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  1. Hey thanks! I didn't want want to jump on the "this should've been stock since release" band wagon either, but here we are. While I understand the frustration associated with save-breaking updates, this should never withhold any developer from improving their product. There's been multiple KSP versions in the past that messed up existing saves in varying degrees, yet the devs pushed their updates, and the game is getting better and better... Planets are still as boring as watching paint dry in a non-vacuum environment, might as well rip off that band aid quickly since they're overhauling them anyway.
  2. One comment: 1. Awesome! And a couple of questions: 1. Is there going be kicked up dust from walking and driving? My rockets and planes kick up dust, so why not let Kerbals and rovers do the same. 2. Are there going to be footprints and vehicle trails? 3. Are the planet heightmaps finally getting an update as well? The geography and planetary features of most planets and moons are still very bland... 4. Are there plans to include a wheel size that fits between the fairly small TR-2L and the huge XL3 wheels?
  3. I just wanted to stop by and say that, while I don't really have much use for SSTOs in KSP, I had to d/l at least one of your Nova series of planes!  Top notch work, it flies like a dream, :D

    1. Yakuzi


      Thanks @Gunnerline, I do put a lot of time in my craft to make sure they fly decently at a minimum. I'm currently working on an interplanetary version of the Nova as well, so keep an eye out!

  4. This thread's been pretty quiet lately... We can't have that! I finished a couple of stock/vanilla SSTOs recently (apart from visual mods). First up is the "Riptide" class transport SSTO, which can bring a 4.5t payload to 100x100km orbit: Then there's the "Vortex" class VTOL SSTO, a two seater that can land on the VAB, then reach 70x70km orbit, and land back on top of the VAB again: Grab your copy from KerbalX if you want to take either craft for a spin, you can also find the flight instructions there. Riptide craft file and album Vortex craft file and album Looking forward to seeing more awesome SSTOs posted here again!
  5. Congrats on page 2000 team KSP forum! But let's never forget at which cost this came. It was the beginning of 2014, ah yes, I remember it like it was yesterday... "What did you do in KSP today" was the new kid on the block in the General Discussion subforum, where it was in direct competition with the more mature "Show off your awesome KSP pictures" thread, originally started by Capt'n Skunky. Because there were too many stickies in GD, the mods decided to move SOYAKP to KSP Fanworks, much to the confusion of the community. The community valiantly tried to get SOYAKP moved back to its place of birth, but alas, it was not meant to be. The post count dwindled and the thread all but died. So here's to you, "Awesome KSP pictures", we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you! Thanks heaps @MisterKerman! I finished the craft and uploaded it to KerbalX, it's full stock/vanilla so you can take off immediately (and vertically) without any hassle. Mandatory showing off awesome KSP picture:
  6. Today I landed my new vanilla VTOL SSTO on the VAB to pick up Bob, then took him to orbit, and landed back on the VAB to drop him off again all without refueling (surprisingly it only took two quickloads to get the landing right, the Kraken be praised)
  7. They're still in-game, but a lot smaller so they match the size of the electric soccer balls recently discovered by Hubble.
  8. True that! Still, your expeditions will be shorter one way or the other
  9. You can trim your forward movement (default Mod + W) for autowalking. Scratch that, just checked, doesn't work. Could've sworn I used that trick before, but maybe I used it on rovers instead or had an autohotkey assigned or something At least you can use ALT + > to increase physical warp when you're walking/running, so your expeditions by foot won't take as long.
  10. Thanks for the craft file @Klapaucius. In KSP 1.7.1, I could reproduce the wing flexing behaviour as you reported in the OP. No flexing in 1.6.1 or 1.7.0, so it seems this issue was introduced in 1.7.1. There was no mention of any autostrut adjustments in the changelog (see below), so it seems to be a bug. I've upvoted the associated report on the bugtracker that was linked earlier in this thread. Then again, it might be a separate issue, as 5thHM said he experienced bug #22733 prior to 1.7.1. Edit: nevermind, read that wrong. @JPLRepo, any idea on what's going on?
  11. Do you experience the wing flexing behaviour in 1.7.0 as well? Still on 1.6.1 myself.
  12. Are programmable time-delays part of the extended action group options? Those would be very handy!
  13. Cool. Couple of questions: - In the video, it says 'embark on critical research missions'. Could you tell us what's 'critical' about them? - What actual new gameplay features are implemented in exploration and performing science, or is it still a click fest with moving around a bit more and waiting a bit more? - Are there any new kerbal animations, for example for collecting surface samples? I'm a bit confused since it seems there was a scene cut in the video just before the kerbal was about to collect a rock, but the flag planting animation which we all know about was fully shown at the end.
  14. Sweet! Now we won't have worry about wearing out the "G" key anymore (not my vid):