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  1. Congrats all. I can attest to the hard work these folks are putting in. - @cineboxandrew's dad.
  2. Ok, I consulted with an expert and he suggested that my suspicion was probably right and likely a corrupted drag cube config in the part database. Deleting PartDatabase.cfg and letting it rebuild (simply restart KSP) appears to have solved the problem. Valentina appreciates the more predictable return procedure.
  3. I've seen something similar. My last 3 craft, 2 of them hit the ground at 600+m/s coming in from a standard 70K orbit, but one hit terminal velocity of 200m/s up around 8Km and landed nicely - just as I was expecting. Also no FAR, etc. here. So at the very least I think it's intermittent. Those were all different craft, so maybe it's related to specific parts in use? Almost as though one part such as the heat shield has a near zero drag coefficient where we only see the effect when it's not occluded during reentry.
  4. I would like to add my congrats to everyone for their hard work on this mod. I can attest to the level of effort on this as @CineboxAndrew is my son so I've been seeing the effort first hand. He knows his old man really digs a well animated antenna and I especially thank him for sweating those details. However much effort you think this required from all involved, it was a lot more, I can promise you. Great work everyone - it really looks amazing.
  5. Would like to note that 1.26 Preview is working massively better for me on OS X.
  6. On the garage structure one of these nodes is wrong: // --- node definitions --- node_stack_top = 0, 0.359, 0, 0, 1, 0, 2 node_stack_bottom = 0, -0.34, 0, 0, -1, 0, 2 Pretty sure one should be the negative of the other, as with the garage front, except that it also sits at a little angle.
  7. Ah, now I see it. Let me play with those settings. [Edit] That seems to work perfectly, thank you. Might want to add that as a super-simple example for how to use TCA. The ability to stabilize a VTOL rover even while having MechJeb piloting is super-handy and I would think quite common given a number of VTOL part packs (Malamute, Karibou, KPBS, etc.) Most likely would be people's first use case for TCA.
  8. I'm having trouble doing something that I *think* should be simple. I'm trying to land a USI Karibou rover with a pair of VTOL engines. TCA works great until periapsis falls below 0, and then it (usually) turns on 'Level' mode and will not turn off no matter what. Sometimes the other control options turn on below peri 0 and Level stays off and I can try to land, but somewhere along the way it'll always turn itself on. I've played with the engine groups and made sure the Level button was disabled there, but nothing works. If there were a way to keep the on-planet autopilots disabled, that'd be
  9. One of the landing leg nodes is a bit off on the Garage Structure part. One side is good, but the other sits slightly above where the node should be and is slightly rotated. Mostly cosmetic, but anyone trying to birth one one of these things out of a Mk4 spaceplane cargo bay can barely spare the extra inch.
  10. I'm neutral on the eye issue but I would vote in favor of visual diversity between the equator and the poles as 1 and 3 most show. If the storm spins, well, that's pretty cool...
  11. The CLI lists the mod as 'SpaceXLegs' so finding your mod is a bit of a challenge there. Might want to have a little note telling people to look for that if they use CKAN CLI. CLI is always a bit of a haystack so it's not horrible, but usually you can start with the right letter of the alphabet and S is quite far from K.
  12. Hmm. Those are good points. I was thinking of the 2.5m Kontainers as dockable sky-cranable units (use the adapters and wheels to dock, move to the crane) rather than as long-term storage, but the ISM is a good idea. I'll poke at that idea a bit.
  13. Thank you for this set, it's turning into one of my favorites. Sympathies about the lost work - I've been there. I would like to request a small part, if there is broader interest - an adapter from a KPBS element to a 2.5m UKS Kontainer (I suppose this could go to to @Roverdude as well). The nodes on the garage adapter appear to be almost exactly right - it needs to be raised just a hair so the bottoms align, but the part would terminate instead into a Kontainer shaped octagon. This would allow us to shove either a pair of planetary adapters and wheels to move it around a dock it to a ba
  14. If you are doing asteroid captures, with good planning you'll intercept it near Kerbin SOI which will have an orbital period of about 20 days, and if you are trying to raise its periapsis, your job is to increase that orbital period so you may be buying orbital time faster than it takes to make it. Even with my horrific mass mismatch, I was able to increase orbital period by more than a minute per minute. If you are doing a slow burn to Eeloo, you're probably looking at a 3 year transit time, so plenty of time for long burns.
  15. The cost/benefit crossover is pretty high, so if you are trying to break-even on fuel, you need to chase class Es and you need to focus on minimizing TWR and maximizing ISP. If you can push it into orbit in counts in terms of minutes, you've overbuilt. If it takes hours or days, you're more on track. Just Jims 3700t asteroid which is 80% ore will yield about 2,960t of ore or 5,920,000 units of lf+ox. An orange tank is 4t and 6400 lf+ox, so his asteroid should push out about 925 orange tanks of fuel. Even a low-efficiency rocket should be able to put that in orbit for no more than dozens of
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