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  1. You sly dog. They look good. I think the Atlas parts are the best part of it, followed by the 1.5m solids:
  2. I find placement of the octo2 on a cubic octagonal strut between the OMS engines works great (this places the core directly inline with the engine thrust axis, not merely parallel to it). I then have a control group set to "Control from here" for the probe core, allowing me to bury the core into the aft body section.
  3. Not at this time, however boosted Saturn Vs are available (using S-IE/Fs or AJ-260s).
  4. It looks like you cloned Bluedog's Apollo. Like really cloned it. I eagerly await more.
  5. That's STS-26R, not STS-26. STS-26, more commonly referred to as STS-51-F, was a Spacelab mission. After NASA transitioned to the STS-[FY][Launch Site]-[Yearly Mission Count] system externally, the internal count was continued. This resulted in discontinuities as STS-10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 21, 22, & 29 were cancelled. Even though there was no STS-29 originally flown, Post Challenger, STS-29 still received an R suffix, just like all of the missions up through STS-33R and -31R (31R flew after -33R, as did -32R).
  6. You can build Buran, just not an Energia - Yet. Someone who has a pinned thread this month has one on the docket.
  7. There is no functional difference between the IUSes used on Titan 34D, Titan IV (either version), and the Space Shuttle.
  8. Kanaloa /AARDV is that ATV like vehicle, and IUS is going to come from Pak's Cormorant Aeronology.