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  1. Because it's a video by Stratzenblitz75, not Bradley Whistance.
  2. J-2S. It was the planned upgrade with slightly better performance, lower weight improved ease of manufacture, and it replaced the pressurized starting tank for the turbopump with a series of solid start cartridges (the yellow things).
  3. IIRC, those issues have always been there, but the newer versions of B9 simply make them visible. It shouldn't impact the game at all.
  4. BDB does have dependencies however. You'd want to pick up the latest version of B9PS and MM.
  5. There are precious few images of Orbus-7S, but the best bet I have found was from the STS-51-I mission, which repaired Syncom IV-3: The HS-381 sats were wide, and were mounted with their long axis aligned with the shuttle's cargo bay, and had no solid motor aft of the aft-most solar cells.
  6. A few questions about the experiments: When in storage, the the deployables (experiments, controls, power, ect) have mass that impacts the parent craft? If so, do the items being placed have a consistent mass, or does it change from item to item? Can kerbals be independently equipped in the VAB if they are to be seated in command chairs? Will kerbals in command chairs in general have the mass of the deployable item added to the mass of the vehicle they are in? Is the mass of the deplyable added to the Kerbal when they are walking around with it in their inventory (is this a way to make kerbals sink and not rise to the surface of the oceans)?
  7. In the 1960s the US launched a series of 27 sub-synchronous orbit comm satellites under the name Initial Defense Communications Satellite Program. JSO is making the sats and their unique dispenser.
  8. I would recommend Cormorant Aeronology as another Mk3-alike shuttle mod. It is scaled differently than both stock/restock and the BDB/Tantares/ReDirect/Knes, but it is a lot of fun, and is based on Porkjet-alike textures that were the original direction for ReStock.
  9. You said 'deployable.' How are the experiments deployable? Are they movable/placeable with a Kerbal, or do we have to have a rover that goes around and drops them off with decouplers?
  10. @Jso When @CobaltWolf gets around to it, this document has some data on the UA1208 solid rocket motor (used in the S4-120 configuration) on page 34 of the PDF.
  11. Like the standard RCS translation controls "H" is forward, and "N" is aft. The game treats the MMU as a craft just like any other, and not like the EVA packs on the kerbals.
  12. Just to be clear, all shipbucket work is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commerical 4.0 License (IE, if you remix, you must retain credits) That said, BB1987 has drawn/corrected all of the flown Titan, Atlas, Delta, Japanese H Series, Falcon, & SLS Rockets in shipbucket scale. He's also done the Unbuilt Thor/Deltas, Unbuilt H series, and exploded view Atlas. It's all very impressive detective work and artistry.
  13. This. I am glad to see that the suggestions to respect the user's vertical space was taken and followed . So much better than the first preview.