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  1. I have to admit, it's going to be interesting to see how the Kerbals handle the Kerm in outer space. And, yes, I've caught up again.
  2. And I've caught back up. Glad to see a return to rocket fire after a long time away from here.
  3. Age of Fire... I didn't think when I first coined that term that there'd be quite this many different forms of fire going on. Rocket fire, gun fire, war causing fires, and now the threat of nuclear fire... For something with so much fire in it, the sky is dark with smoke. Still a good read, and now I'm caught up again.
  4. Still enjoyable to read as always, and I eagerly await the next chapter! When I'd originally said "Age of Fire" I certainly didn't anticipate this, though I suppose I should feel good in that I've gotten more fire than just rocket fire.
  5. From experience, try one or two notches off of vertical. You might have better luck.
  6. Well, I'm all caught back up. Sorry, I took a bit of a reading hiatus for a while, but I think it was worth doing. Glad to see the MACE hadn't been forgotten. And yeah, I bet Val would have loved to have a tank of liquid Oxygen about then. Right up at high altitude, engine threatening to starve from air-deprivation, control surfaces are barely working, that's the best time to engage Rocket Mode and set sail into the starry black. Just hope whoever designed her plane had the bright idea to make sure it's RCS equipped, or getting back down might be a little bit troublesome...
  7. Decided to do a bit of a challenge I've wanted to do for a while now. That aircraft only has two controls: Throttle and Rudder. Surprisingly, it flies really, really well for not having Elevator or Aileron controls, but then again, I did kinda design it around my old trainers... So after a few lazy loops around the KSC, I headed out and landed it on the Island Runway. I'm planning on flying it back to the KSC soon, but I had fun with this little challenge. Always wanted to see what the minimum number of controls needed to fly would be. Oh, and the Reaction Wheels in the cockpit were
  8. I've found that flying really-close-to-the-ground sometimes helps gain new insights into things. Low and fast, and preferably trying to skim the surface of the mountains when possible. Get it right, it's a lot of fun. Get it wrong, you get some cool fireworks. Either way, it takes your mind off of something else and, at least for me, that sometimes helps with finding a solution to a problem. Other times, though, it creates problems that need solutions, but those are KSP problems, which have solutions just waiting to be discovered.
  9. I'll admit, it doesn't feel very fighter-ish to me... But it has a few hints of SR-71. As for performance-based contra-props, perhaps looking at air-race planes would help? It's what inevitably got me interested in contra-prop aircraft.
  10. I wouldn't mind some more propeller engines with twin-propellers, like the Bear Turboprop has, but smaller and in a few different blade counts. I know, those kind of engines are rare, but it just seems like such a Kerbal thing to do, adding an extra propeller to an engine. My 'big issue' with the Bear is that the housing is very long, limiting the aircraft I can put it on, and the propellers are equally large, meaning the only planes it fits on are huge aircraft. (Yes, I do know it's based on a real Russian aircraft engine that was used on a big aircraft.) Call me crazy, but I like
  11. I thought someone forced a mobile-friendly theme on my desktop. This is awful.
  12. Don't have quite enough data to start making good predictions, but... Another chapter or two and I can zone in on things. After all, I didn't predict an Age of Fire overnight, I had to take several chapters to get that far. But I'm in the mood for a good mystery, so I'm already halfway plotting my list of predictions and trying to decide what makes sense and what doesn't. Right now is a maelstrom of chaos that could go literally any way... But I do have a couple of things in mind.
  13. You know, years ago before the internet was fast enough to handle massive downloads, we had these things called "expansion packs" for our games. They added massive new features, new things to do, new ways to play the same old game we'd been playing for a while at that time. Yes, back then, a lot of your bug-fixes came in those expansions, too, because the majority of people ran Dial-Up, or at best, DSL, and couldn't handle a 600 MB download of goodies. These expansions were huge deals back then, because they allowed developers to give us something good in return for some money so they c
  14. I'll open with the fact that I understand the reason behind DLC (expansions, if you choose to call it that), and that I've even gotten my fair share in other games. That said, I personally can't see anything in this expansion that I really want. Maybe some-time in the future, but with what little we know at this point, I'm not overly interested. As for the people claiming that we have a moral obligation to support SQUAD in every way possible: No, we don't have an obligation. I have paid for the base game, same as everyone else has. The DLC is extra. If I'm not interested in its
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