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  1. I previously templated one of my mod planets on Laythe. I changed it to Kerbin, and I was able to remove the KSC and such, but I still get active comnet station lines showing up to my craft that should not have a com link. How can I remove them? Current start of my config:
  2. Generally, yes, space planes do go to space... otherwise they are just planes. Well, you could use a rapier, and just change the engine mode... but yes, you would carry some sort of liquid fuel+oxygen burning engine to get to orbit. Although in stock KSP, you can also get to orbit with just jets and the LV-N (thus no oxidizer needed). The point is that they get you high and fast in the atmosphere for minimal fuel use. Using them, you can do single stage to a moon of Jool. Speaking of moons of Jool, jet engines work on Laythe, and its even easier to use jets to get to orbit f
  3. To be fair, I can see a distinction between one's favorite celestial body, and the favorite place to go. Jool and laythe, for example, maybe one's favorite celestial body one their own... but maybe minmus/mun are the favorite places to go because the journey is quick, relatively easy, and you can depart at any time. For the record, in career, I have been to moho more than I have been to jool, probably Eve, and perhaps Duna... because the transfer windows come often, and the transfers are fast. In a long save with multiple missions going on, I may have a jool mission depart, but it ne
  4. Build something to explore the bottom of the sea of laythe...
  5. Well, the first game called it time warp, so you can't go wrong with sticking with that. However, similar features have been around a long time in other games, where it is also called time acceleration. I wouldn't fuss one bit if you start referring to it as time acceleration
  6. It is, which immediately renders everystory utterly stupid/arbitrary/incoherent, "Oh no, the bad guy deployed his super weapon, we don't know how to defeat it, we are so screwed!!!" >"No we aren't, I just sent a message back in time, warning ourselves, we have 5 years to prepa-" 5 years ago "So um, we just got this message that says the bad guy is building a superweapon that will be ready in 5 years, lets take our fleet there and destroy it" Badguy: "Oh no, the Republic fleet found out about my superweapon before it was complete, I'll just send myself a message 10 y
  7. One, its not dirt, its gravel, rock, dust... etc. Dirt has a high content of biologically derived organics. Two, no, it would not work as a melted fluid passing through a hot reactor Three: What you can do is use a powerful laser to vaporize/ablate the materal, and produce thrust that way. This would work fairly well with beamed power propulsion. Your ship scoops up regolith, compresses it into a block, and ofcuses a laser beam on the block that procedes to vaporize the regolith of the block, producing an exhaust jet as it bores into the block. You don't even need a hole for a c
  8. How much procedural generation is used for the fine details when on the surface? Can such generation be used to maintain detail when scalping up the system to 3 or 4x? A major problem I have with ksp 1, is that pretty much all the features that you can make out from the surface, you can make out from orbit, the planets just seem small. Even using real data for mars for example... Reducing a whole planets surface to 2048x1024 or even 4096x2048 heightmap and texture means that you can pretty much see all the features of the planet at a glance. On my modded mars, I also added
  9. Whose present? We are throwing relativity out of the window then? Can we then have slow and fast light? Is FTL meaningless then? How does EM even work then? The clocks on each side run at different rates, affecting frequency of light passing through, they will observe different lengths, you can also blue shift the light coming through like crazy... Turn low energy photons into high energy ones. Free energy device that can send messages back in time... Not cheaty at all... Nope
  10. Ok, cool, so a free energy device that can send messages back through time. Or is the EM radiation red shifted according to the relative velocities of the portals?
  11. I don't know what you mean by pirtals if you are talking about energy beams, but I am a big proponent of beamed power propulsion, and I hope that it makes it into ksp2. If you mean some kind of ftl wormhole power/mass transfer, then you gain thhe ability to send messages back in time, and barring certain limitations on hoow it works, also a free energy machine.
  12. Its no different than ignition of a fusion fuel pellet by laser fusion/inertial confinement fusion... just on a larger scale. You'd need a much larger ICF facility to make an explosion of a decent size, or a much much much more efficient system. Also, such a system is bound to be pretty expensive, more expensive than a fission primary, and would destroy itself in the exposion. You could fuse elements in dirt to get energy, yes. Dirt contains hydrogen, carbon, nitogen, oxygen. All of which are involved in fusion reactions in stars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CNO_cycle Ye
  13. Another good article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7703598/ We need to keep up the search, we would be remiss if we just said it was a natural spillover, case closed, and forget about further investigation. Even if it turns out to be a natural spillover, we still need to find out how it happened. Closing off further investigation is just negligent. *edit*, update, more suspicious activity: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/349073738_An_investigation_into_the_WIV_databases_that_were_taken_offline They have shut off access to their database
  14. That would normally be the case, except Wuhan isn't near any known animal reservoir for coronaviruses. That requires a rather complicated explanation as to how the spillover from the animal reservoir didn't cause a local outbreak first, before spreading to Wuhan, where it seems it was already well adapted to humans when spread began in Wuhan. The prior probability is in favor of a natural outbreak, because since the dawn of life on Earth, natural outbreaks have been happening, and since human experimentation with pathogens has begun, we have just 1 conclusive example of a large scale outb
  15. With zero evidence. Epidemiology, phylogenetics disprove this Utterly incompatible with the facts It does come off looking lik projection, increasing my suspicion.
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