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  1. Starwhip

    Greetings (Or re-greetings?)

    What's it been, 3 years? I might poke around here again, figure out what people have done in my absence. Might even give the game another go around and see what's changed before I inevitably mod it into the ground.
  2. Wow, this thread is back? o.O Weird. Carry on!
  3. Starwhip

    Starwhip's Renderfarm [Stock Craft Requests Open]

    Here's a Laythe test. FINALLY got water working properly, and definitely some better atmosphere setup. EDIT: I know the shore is a little funky. I need to poke the bump map a little. It's also not the same resolution as the color map, so some issues may arise there.
  4. Starwhip

    Starwhip's Renderfarm [Stock Craft Requests Open]

    I would need to know what mods are installed first. And even then there's no guarantee that it'll work properly.
  5. Starwhip

    At this very moment, 47 years ago..

    My name parody was the Apple-O.
  6. Starwhip

    Starwhip's Renderfarm [Stock Craft Requests Open]

    Aha! Thanks a ton.
  7. Starwhip

    Starwhip's Renderfarm [Stock Craft Requests Open]

    Well, is there a way to get the entire maximum resolution map at once? I have only ever gotten chunks or one low-res image.
  8. Starwhip

    Starwhip's Renderfarm [Stock Craft Requests Open]

    @Pine, sounds like a plan! Need an ice field though... should not be too hard. I hope. Still need a Laythe model for @spacebrick3's render. I think a friend linked a mod with some nice big planet textures, and if anything else I may be able to make my own. Perhaps even with Blender.
  9. Starwhip

    Starwhip's Renderfarm [Stock Craft Requests Open]

    @DMSP's Sahara vehicle ascends above Kerbin, awaiting sattelite deployment. Well, I'm going to grab some higher-resolution Kerbin textures, methinks. And figure out how to do water better, though it kinda looks like that in-game. :/ With the new GPU, this render only took five minutes instead of an hour or two! It is so strange.
  10. Starwhip

    Starwhip's Renderfarm [Stock Craft Requests Open]

    Aaaallllright! I have a new computer, with a proper graphics card, GTX 960M! I tested it this morning on that Blackbird render, took 1:57 instead of 45:00+, at 600 samples instead of 300. Once I get everything all set up, I'm hitting these requests again. ^-^
  11. Yeah I'm not getting any issues either. :/ Are you browsing the forum on Mobile or something? It may also be the fact that your monitor's aspect ratio is bizarre, if that image is an accurate representation.
  12. Starwhip

    Show off your KSP Blender Renders!

    Since I've already got a thread for showing mine off, I'll show off a little bit of the process I used to make my last, which you can find here: You may be wondering how I did the shiny dish on the satellite. A few months ago I was poking around in the node tree on the part shaders, and found a node that plugged into the part's glossy material output. Setting that node to small numbers, such as the dish's 0.01, makes the related part very reflective. It's great for metallic-looking parts. In the second picture you can see the initial state of the render. In Blender I used a spotlight to give me a reference for the smoke and fire on the ground, which is what that blue circle is on the surface. I then drew in the flame, using a transparent light-blue brush to achieve the initial shape, and then filling in more and more towards the center while also changing the color slightly to give the plume its cone shape. A few touches down at the bottom give the plume its final appearance. And in the last image I used a large, jagged brush with a grey transparent color to add in smoke, coloring several passes to make it look like varying thicknesses. Lots of simple steps to make one more complicated image. That's the way I operate when I do my renders.
  13. Starwhip

    Screenshots Re-Imagined [GROUP THINGY NOW]

    Oh wow! I absolutely love these things! Really nice work, great style.
  14. Starwhip

    Starwhip's Renderfarm [Stock Craft Requests Open]

    This unmanned probe sets down on the Munar highlands, kicking up dust with its main engine as it transmits telemetry back to Kerbin. If you like the craft you can get it here: Mun Lander by @KerbalOmmex I've gotta say, I really love this one. I think that's my best hand-drawn fire/dust effect to date.
  15. Starwhip

    Show off your KSP Blender Renders!

    Aaaactually, there's a code error in the KSPBlender addon, which I haven't actually checked if it's fixed in the actual plugin yet. But! This was how to fix it on your side.