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  1. Thanks Claw, and thanks everyone It took me longer than I originally anticipated, because of all the pauses.. but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless, and as I was reaching the starting point of my journey I felt really good, I felt like something was coming full circle I remembered all the hills and mountains I climbed, all the valleys and "lakes" I traversed, all the flags planted, the accident and the rover change, all the sunrises and sunsets, the view of Kerbin and the Mun from the surface of that little, frosty ball.. I really liked it. Now, I'd prefer to have a stronger PC before attempting any other Elcano challenges, we've come to the point where KSP rises my computer's temperature to almost unsafe levels (I'm playing on a laptop, this is no gaming rig..). But who knows, maybe I'll get tired of waiting and I'll just attempt a Mun Elcano on this old fella.. we'll see.
  2. Before sending the rovers to Minmus, I launched a small "scout" spacecraft with infinite fuel on, to check for cool places I could visit during my on-land journey. Even though, by Minmus's standards, even a steeper-than-average hill qualifies as a cool place still better than travelling in a straight line, though. And then, all I did was connecting the dots. Sure, at times I had to, say, move west, then east then west again, but I was enjoying the trip so the extra long route did not feel like a chore, not at all
  3. Alright folks, my journey around Minmus has come to an end. The big arrow was my START/FINISH point, the little stars were my checkpoints, I travelled westwards (from right to left in the picture). I had an accident near Checkpoint #11 and had to use my spare rover to continue the trip. Here's the main thread: I intend to continue with the Elcano challenges, but not right now, I'm afraid my PC isn't up to the task. But I will be back, sooner or later, as long as you guys will still be sticking around here EDIT: forgot to say, I'm playing on a stock install, no mods whatsoever.
  4. Did some more travellin'. Next bit will be the final part of my journey
  5. Here's the next part, we don't have many left
  6. Gonna post the next bit in a few minutes, we're.. 2 flags away from completion, I think.
  7. Posted the next part of my trip. Yep, I should finish the journey in a few days if I keep this pace.
  8. And next bit too, we moved the second rover to our location and then drove to the next checkpoint, all in one sitting
  9. Next bit, here it is: As you may have guessed, next time I'll have to take rover #2, which is still attached to the transport ship, and move it over to Checkpoint #11.
  10. Thanks Claw. Posting the next part right now. I should be done in a few days.
  11. Uff, posted another bit o' trip on my mission report. I'd better finish this soon, I think I'll just play KSP once a day during this week and.. hopefully I'll complete the circumnavigation. Also, this game fries my poor pc. Had to change the cooling fan a few weeks ago, it started malfunctioning. I think I'll take a long break after completing Minmus, then I'll resume with the challenge once I get a new, more powerful pc.
  12. Ok, completed another journey segment, here's the album:
  13. Just update my thread back at mission reports, linked the imgur album. I didn't know that in the last update brakes got buffed, a really welcome change! Slowing down on Minmus was a real pain before, but now it's so much easier
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