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  1. Working on this crane today, can get around some issues i am having with Infernal Robotics, maybe some of you guys/gals can help?
  2. Nothing really special, been moving all of my equipment and fuel from the KSC to the new airfield and launch facility where i was hoping to be completely self sufficient and reusable, to bad I crashed my AN225 that had my fuel for todays mission. Gonna take a bit to recover from that because of all of the fuel lost, but not to mention the logistics lost because of the plane. Which is huge built with 7.5m parts with the EPL mod,...... maybe i should have just built a truck lol.
  3. I am working on my interplanetary ship to cruise around the system in and i have hit a snag. I wanted to build the ship in sections, a command/science section, a living section, and a propulsion section. Everything is all well and good with the former two. But i am having difficulties with the latter. It is simply too big and too fragile in gravity for me to understand how to lift it. I have put larger things into orbit but they were mainly fueling cores that i could strap a ton of boosters on and call it a day. So I am looking for a lil help. The mods used are FAR, deadly reentry, interstella
  4. Mig-25 900kn of brute force 1050m/s at 15000ms 18000m max ceiling The same fuel mileage as a 1969 Cadillac!!!!!!
  5. Hi all. I have started making quick little video series on how to do some of the tips and tricks when building crafts in the game. The Open Source Construction Techniques for Craft Aesthetics thread is a very nice thread but sometimes i felt that some of the techniques needed a little better explanation and we all know watching how its done is the best way to learn so I am going to go through as many of the tricks as i can in different videos and try to explain why they are done the way they are, what has changed since they were first used and showing how it all comes together and works. So
  6. Hmm well something is a miss, i got back on for a minute to show my brother what i was working on and all of my sats have been destroyed, or are spinning uncontrollably for some reason..........
  7. Ok well i started using remote tech, and I may have to do something differently with these they are generating a ton of heat so i may have to add on of those folding radiators. I have run out of time to play today though and the network is only half way done around kerbin. Each probe has its own reactor and generator, and propulsion and if they work right will be my comm satellite to place around each planet, plus they just look nifty.
  8. Bumpig this, hoping to see if anyon has used it and has any ideas i can use to make it better
  9. Bumpig this, hoping to see if anyon has used it and has any ideas i can use to make it better
  10. I have been playing KSP for a while now and i recently just took a long break at the end of .22 til now. I am looking for some ideas on what to do now. I play with some mods, KW, Interstellar, KAS and kethane. Today was my first day back and I am really liking the new additions to the interstellar mod but now i need some ways to utilize it in a useful way. I have been thinking of building an Alcubierre Tug to run some kethane to and from the jool system but that seems a little bland to me today. So KSP tell me what to do and I will either try to vid cap it if my comp will allow, or do some img
  11. I think that the majority of people that are really liking the game right now are the ones that were enthralled with space and science as kids. Gamers have moved from playing a game to it becoming a sport and that will be the downfall. I love the game as it sits right now in alpha, trying to figure out things on your own is half of the fun, you know like real science and space exploration. Giving the player a set of goals to accomplish has changed my view on the game so far, it has pushed me to go to places and actually do things that I wouldn't normally do. Example, going to eve. I HATE Eve,
  12. I made this in about 15mins. 1800kn with after burner (action group 2) 22km ceiling or more it wasnt out of air but was getting a little light in the front Max speed?????? Its a big plane so you have to max very small adjustments. Take off is a little weird, full power to all engines start climb at 100m/s it will lift off i promise. at 200m/s turn off after burners. Climb and go fast. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8qh52717qeetbb/Concord.craft
  13. I never really used solid rockets before .22, and I can say that this has changed my play style a ton. They are always my first stage now, I have been finding it easier and easier to get into orbit with the SRBs than the LFO engines and even now where I am on the Tech tree it is nice to use SRBs .
  14. You could add another intake or 2 to get some more altitude and I am sure it would go about 1500 or so, holding at 18000m though it seems like it is it.
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