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  1. Nice, my favorite truss is back. Guess its time for a new space station.
  2. Concerning the recent TCA discussions. Yes, it seems i was wrong to recommend it. TCA is kinda flaky at the moment, when it works it works great however sometimes it doesn't work at all. For me, i now see i am sometimes not even able to open the TCA control panel. When i can access the options they work great, even with Karibou VTOLS but that's no good if all i can open is the TCA manual. While awaiting a fix i have switched (back) to Davon Throttle Control System, as long as you don't need any of the fancy TCA autopilots Davon TC handles thrust centering just fine on Karibou and AES and, presumably, other USI VTOLS.
  3. You don't. But such a change cannot be hidden either. All MM configs are plain text files. You can read them, modify them, delete them. Many users, such as myself, write their own MM patches to modify stock or mod parts to their own liking or needs. This requires additional effort on the part of the user, if you want to make sure they don't do anything you don't want you need to understand and keep an eye on these patches, but you will hit a brick wall with mods very soon if you refuse to use MM. And lets be honest if the mod makers can donate the time and effort required to make mods least we(mod users) can do is not make things even more difficult for them by refusing to use a tool which makes mod making a lot easier. Another thing you should consider. If you think MM patches might be somehow harmful to your game you should ABSOLUTELY stay away from any mod which distributes a library (files with .dll extension, such as this mod) because these can do a LOT more then MM patches.
  4. Yes, this explains it. Never knew there was such a mechanic. Thank you.
  5. I highly suspect this is the case as i do have many interplanetary missions awaiting completion (long transit time). What is the cap for 3-star missions?
  6. Is there a way to force the investor mission to generate? I have seen it, twice i think, but felt it wasn't the right time to do it. I have since decided it is the right time and the mission wont show up. I do get other missions form this pack, like space camp, but no investor tour. Since i do not take rep penalties for declining missions I have tried declining contracts until i get it. I must have declined hundreds but still investor tour.
  7. There is no reason not use all three. I do. Pathfinder and KPBS even offer some USI-LS compatibility if you decide to throw that into the mix as well.
  8. None of this is true. It is so for some games but not for KSP on Steam. Case in point: I have EVERY version of KSP from .24.2 to 1.1.2 still installed on this computer. Some of them in multiple copies (for different mod configurations). They all still run. I have the Steam version of KSP. Additionally i have KSP Edu version of .90 (never updated) installed on the same computer. This version has nothing to do with Steam and this horrible DRM beast never complained. People who "lost" access to old versions did so because they failed to save these versions and they allowed (mind the "they" and "allowed" parts, we are talking about options i have to turn on) Steam to automatically update their single installation of KSP. I keep KSP on manual update (since .24.2) and am capable of easily preserving old versions. But hey, it seems like you aren't really interested in how Steam works so my post is more for the benefit of people who might otherwise be misled by your posts.
  9. What i usually do is start from the cabin/command pod and then, when i am finished, use the re-root widget to change the root to whatever part needs root status for the sub-assembly to work.
  10. Since the only two parts which always have crew are front (cabin) and back (rear airlock) seems to make sense to make it passable. Also as far as shipping goes, rear airlock has an attach point i think.
  11. This has been reported before, there is manual fix on GitHub for the texture problem (just rename the file issue #1 mentions). Not sure if these wheels work even if you fix the texture tbh. Read about it here: https://github.com/BobPalmer/ExplorationPack/issues/90
  12. Is that the new mini Rover? Replacement for Logistics Rover? Looking at the amount of criticism TCA gets from Karibou users i guess i should rethink my earlier statement. I landed a very unbalanced VTOL Karibou on the Mun in 1.1.2 with TCA but considering the experiences others have had ill do some proper tests. TCA may be trying to do too much. It started as a simple thrust balancing tool but is now turning into an autopilot similar to MechJeb, i suspect these advanced features might be source of many of the problems people are having.
  13. I made a MM patch which turns the GeoLab data transmitter into a RemoteTech antenna. Omni 5 Mm, 0.2 ec/s, passive 500 km. I know a dish is visible as well but i have never seen both in a single part and didn't feel like experimenting. I will just leave it here in case anybody else wants to use it until we get something more official and, possibly, balanced.
  14. Karibou VTOLs work great under TCA. I would dare say the two complement each other perfectly.
  15. Very, very nice. Insta-download.
  16. I made some ModuleManager configs which convert NERVAs to use LqdHydrogen for some engines not already covered by the patches distributed by the mod. I will just leave them here in case others have a use for them. C-RP5 "Eva" Nuclear-Thermal Rocket Motor (Tantares) Extendable Nuclear Engine (Ark - Orbital Tug) CA-N Nuclear HT Engine (Coatl Aerospace) Not saying these are balanced in any way (if anybody did a balance pass on these id love it if you can share it). Its just a fuel type change. Also i found a typo in the existing MM patch for STX engines - hydrogenNTRsSXT.cfg. For the "Fat Mun" engine the patch reads: // LV-N450 Atomic Fat Mun (Lack - SXT) SXTNERVB @PART[SXTNERVB] And it should be: // LV-N450 Atomic Fat Mun (Lack - SXT) SXTNERVAB @PART[SXTNERVAB]
  17. I had exactly the same problem as you ctbram. On exactly same mission. Tight dv, first manned to Minmus. I specifically made sure i used vets only due to no supplies on board and i found out they were not immune after all, just like you, on aero braking back on Kerbin. But honestly its not that big of a deal. I just hacked my way though some save backups and ignored LS for that mission. Reinstated right after the mission. Sure i lost some time but that was it. Maybe its not too late for you to fix this as well(if you still have backups)? So yes i wasted some time but RoverDude spends much more time building and maintaining many very complex mods i enjoy. Flawless documentation would take even more time. Honestly, i would rather RoverDude focuses on new features, new mods and bugs then on discrepancies in the documentation.
  18. Thanks for the update. I think the adapter plate looks good but cant really judge without normal and color map. One thing to consider with open adapters(no engine butt) is that some fuel tanks dont fill up all the space up to their connection node. Might be a good idea to protrude some pipes or the whole "inner base" a bit below the connection node(collider?) to avoid getting empty space when using with such tanks. Just in time too. About to start manned interplanetary.
  19. I am not able to check right now but if i remember correctly there is also a processor casing or mounting or similar. You put this part anywhere on the telescope "ship" and then put the processor inside it.
  20. Think you forgot this blast from the past: And, of course, the predecessor of KerbalFoundries: But yeah, same as everybody else here im really hoping there is a workable fix for tracks in 1.1, i highly prefer them to wheels. But even old KerbalFoundries wheels were a huge improvement over stock. Good luck and thank you for all your work, lo-fi and contributors.
  21. Nope. Looks awesome. My comment was in regard to the engine not being a NERVA or a cryo and not aesthetics. I guess i am not used to using any other type as a final stage on what i consider to be a reusable ship (the Asimov chassis just screams to me: "I am not a single mission ship!"). By all means do what you had in mind. You have not failed to impress us so far.
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