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  1. yea actual buttons would be great. but for now , side note ive been playing since 2012... and i didn't know redo worked...
  2. just to make up for my lazyness
  3. np it took me a year to figure out that worked. and i did it out of frustration... i is da dumb one...
  4. if you hit control z in the hanger it will undo not sure about anything not windows.
  5. just an update: its been hard shaking this cold, ill try to get a couple episodes out this week, though i also have to record my next episode of my lynxcorp series. thank you for your patience.
  6. well here i am on the forums shamelessly plugging my youtube channel... the point for this thread is two fold, one to reach out to the kerbal community and say "hey the lurker is trying not to lurk his lurkyness anymore." and really just engage with the community. and two :shamelessly plug his youtube channel to his target audience. that being said my videos are not monetized this is a hobby not a job. as to the content of my videos, I'm trying to go thru a campaign while treating it as a tutorial, so if there is something i need to expand on let me know ill be happy to do a video just covering that. so here it is the shameless link to my career playlist. enjoy
  7. no disrespect but that's not for you to decide. as to the op Brother we got your 6 wherever you are. we never truly leave the forces. that's always with us. the trick is finding our brothers and sharing our struggles. i personally believe that a healthy community like this is definitely a good way to start. so no worries "to error is human to muck up masterfully is Kerbal."
  8. im after a size 3 and size 2 cargo trunk, some more solar options. moar lights, and some habitation options.
  9. Well im in need a seat... so who is in charge of buying squad pizza this time?
  10. well Johnny i thought it too. as for the op, no i don't think they'll take advantage of it. not even down the line. they are talking about a rocket part revamp, but as space-planes have already been done i don't see it happening as a full re texture again. the Dev-Manpower just isn't there. though i could be misinterpreting the tech too... i do that alot...
  11. so i did a thing, 3.9t on the pad. and reaches >500k orbit. also cost 7k in career, i figured i can shotgun a few of these for com-sats. and still be cheaper than a geosync array. not gonna help to much for long distance stuff. but for in kerbin system why not?
  12. no debris is allowed ever... not allowed in-between planets, around planets or even allowed to survive crashes into planets, moons or other space rocks. if some form of debris dose find its way into existence it must be recovered. not destroyed. i will say that even for my thousands of hours playing, I'm still not good enough to keep it 100% debris free...