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  1. I have changed to a laptop with limited memory (eMMc) and I want to know how much space KSP takes up. Steam is threatening me with about 5.3 gigabytes of memory right now, and I barely managed to scrape enough memory to put that on it. Do you guys know any way to easily free up memory? I am using Windows 10.
  2. all hail the magic boulder

  3. Floor 2090: Souper pops into existence out of NOWHERE after billions of years of being locked in the Negative Reality Zone. He appears catatonic.
  4. Oh no, i mean intelligence as in raw brainpower - thinking speed, memory, creativity, range of comprehension, math, things like that.
  5. What's the most powerful method to make myself smarter, and what lifestyle should i take to maximize my increase in intelligence?
  6. What would happen to my cognition (thinking speed, range of comprehension, mental focus, mood, bodily regulation) if i was at normal room temperature? How about hot, or cold? Currently i have a heater on in the small room i have in my house and it's quite hot, my theory is that the heat makes the chemical reactions in my body run faster, thus my brain goes faster and also makes more neurons faster. but now i'm being told that being in the cold improves focus...
  7. Souper


    UPDATE: Madman is now orbiting Kerbin inside of her small space station, researching technologies for my glorious space program. She just came up with the science needed to unlock better communications so i can go to other planets.
  8. What if we could re-research the tech tree's nodes to improve existing parts after it's been completed?
  9. Souper


    Found another one!
  10. Souper

    Movie Ideas

    Because i'm thinking it would be based off of the Mandela effect.
  11. Souper

    Movie Ideas

    Oh fie, i thought i posted this in the lounge!
  12. Souper

    Movie Ideas

    MOVIE IDEA Name: "Mandela" 25% science fiction 75% cosmic horror Basic idea: Scientist(s?) discovers alternate realities and tries to explore them but they're so freaky and horrific and disturbing that the scientist(s?) is/are mentally broken afterward and commit suicide. Imagery focus: Real imagery. Everything is real. No CGI. Heavy use of uncanny valley and dark abstract imagery. Draw some stuff from H.R Giger too. Also sprinkle in some impossible geometry here and there. Writing focus: Use lots of prose and make the plot feel as hopeless and depressing and terrible as possible. Completely alienate the viewer. Make them feel as wrong and insignificant as possible. Music focus: No music or sound effects whatsoever. Use ONLY the same sounds as the characters are hearing for maximum immersion. Have the movie's theme be full of low droning and wind with faint alien voices. Acting focus: Don't act. Behave as though the characters are real people, like found footage films.