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  1. Gets a 1940's-era battlefield telephone. It still works! Inserts an ape species from Africa, then removes most of the trees in the vending machine and shaves them.
  2. We have two species. One species, the predator species, has evolved to hunt the other prey species, and the prey species is their primary source of food. The two species evolve to sapience as a consequence of adapting to one another, and surely enough start using basic stone tools and tech. How would the two species' interactions go? How would their societies form and treat eatchother? If the predators are able to use animal husbandry to feed themselves without needing to prey on the other species, could there be peace? Could such a setup evolve to a modern world? If so, could there emerge equality / acceptance between the two eventually?
  3. We have a population of humans in interaction with one or more nonhuman intelligences. All of them are at least alien to the point you can tell they aren't human from a distance, meaning things like neanderthals are off the table. How would humans: - look at the other species? - look at themselves (compared to how we look at eatchother in human-only world)? - interact with the other species? - interact with eatchother?
  4. Banned for not using proper capitalization and punctuation.
  5. Too bad your attack didn't exist....
  6. Your fingers' drivers are out of date. You should update. How do I assemble Eeloo?
  7. Souper

    I'm back!

    It's certainly been a while since I abandoned this place, but I've started getting back into KSP and with all this new chatter about a sequel I felt it was high time to get back in the game... well, forum. As a 17 year old with many adjustments having transpired in my mind, I feel that my behavior / maturity and ability to dedicate myself to KSP's community has dramatically improved, as has my abilities in all areas, including playing the game. I am pleased to announce that 2 days ago I landed on Eeloo and returned safely for the first time! It's good to be back!
  8. Getting this same exact issue on a much lower-end PC with 4gb of ram.
  9. I have changed to a laptop with limited memory (eMMc) and I want to know how much space KSP takes up. Steam is threatening me with about 5.3 gigabytes of memory right now, and I barely managed to scrape enough memory to put that on it. Do you guys know any way to easily free up memory? I am using Windows 10.
  10. all hail the magic boulder

  11. Floor 2090: Souper pops into existence out of NOWHERE after billions of years of being locked in the Negative Reality Zone. He appears catatonic.
  12. Oh no, i mean intelligence as in raw brainpower - thinking speed, memory, creativity, range of comprehension, math, things like that.