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  1. BDB is usually only tested against the latest version of the game, or 1.3.1 at the moment.
  2. The current Inon engine mount supports both single and double engine operations. The covers that used to exist on the double engine mounts for single engine ops are not there any more, and vice versa (I should log an issue on the github for this), but you can use it for both versions. Also, the B version does fit under the Inon decoupler.
  3. You spin me right 'round baby right 'round....
  4. I haven't played with NF or SSPxR in a while, but I do say, I love the parts and IVAs.
  5. An evolved J-2, such as is seen in ETS by the mid-late 1990s.
  6. @damonvv, @CobaltWolf asked me to tag you. We're live
  7. KSP Weekly: A Corned Beef Sandwich

    Please confirm that this is a typo and you mean 1.875m instead of 1.85m.
  8. I place an octo2 on a cubic strut between the two OMS engines, and I angle it to 15 degrees. I also have an action group set up to control from this point. The goal is to have it thrust through the CoM, and have the probe lined up with the CoT. This goes roughly where the drogue is on the Mk2 orbiter, so I place said 'chute on probe to help hide it.
  9. We have a stream! With maybe some game play later.