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  1. Here is your MM patch: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { %disableUnderwater = true } { HAS:@PROPELLANT[IntakeAir] } } It 'll prevent jet engines to work underwater.
  2. welcome to the forum. if i would blind shoot. your HDD has seen better days! KSP tends to be heavy on hardware and this is not hardware support but some specs of your machine, would clearly give us some insight.
  3. @sumghai I totally forgot, how the old landing legs were fixed. green: amber: blue: "ModuleAnimateGeneric" now controls color and brightness of the lights.
  4. Hello dear sir, just FYI. I was investigating another bug and find out that maybe link between "ModuleLight" and animation is broken. It's not directly related, but i think that the sock landing gear has the same problem as your mod.
  5. @sumghai, if this is still relevant. I hope this is some kind helpful, at least on node 1 and 3. name = SDHI_WRL_Amber MODULE { name = ModuleLight lightName = Spotlight lightMeshRendererName = Pointlight useAnimationDim = true lightBrightenSpeed = 100 lightDimSpeed = 100 resourceAmount = 0.01 animationName = SDHI_ToggleLight_Amber useResources = true movementTransformName = Pointlight } You will see for yourself what the code does on existing model, but apparently there needs to be some changes to animation
  6. Hello, maybe you could use: MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX shieldedCanActivate = false } but i don't know how did you setup your engine. There was a plugin that allows the behavior that you described: and i think LGG adopted it but i can't find the link. So maybe @linuxgurugamer could help you more.
  7. @maddog59have some courtesy and at least read the OP. Your moaning about playing with non compatible version of the game will not solve any problems.Instead, post some game logs. If you don't know how, read this:
  8. It's caused by not generating the "drag cubes" correctly for the parachutes and some times for other parts too. It happens mostly on fresh install where "PartDatabase" get corrupted.
  9. @JayCheetah go to your KSP install folder and delete "PartDatabase.cfg" then restart the game.
  10. It's been really long time this happened in stock game, it happened to me too. @KerbalPilot178find your ksp install directory and delete PartDatabase.cfg, then run your game.
  11. I did some research and found that [snip]. You could [well-meant but rule-breaking advice redacted by moderator].
  12. In my opinion,you don't need any.I usually delete all.
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