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  1. I did think about that, possibly two SSTO's that join together in orbit, or create the "bridge" in orbit and make the two end sections SSTO's that join with the bridge
  2. Hey KSP Crew, I'm sure its been done before but i wanted to start a thread to keep track of my own progress on a long term project i have decided to take on, this project is mainly for the love of the ship, it was one of the first sci-fi/horror movies i watched as a kid and its stuck with me for a long time. I will be attempting to create this monster in sandbox mode with predominate stock materials, if i end up using modded parts i will let you guys know, the craft will be created in space at a newly created space station just for its build, each part will need to be able to get int
  3. Hi all, I kinda got Jeb stuck, went down like this: Jeb: I want to fly the new science mission around Mun Operations: Jeb I think we should send a probe, just in case, we have no idea how much fuel this mission will take Jeb: It will be fine, i believe in you guys Operations: Ok..... 3 days later: Jeb: Urrr Guys, i have no fuel to make the last 50m/s needed to get back to Kerbin Operations: Told you we didn't know how much was needed, you should have listened Jeb: Send someone up to rescue me please Operations: sorry we don'
  4. Love the report mate, thanks.. its write ups like this that make me want to play more and learn more in this game
  5. Hi Guys, I'm sure like me most of you like the in game music but at time i find i need some more upbeat or inspiring music playing for my next kerbal creation, I use spotify at home so below is some of the playlists i have running in the background whenever i play KSP Sci-Fi Ambience This is my current go to playlist, it has a decent mix of up beat and mellow sci-fi related themes, from old school Blade Runner to modern day Space Music Found this one last night, some nice tunes for running around the kerbal galaxy, some are a bit to beety for me but most fit well
  6. Subbed thanks, I suck at making heavy lifters so this will be a great addition to the fav's
  7. Awesome work, love the design and the rover bay is cool What is the overall part count, weight and science required to get this beast running in career mode?
  8. Hi Guys, i know I'm not new but I've been away for 3 years.... 3 too long years from this wondrous life game Getting back into the swing of things and re-living all the wonderful kerbal moments i experienced so long ago, the game has come a decent way in 3 years, the core is still the same but the improvements to the game play and feel are nice, i also like the new Kerbnet and the extra immersion it gives to the game play As long as the whip mrs doesn't get to ratty about some late night KSP i should be around for a while and planning to continue my old "cube" based spaceship designs
  9. After returning to the game from a 3 year hiatus I have a few words of advice to other returning and new players: 1. Start slow, Start in Career or Science mode and learn about each item as you unlock them 2. Re-watch all the Scott Manley videos on the game, go back to the basics, relearn orbital manoeuvres, learn docking, landing etc 3. Watch the new videos (much shorter) about the new stuff since you last played 4. Do not go nuts with mods, start small, basics like KER, Docking Indicator, Alarm Clock and any GFX mods you might like, some really bas
  10. Amazing work cupcake and awesome video, i don't even want to image the number of takes it took to get through the gap in the research center.
  11. Just keep up the great work, i love this mod, sometimes just a simple noise can make the game 10 times more immersive for the players
  12. Love the kerbal inspired warranty, is the distance between the payload and the ground safe enough to drop onto a high gravity planet/body without damaging the legs of the payload? Have you thought about how a launcher will connect to this crane and its payload so they can safely leave kerbin SOI? How is the payload connected?
  13. looks like no mod weapons, nice view from the front, very Harrier like
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