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  1. Yeah well.... I'm 56 and its been years since I went to school. I shall stand....errrr.... SIT corrected.
  2. "Houston, we have a problem... Jeb pushed the big red button and blew all the circuits, we are running on emergency power only!" Damn! :(
  3. Forgive me, I have M.S. and with it, M.S. double vision, FireFox catches the typos by underlining them in red, but "lose" isn't actually a typo. Having said that... is it wrong? "loose" is the longer version... you loose your keys.... you let lose a horse.... not sure now. Been so long since I went to school. OH, and added to the fact that some words in the USA (if that is where you are) have been killed off in the quest to Americanise all words... Lose now also doubles for loose ... maybe.... I don't know about American spelling any more... I have given up on it... its strange.
  4. Sucks to be here... first to see the new day, its the 11th here and 5:45 pm.... its the 10th where it matters.... it will be the 12th before I see anything... But the Hype train is nearly at its destination... look... here it comes now.... WeeeeeEEEeEEeeEeeEeEeEEeeEeeeeeee.... Jeb is at the controls.....
  5. Move along, people.... nothing to see here... and certainly not a cat of any description.... move along.... At least you care enough to speak up...
  6. no, fact! LOL While we have been given a lot of parts... there isn't the variety. (and I'm talking STOCK here) Wheels, for example, are almost always NOT going to be aerodynamic when raised... I'd like to see a fuselage that could accommodate some fuel, some passengers and some cargo.... or a combination of that. I'd like to see wings with built in landing gear so there is no bulge... or very little... I can easily make a space station and be spoilt for choice... when choice isn't the major factor, you see, once its in orbit, there is no drag so you can have anything... But a space plane, or, more correctly, a plane to travel within the atmosphere only, is limited because it needs to be streamlined for flight... so we NEED cargo sections... not only at 2.5m but I'd suggest we need to be able to build planes at 10m... HUGE cargo planes to get section of a Polar base to the North or South pole... etc.
  7. My main problem is that there are never enough of ANY parts no matter the size... I'd love more of everything. If Squad ever did an expansion pack of aircraft parts, I'd grab it. I think the space plane parts have been forgotten, mostly, and they should be revamped and added to. Its a shame, because in the real world, the days of the rocket may well be numbered... the shuttle concept will, by simple necessity, have to make a comeback, but rather than the shuttle idea, a totally reusable space plane as metals become scarcer and more expensive. It would be nice if KSP lead the way... maybe give the designers of tomorrow a few good ideas.
  8. Well, excuse me... I's jus a liddle ole Kiwi dun hare in liddle ole Noo Zeeland.... I's a hick.... Humour over... maybe its the difference between your nation and mine, here, we can be friends with everyone, even our enemies. I never saw the Devs... as devs.... I saw, and appreciated, some of them as game modders... who freely gave their time and expertise to the game they love, that I love... They wanted nothing in return... I offered them my unconditional friendship... albeit a silent offer... so when I see my friends being picked on, I will defend them... I am nothing if not loyal... But more than that... they ALL started off loving the game... they all came here to the forums... then they started working for Squad... so... should we call them friends till they work for Squad and then turn our backs on them? You you rate friendship THAT cheaply that you place a value on it? To me, a friend is a person I like, no strings or conditions placed on it... its as it should be... otherwise, you are just using people... Nuff said... and YES, I consider you a friend as well, Bandus.
  9. For those confused.... look at it this way... With a Scientist, you are limited to only doing science (humour me...) With an Engineer, you are limited to doing engineering... So already.... your crew is two people... 3 if you include the pilot.... However.... a colonist can do a little of both... and only takes up one seat... Its a good compromise if you are limited to two seats... take a pilot and a colonist... its nearly as good as taking 3 people... Sure.... its not perfect, but nothing on this planet, or the KSP world is perfect.... right.... well... except Jeb...
  10. I rather like this mod as well, and have I mentioned lately, Rover, that you're one awesome (rover)Dude? I'm not sucking up... just letting you know that with everything that has happened, I really appreciate modders like you.
  11. I suspect that some peoples fondness for conspiracy theories is preventing them from doing as you suggest... (above is for Sal_vager ...below is for everyone else) Mine was debunking said conspiracies... but I'm too old to keep flogging a dead horse (sorry @5thHorseman ) ... I have given up! I just want everyone to move on. If you think its a conspiracy, if you think everyone owes you the truth... then fair enough... take it to the PM system where we don't have to see it. I have stopped adding fuel to the fire, or, trying to remove said fuel... Given time this whole mess will be forgotten... no one will care... but what WILL remain is the hurt caused, and the damage to the reputation of some awesomely amazing community members... AKA friends... (the game devs if you hadn't guessed) and also to others... friends caught up in the argument... and to Squad.. As @Red Iron Crown said (I think, correct me if I am wrong) ... the people may not want to reply "Because they are too classy" ... and besides... if they replied, they not only validate the "discussion" but add fuel to the fire and keep it going for another 4 weeks!!! This could be the reasons they are silent... not because of any evil conspiracy..... and maybe I'm right... maybe I'm wrong... who cares... the truth will come out one day... not because you are demanding answers from people who don't actually owe you one, but because they will answer you when THEY think the time is right... on THEIR terms.... not yours. Respect that.... or lose them as friends for ever....
  12. I seem to recall a photo of him ... a very long time ago... or many my imagination is playing tricks on me... What you can do is search out his name and go through his posts... any that might contain a photo of him... But be advised... doing that... so much effort.... might be taken by many Courts, worldwide, as a form of stalking... LOL. Not sure what you're talking about... but is it: Lose lips sink ships?
