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  1. uhhhh

    UPDATE: Madman is now orbiting Kerbin inside of her small space station, researching technologies for my glorious space program. She just came up with the science needed to unlock better communications so i can go to other planets.
  2. What if we could re-research the tech tree's nodes to improve existing parts after it's been completed?
  3. uhhhh

    Found another one!
  4. uhhhh

  5. Do Not Taunt the Magic Boulder!

    Oh, you've done it now...
  6. Movie Ideas

    Because i'm thinking it would be based off of the Mandela effect.
  7. Movie Ideas

    Oh fie, i thought i posted this in the lounge!
  8. Movie Ideas

    MOVIE IDEA Name: "Mandela" 25% science fiction 75% cosmic horror Basic idea: Scientist(s?) discovers alternate realities and tries to explore them but they're so freaky and horrific and disturbing that the scientist(s?) is/are mentally broken afterward and commit suicide. Imagery focus: Real imagery. Everything is real. No CGI. Heavy use of uncanny valley and dark abstract imagery. Draw some stuff from H.R Giger too. Also sprinkle in some impossible geometry here and there. Writing focus: Use lots of prose and make the plot feel as hopeless and depressing and terrible as possible. Completely alienate the viewer. Make them feel as wrong and insignificant as possible. Music focus: No music or sound effects whatsoever. Use ONLY the same sounds as the characters are hearing for maximum immersion. Have the movie's theme be full of low droning and wind with faint alien voices. Acting focus: Don't act. Behave as though the characters are real people, like found footage films.
  9. Do Not Taunt the Magic Boulder!

  10. Bans

    Why were you banned from (x)? Why was i banned from the IRC?
  11. Kerbal Kombat

    If different Kerbal nations existed, how in general would they engage in warfare against one another given Kerbin's smaller size and their ability to run extremely efficient economies(as evidenced by the ridiculously cheap spacecrafts they can build), but with lower populations and presumably denser urbanization? What would Kerbal body armor look like, and what kinds of martial arts would they develop? How would spaceflight play in to their wars? And what do we know about their preexisting violent tendencies? We know from STEADLER Engineering Corps' agency description that Kerbals have stun guns and know what a military is, and from the description of the science node for nuclear propulsion it says "Let's just hope it doesn't start any conflicts." And lastly, from the part description of the Mainsail engine, it references "entire small nations", meaning that they likely have organized themselves into differing nations, so: tl;dr, Kerbals are not peaceful at all, at least outside spaceflight.
  12. How did i get here?! Okay, so there i was, going to sleep in my comfy cryochamber on a simple one-man trip to Minmus from Kerbin. Then when i wake up, IT'S ALL GONE! Every star, every planet, every person, all of it! What happened?! How long was i in there?!?! How do i fix this?! I'm not sure how cryochambers work, but i'm going to set it's temperature to 420 degrees above 0. If i reverse it, it should send me back in time, right?
  13. Let's say you step into a cloning chamber. You push the button, and out you walk with your new clone! Wait a minute... i came out of the wrong pod?!?! If you go into a cloning chamber (you know, the cheesy soft scifi ones that instantly make a perfect copy of yourself with no loss of information or anything to build you out of), how do you know it's you that's going to walk out and not your clone? Will you be the original, or the clone? If you have the exact memories, exact appearance, exact mind, how could you tell if you were always the original you or if you're just a clone with you creator's memories?