This is not a perfect solution. I spent all day trying to update part catalog and for the lift of me, I could not figure out how to detect what category was currently selected. In the end I neutered the mod down to just the page scrolling. Right now, you can scroll within a category, but cannot scroll between categories. If anyone knows how to detect your current category, please message me so I can fix it. Link Ill take you up on that
  4. Sorry about that. Im new to compiling/releasing mods, but I was trying to get it to work and figured other could benefit. Ill make sure to post src and license in the future. Sorry about that. Ive seen people do it for other mods and it did still require your download first. I only distributed the dll. They still needed your download for the parts. Thought it would help a few people while you got around to updating it.
  5. For everybody waiting on this mod for the .9 install, I have edited the source and recomplied for the latest version. The plugin cannot be found here. This is an UNOFFICIAL update. It worked for me, but your mileage my vary. I hope this can help tide people over until the op has a chance to work on the plugin. Have a nice day.
  6. Ill jump on the train and say that I would still rather have .25 interface + pc vs .90 interface. I like the direction they went with the interface, but its still not enough. Please maintain this mod. Or document what you have so someone else can take over.
  7. Any chance at integration with CKAN? Basically, its a meta file that gets added to a central repository that allows linux style installation of mods. Yours is the only mod I want that is not in the repo as of yet. Link here:
  8. Wondering if I can get help building your project. I managed to get the .proto files built correctly, but for somereason, git is failing to apply the .patch file. Im not an expert on .patch files, but when I run "git apply krpc-proto.patch", it complains about trailing whitespace on line 9. Then I get a patch failed error for KRPC.cs:861. Finally, i get an error that src/kRPC/Schema/KRPC.cs: patch does not apply. Any idea what my next step should be? --Edit-- My goal is to create a java api since it seems the .proto file can generate java code. This would allow users to program their rockets with a scripting language called Scala as well. --Edit 2-- Full error when running git apply with the 'v' switch $ git apply -v krpc-proto.patch krpc-proto.patch:9: trailing whitespace. foreach (global::KRPC.Schema.KRPC.Service element in Services_List) { Checking patch src/kRPC/Schema/KRPC.cs... error: while searching for: public override bool IsInitialized { get { foreach (global::KRPC.Schema.KRPC.Service element in ServicesList) { if (!element.IsInitialized) return false; } return true; error: patch failed: src/kRPC/Schema/KRPC.cs:861 error: src/kRPC/Schema/KRPC.cs: patch does not apply
  9. I might not know enough about math to help with the actual project, but Ill work on the patch file when I get home tonight.
  10. Is there a guide/readme out there to get everything to build on windows (8.1). I have a pretty solid math and programming background and I would like to help out if I could. I spent about an hour trying to set everything up, but I did not get very far.
  11. Updated .dll files are here since no one else seems to want to post them. Kethane.dll: KethaneToolbar.dll: Download the plugin like normal, then just place these .dll files into the kethane/plugins directory.
  12. So I took a leap and installed this in my game. Only bug I have run into is having to switch vessels to force it to recheck possible connections between probes. It should be noted that I am playing in noob mode with no flight computer and no signal delay.
  13. I just tried this awsome mod, but it seems to not want to let me click anything in the iva view. I am using the toolbar and the rasterPropMonitor mod. I also tried on a clean install, and was still unable to click with anything shown. Raster allows me to click on the mfds when in piloted command pods, which leads me to believe that the problem has to be on your end. If you need any more info, please ask, as I really want to be able to use this mod.