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  1. Experiment Storage Unit and USI-LS

    Maybe this will fit your needs:
  2. When did that happened,can you elaborate?
  3. Maybe you should read this:
  4. Kerbal Konstructs/Kerbinside Always Crashes 1.3

    Welcome to the forum. To successfully troubleshoot your problem,you need to provide us with more information,so please read:
  5. In earlier version of KSP they used to had: fuelCrossFeed = True NoCrossFeedNodeKey = bottom while this could work with stack decouplers there is no way to achieve it with radial ones. I think you have just described how the game currently handles fuel flow.The outer tanks always have higher priority,but when they are empty,the engines attached to them still consume fuel from center tank,if crosfeed is enabled. While i'm not against this idea,i think the current solution provided by the game is more than satisfactory and that is the main role of fuel lines! Simple as:disable fuel crossfeed on decoupler and attach fuel lines to control the fuel flow direction.
  6. Like i said,you need to click it.After you remove mouse cursor from the graph it will display the dv you clicked.
  7. Yes.Put mouse cursor on the graph where you want to make your transfer and click on it(you'll see the change on dv),then use create node or create and execute.
  8. Mod allowing passage through in-line parts

    In stock game,there is no such restriction.This is coming from a mod you have installed,if i would make a blind guess it is probably from CLS. So,you need to remove that mod or write MM patch to override the restriction.
  9. Plugin questions

    You don't need any plugin for that.What you need is the right configuration.I suggest you to inspect the model in blender to see how the landing gear is "rigged".Then you can use either stock module for landing gear or KSPWheel.The easiest way to make landing gear working (deploy/retract) is to use ModuleAnimateGeneric,but there must not be any "non supported transforms" in model.
  10. Help me understand : Exhaust effects

    Can you tell me where can i find this engine?The path to it would be great (Contares/Parts...?).
  11. Like i explained in other post,i didn't map anything.I started with the converted .cfg and inspected it in game and then made the adjustments.There is no formula,if you convert 100 .cfg then maybe some pattern will start to show,but it's mostly trial and error.
  12. Maybe this can help a little:
  13. ComOffset??????

    Maybe you could be less demanding and more specific?