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  1. Can someone post an example config (perhaps now, perhaps after 1.9.1 drops?) to help the rest of us enable the awesome shaders on our mod planets? Before I accidentally updated to 1.9 (I suppose I could revert), My mod planet's surface was just featureless black, and I don't know what to do to change that.
  2. @Vanamonde On top of that, you can click on the docking port and focus the camera on it, so you can get real good view when you get in close.
  3. Ughhh.... Just what we need, even more population growth driving the population density up. Personally, I am rooting for the virus until we get our population under control
  4. Well, as far as colonies, its more realistic that it takes a whole colony to produce fuel, with specialized infrastructure for each fuel type than the current ISRU system where you can supply huge amounts of fuel with a relatively small ship Well, the Fuel that shall not be Named, and its even less realistic cesium doped variant come immediately to mind... but going too far down this path will again require moderation...
  5. It can be hard to distinguish a bot from a ... ummm... to refrain from derogatory statements... a very eccentric person. Just as an aside, I don't think that is the standard for passing the turing test. If they optimized the engine well enough, to enable much larger part count craft, made a more streamlines colony system (since colony mods are out there), and made other minor engine improvements (terrain level of detail, scatter, etc)... it could be enough, but I do see your point. I agree, its not near-future. I think they aimed for "hard" sci-fi, and missed the mark a bit. PS - I like your term for that fuel causing much debate.
  6. but... petroleum is organic. Define "organic" if you disagree. Organic, in scientific terms such as organic chemistry, refers to carbon containing compounds. And a hydrolox rocket's exhaust is water, but is not organic? what is your concern? pollution of the home planet? All you said previously was "Why the loudness" What else can you say to make one grasp a big concern? how about saying a coherent sentence?
  7. Well, I have a hard time imagining whose interests this virus would serve... If it was a US group behind the attack, what would be the goal, and why would they do it now? The specific allegation involves the secret US military/intelligence services... If the goal was to influence the election, I think its a bit early, and also these groups could likely just leak a whole lot of more incriminating documents. A plot by some arm of the US government, aligned with Trump or not, does not really seem plausible, the accusation seems really contrived. Often when discussing ideas about some plot, one would ask what benefit comes from the alleged actions, and who does that benefit go to? In my estimation, the only benefit to come out of this is environmental, CO2 emissions are way down due to reduced travel, depressed sales and manufacturing, etc. I happen to believe that the world is overpopulated and overconsuming, and the biosphere/ecosystem itself benefits. So, using the criteria previously mentioned, the only allegation that would that pass my first plausibility test, would be that some sort of militant-environmentalists / eco-terrorists are behind it... and I don't think that's likely that such a group have the organization and resources to pull it off. So I'm going with a natural explanation without anybody planning this
  8. Spoilers from the game files: It seems to only have 1 type of surface feature to find
  9. Because the 2 years includes the trial phases, which normally take quite a while unless "fast tracked" (even then...). Nowadays, you can produce a vaccine in a matter of days once you've isolated the pathogen - the question is #1) does it work, and #2) is it safe, and at what doses? If you've got the pathogen isolated, you can sequence its DNA in a day, and identify its protein encoding genes in minutes. From there, by homology you can already identify the surface proteins (a quick search in minutes, then a couple hours to review). Then you can compare by homology to the surface proteins used in vaccines for related viruses, take the new homologous sequence, stick it in a plasmid, and start making the protein, which is the vaccine. Because you're only injecting 1 protein, not a complete viron, then it can't possibly be infectious, yet because its the same protein sequence as found on the surface of the virus, your immune system should recognize the virus after being exposed to this protein. This whole process can be done very quickly if needed (not that there won't be meetings, group discussions, review, etc..). But then... you would normally make sure the protein is not too immunogenic (you don't want patients to go into anaphylactic shock when you inject it from an overactive innate immune response), that it doesn't lead to autoimmune disorders or cause too much inflammation, you'll want to test how much you can safely inject, how much to inject to get an effective immune response without causing too much inflammation... then you'll have shown its safe, then you need to show its effective... this is normally another study, in which you need to vaccinate large groups and see who gets sick and who doesn't. Because its humans, you can't deliberately infect them after vaccinating them, so you need to do a large population and follow them for a long time so that you can see statistical differences between the control and vaccinated group... So... making the vaccine is fast, its the testing procedure (pre-clinical+animal studies followed by clinical trials) that takes time. Obviously in a public health emergency some of those things can be rushed a bit if one relaxes the regulations. I highly doubt this for a number of reasons: #1) Trump's mishandling of the response is hurting his re-election chances. It wouldn't be in the interest of the US leaders to start this epidemic, and then be so unprepared for it in the US. #2) Bioinformatic analysis shows it comes from animal strains endemic to china. The simplest explanation is that it jumped from animals to humans in China, in a place where humans were in close contact with those animals. Its much less plausible that the US took viruses from the animals in china, deliberately made them adapt to humans, infected humans and sent them to china, prevented the infected personell from infecting anyone in the US so that a large Chinese outbreak happened first - and was then unable to stop a large US outbreak after china. #3) Trump has been mishandling the outbreak, and often when things get bad, he blames someone else. He recently started criticizing /blaming China even more (mudslinging), so it seems likely that this is just the Chinese retaliating against what Trump said (Trump slung mud at them, they sling mud at the US/Trump)
  10. I wouldn't count on it, and FYI, metallic hydrogen engines are not an example of the developer sticking hard to realism. From the videos I see, chemical engine fuel injectors will likely be ignored, because they want to go way beyond such engines, into medium-ish hardness sci-fi, and in that case, throttling for most of the engines will probably not be based on some idea of throttling limits of an engine design, since no such (complete) design exists. I expect the nuclear pulse propulsion will have a minimum charge impulse, with throttling determining how fast it pulses though
  11. ah, yes, that makes sense. @5thHorseman No hard feelings, I agree with all your bullet points that you listed
  12. @5thHorseman you said "its nothing approaching reality", but in reality, you can have orbits intersecting. In reality, it makes no difference if Neptune's orbit and Pluto's orbit intersect or simply get close to each other, without orbits "on rails", getting close to each other but not intersecting will still result in catastrophe. So, "close but not intersecting" and "intersecting" are functionally the same for the "reality" part of this discussion (*you* brought up reality, so don't now limit it to stock KSP). So back to your statement: "If you mod it so they actually intersect then no, they don't collide still." - this part is correct "but it's basically nothing approaching reality." - no, assuming you mod it so that the orbits do intersect, but the 3:2 ratio of orbital periods are maintained, they don't collide, and far from being nothing approaching reality, its *exactly like* reality in the case of Neptune and Pluto where a 3:2 resonance keeps the 2 bodies from ever getting close despite the elipses of their orbits getting very close.
  13. IRL, and with principia, they would have an issue at closest approach, but the simpler patched conics mean its not an issue, but then as shown in this thread, its so simplified, its not an issue if they do intersect. The resonance would keep them apart, just like in realitiy, where a close approach would massively disturb the orbit and fling Pluto into a very dangerous and unstable orbit
  14. @Wjolcz because people will be online for 3 days at a time? There will be no interstellar travel in MP? My hope/wish is that they have advanced NTR designs as an alternate to metallic Hydrogen when progressing past metha-lox rockets