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  1. Congrats @katateochi and KerbalX team!!! Love the site, plugin and all the work you've been putting into it for all these years!
  2. So the drag cubes for every part are recalculated between every KSP version? Or are they dynamically calculated every time you start up KSP? Why not calculate them once and keep them consistent between versions? These changes have significant ramifications in craft performance, so I'm very puzzled why they're being made in the first place. Especially without notifying the player base. My apologies for pinging once again, @JPLRepo @TriggerAu would either of you be able to explain what's going on? This is news to me. Which version were those changes made? Could you share a li
  3. I spend a lot of time in Kerbin's atmosphere to get my spaceplanes into orbit. Recently I've made the switch from 1.7.3 to 1.10.0 and to my surprise I noticed a substantial increase in the delta-v requirements to get my craft to orbit. Some SSTO designs with slim margins in 1.7.3 are now unable to reach orbit at all. Now I know that KSP 1.8.0 had some issues with drag cube calculations, but according to KSP's version history this should've been fixed in 1.8.1. I performed some basic aerodynamic evaluations to check whether my observations were legitimate or if was losing my mind... or wor
  4. I finished my first SSTO for KSP 1.10.0 today. My vanilla interpretation of Lockheed Martin's VentureStar, fully powered by a linear array of toroidal aerospikes . Full album here Craft file at KerbalX. It's super easy to get into orbit. No need to touch the flight controls, the only thing you need to do is set SAS to prograde at 100 m/s, burn to apoapsis and circularise.
  5. That's unfortunate... Thanks for the reply @TriggerAu
  6. Since you guys seem to be squashing symmetry bugs, has this ancient one finally been fixed? https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/20423 (https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/10098) *crosses fingers*
  7. Agreed with @TranceaddicT, that's a work of art... great stuff!
  8. Interesting update. Contains stuff and things that KSP fans like me like to hear about. @SQUAD @Nate Simpson Is there a reason why this is not posted in the Announcements or Daily Kerbal? If you decide not to post it there, could you make this thread a sticky at the very least? Thanks!
  9. Still bugged in KSP (x64). Any news on a fix? @OHara Bit of a late reply, but do you see similar asymmetric physics with the stock Mk3 parts? The 'hack' you tried above was suggested by @Porkjet when we first discussed this issue back in 2016 (the thread was magically lost), and is used for Mk3 fuel tank symmetry if I'm not mistaken. They should display the same buggy behaviour, right? Or are their attachment nodes right at the center of the part?
  10. @Cleperli created a thread a couple of days back, where (s)he asked if you can delete your KSP forum profile. A mod said deleting your profile is impossible and, alas, closed the thread before anyone could reply (hence this thread). I'm somewhat puzzled why we can't delete our profile on the KSP forums, especially since you can on other Take2 websites, as per their Privacy Policy. So it appears to directly infringe GDPR regulations - which state that any EU internet user has "The right to be forgotten" or "The right of erasure" on the internet. Since the KSP forums are providing services
  11. Huh, which ones? Apart from the science msg spam fix, I can't find 1.8.0 fixes for any of the top 50 upvoted bugs on the tracker (or closed bugs). @nestor Does this mean there's gonna be a bug fix coming soon (as in 1.8.1 or 1.8.2)? Or is it just something that's in the pipeline? Again, there's some really low hanging fruit with a lot of upvotes on the bug tracker. Not unlike the bug listed below: Upvoted and SMH...
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