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  1. I would rather have mass drivers and beamed power propulsion. Gotta love massive laser arrays that with a little tweaking turn Mun into the death star....
  2. A photon drive would be either: 1) Antimatter powered: likely going to be in game 2) A solar sail: would be cool 3) A light sail, and some laser installation: ie beamed power propulsion, I would love this (and beamed power need not be limited to light sails) 4) Massively inefficient if powered by anything other than antimatter or solar: (if using a fusion reactor, throw the reactant mass back at high speed for more thrust per unit fuel) Regarding the light/solar sails: Using solar panels instead would be massively inefficient, and would be massively heavy for the miniscule thrust. Photovoltaics would be far less efficient than just reflecting the photon, they would be far heavier, and they would not be able to take nearly the same light intensity... very very very low TWR as a result. magnets do not contain photons
  3. Better have a kerbal on it, and a probe that grants SAS, no? Besides, I want to be able to control probes without a connection (should just be required for data)... real probes can do things on their own without a connection, just as an astronaut can. A probe core should be able to analyze its surroundings, take measurements, and plot a course on its own. Real probes can. Of course, I don't want autopilot, I want to pilot the craft as if I am the probe's AI. Bah, I just set up a simple relay network if that is the case. Avoiding communication blackouts back to Kerbin is easy. I'll want those anyway for science transmission. yea, scientists and engineers are all I really need... and really just scientists, but engineers are nice to speed things up, and the craft modification does make things interesting now.
  4. To be clear, the game seperates thrust and lift, and what you are discussing is lift. Well, real helos do this by cyclic, and we now have cyclic, but I think the blade disk needs to actually tilt. I think that just relies on flexing in the blades. I think KSP 1 already could model this if they had an appropriate control algorithm But real tandom rotors do change the amount of "thrust" on different sides. That is how realistic heli dynamics would work. I think KSP just doesn't know to apply left roll cyclic to the front rotor and rear roll cyclic to the rear rotor. I get around this by using quad copters, or hinged rotors.
  5. I doubt that we will see anything other than 1 "real" terrain surface. That doesn't mean that you can't have cave "objects", as we saw to a limited extent in the Tylo cave, and sort of with the Mun arches (I believe you can find some colonies hanging from those in Youtube videos). The Arma series also has terrain with just a single heightmap (thus one "real" terrain surface), but there are small caves in the official maps that are composed of walkable objects such as boulders. (similarly, it also supports bridge objects that can be driven over, and the Ai can osrt of handle it). Then there a number of user made maps where they just assign a very low elevation to a place (ie, make a pit), and fill it with a 3D cave/bunker object. If KSP1 had the Tylo cave, I expect KSP2 to have some sort of Cave object - but I expect them to be limited in size and number, and sort of be easter eggs.
  6. It seems that there's at least one prediction that was pretty accurate...
  7. I don't disagree with any of that, I am just saying, it seems strange to express concern that this LANTR engine makes getting to orbit too easy, given what has already been shown... In particular the mmH engine, as it has none of the radiation drawbacks (aside from the torch ship drive and the Orion drives, it seems likely other interstellar drives will be put on craft that must be built in space - and the Orion must have some other engine for the initial liftoff, or you destroy the colony)
  8. Setting aside the debate as to what physics is and is not settled, and if KSP2 should include engines with no current theoretical basis behind them (even if there was a former basis, as would apply to Aether propellors), my comment was directed towards the Gameplay Concerns/Implications. @Fullmetal Analyst was concerned that the LANTR engine would make getting to orbit too easy. As mmH would outperform a solid core (as this seems to be) LANTR engine, any Gameplay Concerns about LANTR enginges should apply even more so to mmH engines. Furthermore, as it seems that KSP2 will make engine-radiation a factor in gameplay, and a mmH engine would not emit radiation, the Gameplay Concern that a LANTR "engine will make the game too easy" should really not be an issue in comparison to the Gameplay Concern that a mmH "engine will make the game too easy".
  9. So, no fix of the robotic drift bug, and no reversion of docking ports to the form that didn't cause robotic drift? Well... autostrutting will help... I guess this essentially means that ships will wear out over time though, as the robotic drift bug makes them more and more deformed.
  10. Unless you have turned off terrain scatters to improve performance or make finding surface features easier. Regarding the Dress meme, I would contest that meme status equates with a high rating. Many things are memes because they are widely considered to deserve a really bad rating. Off the top of my head, twilight (the "still a better love story than twilight" memes for instance), and the 8th season of game of thrones.
  11. Yea, its Meh, but Dres overall is rated so low that people joke that it doesn't exist. With Dres being about as Meh to me as Mun, Bop, Eeloo, Pol, Gilly, an overall comunity rating so low as to pretend it doesn't exist makes me consider it very underated relative to the other bodies
  12. Hmmmm..... most over-rated? I can see a good argument for laythe, but I wouldn't say "just to see something identical to Kerbin", instead I'd say its because its like 95% featureless ocean. The appeal used to be flying planes on another celestial body, but because of BG, that also applies to Duna and Eve (and Jool too, I guess). I think other contenders are Minmus (its not that interesting aside from being close and having low gravity), and Duna - it, moreso than many other bodies, seems to lack fine scale detail - what you see from low oribt is pretty much what you'll see on the ground. The thin atmosphere isn't that thin, and landing with chutes is rather easy, not even much of a challenge. Under-rated: Vall: meh the whole body is just procedural noise. I'd say Moho, because its a fast but hard trip, with very frequent launch windows, and a great view of the sun. It really seems otherworldy being on the sun bakes side of Moho. Dres: It does exist, that canyon is cool, and the asteroid rings are interesting too. Ceres is an underrated dwarf planet in real life (It was a planet and lost its status before Pluto did!), and I think Dres is underrated because its real life analogue is under rated. "Eve, the best stock ocean world in my opinion" - Its a world that has some oceans, but I don't think its an ocean-world, any more than my modded Duna is an ocean world: but ocean worlds (where the vast majority of the surface is ocean, not 1/2 to 3/4 like Earth and Kerbin) can be a bit boring IMO . Eve is just too darn purple to me... and no its not really a good titan analogue I can accept purple water and coasts... like a primitive purple earth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purple_Earth_hypothesis But that sky.... give me blue skies, grey skies, or even dull red or yellow skies... but that dark purple just seems... I dunno, depressing, oppressive? ughh... If I had to change eve, I'd make the skies closer to grey or blue, and the land some kind of grey. Purple water could stay
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsiolkovsky_rocket_equation Its just a definitional thing. Its good that you could derive a measure of Isp on your own.
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