  13. Ummm, I imagine so... LOL... sorry, its 10:40pm here on a Saturday night, I've had a long hard day... and I suffer from M.S. which has plenty to do with things right now, you see, I have a symptom of the M.S. called "M.S. dementia"... I'm pretty good most of the time, but names... LOL... I forget them, sorry, but the name does sound right... The other main symptom I have is double vision... I get most of the typos.. thank goodness for Firefox and its spell check.
  14. I have a Shetland pony, white, that mows my lawn for me. The only problem is his....errrr.... exhaust... unlike a motor mower, his is hard and stinks and dirties your shoes should you step in in. His name is Sparky and I consider him one of the finest pets I have ever had, even if he doesn't actually belong to me. I agree with the latest comments in here.... especially from @pandaman Peace.... at any rate... I hope the fuss dies down soon.
  15. Choose your words with care lest @5thHorseman takes offence.... (about the dead horse being beaten again and again... )
  16. A short time ago... I posted a new thread about the devs leaving... (within the past hour)... Now I cannot find it... was it deleted or merged? If it was, a PM to me might have been nice... At any rate, I came back to delete it because ... to be honest.... I'm sick to death of the BS doing the rounds. EDIT: ITS OK,..... I found it... it was merged with another thread...
  17. Wasn't being nasty.... honest, just tired of the whole thing to be honest. angry tired.....
  18. Well.... yes.... maybe one day I will tell you about the Kiwi who worked for NASA and designed most of their rockets.....
  19. Who said louder? I'd just prefer less assumptions and conspiracies... facts are always preferred. As far as I go, you are entitled to your opinion, welcome to it... but is it based on fact or fiction?
  20. Not sure WHICH thread to post this in.. I know the moderators are trying to limit the number of new threads on this topic... BUT this one takes the opposite view of what has already been said... WE HAVE OUR ANSWERS..... so I ask this topic NOT be merged with any others... This is what the devs said..... submitted an hour ago by NathanKellRSS Dev/Former Dev All good things must come to an end, and so it is for us. It is time for each of us to move on from Squad. Kerbal Space Program is an incredible game and has truly been a joy to create. We have greatly enjoyed working together with such a tightly-knit, professional, and talented development team, and with such a wonderful community. Over the last update cycle we’ve taken KSP to new heights and achieved great things with such a small team. We’ve finished work on update 1.2 and when Squad releases it, it will be a product of which we can be truly proud. We hope you share that opinion and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we loved creating it. Thank you all for the incredible community support. So long, and thanks for all the snacks! Signed, in no particular order, your Kerbal developers Mike (Mu), Bill (Taniwha), Nathanael (NathanKell), Sébastien (Sarbian), Jim (Romfarer), Brian (Arsonide), Chris (Porkjet), Nathan (Claw) OK.... lets take it bit by bit... All good things must come to an end, and so it is for us. Even at the end, their venture was a GOOD one... they said it themselves.... It is time for each of us to move on from Squad. Nowhere in that sentence was it said they quit! Kerbal Space Program is an incredible game and has truly been a joy to create. We have greatly enjoyed working together with such a tightly-knit, professional, and talented development team, and with such a wonderful community. If they quit... then would it have been a joy to work on? Would it have been a joy to work together... in a tightly knit professional and talented development team? We’ve finished work on update 1.2 and when Squad releases it, it will be a product of which we can be truly proud. We hope you share that opinion and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we loved creating it. Clearly, here are the answers... they said they have FINISHED work on 1.2 and the implication is that their contracts are now up... surely, had they quit, they would have done so before 1.2 was completed? The implication here is, and confirmed by one other, that the contracts were due to end when 1.2 was completed.... OK, so clearly there was no conspiracy, no one quit, no one is angry... they left having said nothing but good things about the developers, Squad and the community... would they have said that if they had quit? No, they would either have said NOTHING.... or at the very least, allowed a hint of their anger to flow through... but it never did... because there was no anger.... Its time to end the constant speculation, the conspiracy theories and assumptions... and take what the devs said in their message at face value.... and move on. BTW, the post the team made is very similar to the ones anyone makes when they leave the employ of a company... even moderators here have made similar posts when leaving the forum moderating team... I never once heard that they were pushed... or quit.... With 1.2 being released in a few days time... lets leave this behind and move on... all we can do is wait for Squad or the Devs to post... IF they do... if they don't ... BIG DEAL.... 1.2 is nearly here... its time to enjoy that and leave the nasty stuff behind... right?
  21. Really? I do Is that enough....? And I disagree... you do NOT .... you merely want, to satisfy your deviant desires... Actually.... just remember, what has been seen cannot be unseen,....
  22. Really? you no obligation to keep quiet... you also have an obligation stick to that facts... all I have seen is 5% facts.. 95% speculation, assumptions and libel!
  23. Yes, you are probably technically right... just like these entire forums doesn't matter to the existence and future of the solar system... Are you familiar with the legal term: defamation? There is a very big difference to quitting, being fired... or having left Squad... these people are suggesting they quit... that implies Squad is a bad employer and may affect their chances of getting decent game devs in the future... So while you are technically correct... you are also very wrong. Mud sticks....
  24. Really? /runs to garden shed to start making virtual Molotov cocktails.... The developers maybe under contractual obligations to remain silent... either till 1.2 is released... or forever... but either way... they don't have an obligation to tell us anything... and i can respect that... Squad, however.... probably also doesn't have to say a thing... BUT... it would be in their best interests to do so... sooner rather than later (or never)
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