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  1. Laythe atmosphere is quite the brick wall. It's barely less draggy than Kerbin's (difference corresponds to a few km altitude difference), but it ends abruptly at lower altitude - you may slam into a huge surprise barely below complete vacuum.
  2. Thank you! The best I got so far (don't even ask to count reloads...) at least didn't break anything. still slid off
  3. Also, an excessive amount of struts (both normal and automatic, and in addition to normal connections) if pretty much in the same plane may actually be making things worse, they may even try to reshift the structure out of plane in a new 3d shape creating massive structural failure. BTW, the bug I've typically encountered has often resulted in the first structural failure logged being halfway across the vessel
  4. BigS wings falling off Mk3 hull at minimal load, at least if landing gear is on them - that's likely some sort of nasty bug (could be clipping related). Ran into it quite a few times. Anyway, on this ship I haven't even autostrutted the wings (and they don't even tend to flap). Other than the fact the piece that is connected through 2 other pieces (the one with the innermost elevon) is the one carrying the landing gear (which, to think of it, may also be preventing the gear-on-wing bug)
  5. Yeah, this isn't something I'm experienced with. I once had a series of RAPIER-powered SSTOs, but then that got nerfed. Jets + NERVAs? Let's see what can be made useful... maybe something based on the crew shuttle? Well, it works. May require a few ascent profile optimizations, but it gets up there and can carry 36 Kerbals. I'm naming this vessel Ku-104 (ever heard of the element Kurchatovium? no? I've seen Mendeleev's tables with it. Yup, made in USSR) first I've tried to build a transport shuttle SSTO and couldn't get satisfactory performance (may get to orbit, but not much capacity to carry anything left), so I tried applying the tech to a crew shuttle design - and it just worked straight away
  6. Maybe from Gilly. The top speed is around 35 m/s (besides, you don't really launch to orbit by going vertically - if only to orbit around the parent body). Well, the main elastic effect comes from bending the small docking ports and those aren't too strong at this, especially if you take the inertia of the structural elements in account. And even with something stronger (that is, deforming a more rigid structure), the force limit of KAS links isn't too great P.S. Tried reattaching without docking ports and launch by bending the entire structure - got the same top speed, torn a cable out of the socket and lifted the base a few meters above the ground. Not a launcher material P.P.S. On the other hand, in some sense anything can qualify as tossing a Kerbal into Minmus orbit, if the jetpack has enough to circularize
  7. Thanks! That was quite the experiment I decided to name it Kraken's Slingshot P.S. Another bit of rearranging, and now it allows more stretching and doesn't tear itself from the ground anymore (so much for hoping those ground connectors and heavy pipes would be more reliable). And by moving the winches to the pillars, the seat could be stripped of power supply and made lighter. Jeb approves Also finally reinstalled the radiators (there were 2 initially, but 1 got broken on fairing separation)
  8. Here is my base. It was supposed to be single-launch, but then I had to send a supply lander with a KIS storage full of extra parts So, after initial reassembly (KAS/KIS) and then addition of some more parts from the supply craft it looks like this: It is based on Planetary Base Systems with TAC Life Support. Has fully self-sustained life support for 6 Kerbals Includes an ISRU rig Powered by nuclear reactor and has centrifuge to extract more uranium from ore And KAS-powered... this fun thing
  9. guess what this is supposed to do... Turned out to have a couple issues with both ground attachments (will need to build a bit more rigid connection) and the base's ISRU (why the stupid thing doesn't work without an ore tank?). sending request to KSC for a supply package
  10. Alchemist

    What did you do in KSP today?

    With this shape and size of the shuttle, you could seriously benefit from a fairing. You can even leave the cockpit out. And now you know the reason why most spaceplane-on-top designs have the spaceplane either covered in fairings (at least partially, you can find designs with tips of the wings sticking out) or blending in with the shape of the launcher. Plus the typical story story about low AoA ascent and highly responsive attitude control.
  11. Well, not too surprisingly I took the same shuttle out of my hangar
  12. Well, most of that are just various things I recall being brought up from couple previous versions of the challenge. But it would be difficult to try finding those over several threads of such size, especially for the newcomers Probably you are right given similar functionality in current stock. I recall there was a statement that it would be too much change (in terms of designing a shuttle that doesn't wobble itself apart on ascent) to allow in stock category, but that definitely was before autostruts. So if you feel it to be balanced enough (personally, I have no experience with this mod), feel free to allow it.
  13. Alchemist

    [1.4.1] kOS v1.1.5.2 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    There is such suffix, it's inherited from Orbitable. Ant it's the position of center of mass. But yes, there is no such option for apoapsis or periapsis. So you'll have to add the radius if you need them this way
  14. Alchemist

    [1.4.1] kOS v1.1.5.2 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    body:position:mag Ok, it actually would be (body:position-ship:position):mag , but the reference point typically is the active vessel
  15. Well, I did it a bit the other way around... First, I didn't really bothered with using an actual proper aircraft Yup, it's my HRO (Heavy Recovery Orbiter) Also such shuttle is not that great at taking off just on jets But we get there Deploy everything! And then the drogue chutes Right, the ship capable of doing this on Duna really doesn't need much landing strip... Now the payload... it was waiting here. And it turned out to have trouble getting in there - wheels just kept popping on the ramp, so we had to use some runway for gaining the speed to get in there. Sorry, somehow missed screenshot with the payload just loaded. Anyway, after a bunch of tries and rather annoyed with repairing wheels Bill, it got in there But can we get enough speed here for... That's why we took some rocket fuel! What? I already said it's not a cargo plane, but an interplanetary shuttle. Oh, and jets do much better job if get to 200 m/s first Well, this is with proper payload, so let's not do tricks. Just the normal airliner-style landing And proceed with deploying the payload Wheels popping, payload getting stuck, had to raise the nose to get it out. Also turned out brakes were on, even with the indicator off And the mass is... Wait what? The request was 30 tons? Right, 40 tons was nominal landing payload in the HRO specifications. HRO delivery services: now with 40% more payload than asked for!