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  1. First of all - and excellent idea for One Window ! I had similar thoughts about caching screen messages in one place. Too many plugins (including stock) simply dump text on screen which does not persist long enough for player to read all of it properly. This is especially useful when doing science missions - if you execute many experiments in a single shot, you can easily miss important messages for example about experiments not being reset (remotely or by a scientist) or science not transmitted entirely or ... you get the picture I like launching satellites with experiments bound to action group and running them all at once at the right biome/situation (science-bomb style ) Ahh one more thing : does One Window have an option to ignore specific messages ? Like from a certain plugin ? Or to allow only messages from specific plugin ? If possible, this could be used to filter messages showing only executed experiments, experiment storage/transfers and data transmissions. Silly me, the above message says mentions filtering
  2. Thanks ! I did the fork. As for clone to desktop, i replaced it with cloning option inside desktop client itself. After chaing the relevant file, i've pushed to my master and sent a PR to original repo. All data should be visible now. Please confirm. I've hijacked this thread with my github learning curve long enough.
  3. Uhhh if i understand this correctly - i NEVER sent any change to repository. 1. I'm operating on "master" branch. 2. I tried to to do a "push origin" and got error response. Error is "Authentication failed. You may not have permission to access the repository. Open options and verify that you're signed in with an account that has permission to access this repository." It seems that i have the wrong branch, one with reserved write access for it's owner / co-developers.
  4. It's named "fix for Airbags" under FluffyLogic, has an ID e483027. I'm new to this. I understand the basics but "pull request" vs "issue" vs... confuses me. I tried to look for a guide from creating account to posting a fix in someone else's repository but had no luck. All info is chopped up in little pieces and i didn't figure out how they fit as a whole. I had hoped desktop client would do it for me. It listed in the client, but i too can't see it in web version with browser.
  5. Fix for airbags has been sent to github repository, i just installed github desktop - it worked right out of the box !
  6. Bug re-report. Back in KSP 1.2.2 airbags added to any horizontally moving craft caused loss of speed at roughly 50 m/s. That meant any aircraft or SSTO that needs over 50 m/s to take off couldn't launch. There was a issue placed at github page for Exploration pack that addressed this bug with a solution to check for deploy boolean value inside airbag module and that solved the problem. The airbag module simply removed speed from craft without checking if airbag was deployed or not. Now this bug has re-appeared and i haven't found a github page for this pack containing actual visual studio project with sources so can't even recompile/fix this myself, let alone re-post the bugfix. Paging @RoverDude about location of sources for Exploration Pack at github, PLEASE reply !
  7. I want to add support for sounds to play along with animations. My plugin is nearly done (although it is completed if considering it's basic purpose). The usual method of adding audio effects to part cfg isn't going to satisfy the complexity of animations my plugin can perform. Problem is that my plugin reads larger chunks of cfg data and using EFFECTS node is incompatible with my part config format for my plugin and is too bulky. My plugin uses multiple named arguments in line, and multiple lines in sequence to perform tasks. I'd need to accompany each of those lines with a sound effect. As there can be any number of lines inside any number of sequences, the space used by EFFECTS node would be huge and too bulky to handle efficiently. There are many plugins for specific purpose that perform animations and have no sounds, and i haven't seen any complaints about that. Note that i may reply later today, but due to work mostly likely tomorrow.
  8. My animation plugin development has reached another phase : adding sound effect support to animations. More precisely, is sound fx really needed in KSP plugin ? Is absence of it a minor annoyance or game-immersion-breaking bug ? Note that my plugin is intended for animating various parts that are (at least for now) used as structural or aerodynamics parts (resource capacity/usage support may be added later, its on a backburner for now). Also note that due to nature of my plugin, i can't use normal EFFECTS node setup for audio.
  9. I need sound files for my part / plugin - and i couldn't find links in this forum i had found before. Any help ? Specifically, i'm looking for sounds of hydraulics (i had some luck finding a few promising sources) and a heavy door slamming sounds (as clean as possible from any echoes, this is a tough one for me). Some sci-fi versions are also welcome. I need them for sound of hydraulics driving a large metallic gate or door (that has a single rumbling thump). Also, if anyone has info on sound creation - used software, education and similar - i'd be thankful.
  10. Another update. Hope this closes the issue. My previous source example may look functional but it is essentialy flawed. Although craft's ConfigNode contains info on action groups (either auto pre-assigned or user-defined), they should be maintained by game itself, no tinkering should be done in OnSave() / OnLoad() phase (unless some more magic need be done ). I've found way to make action groups in runtime and maintain their persistence between various scenes. Note if runtime action groups are not found by game they won't be listed and available to user. Use of OnStart () to create action groups is wrong for flight scene. It is too late and interestingly, only works for custom-assigned action groups. However, using OnAwake() also solves this for persisting pre-built action groups (abort,sas,rcs, stage etc) as this event fires early enough to create runtime action groups before game starts trying to match them to vessel config inside persistence.sfs. Example code public override void OnAwake () { string guiName = "Name Displayed To Player"; string validIdentifierName = "runtimeAction"; //make your choice from below. //note the "custom" is assigned to None by default so user can later decide string choice = ""; KSPActionGroup group = KSPActionGroup.None; switch (choice) { case "abort": group = KSPActionGroup.Abort; break; case "gear": group = KSPActionGroup.Gear; break; case "light": group = KSPActionGroup.Light; break; case "sas": group = KSPActionGroup.SAS; break; case "rcs": group = KSPActionGroup.RCS; break; case "stage": group = KSPActionGroup.Stage; break; case "custom": group = KSPActionGroup.None; break; default : group = KSPActionGroup.None; break; } //note in next line that last parameter is "isPersistent" bool set to "true" ! KSPAction ksp_action = new KSPAction(guiName,group,false,true); BaseAction base_action = new BaseAction(Actions,validIdentifierName, (a) => { ScreenMessages.PostScreenMessage("Your runtime action has fired !"); },ksp_action); Actions.Add(base_action); }
  11. Thanks for this, i did more tests and Time.time appears to be affected by physics warp only. Planetarium.GetUniversalTime() does respect both warp modes. Hmmm... I just tested stock cargo bay. Animation playback speeds are affected by physics warp only. A compromise or a bug, i can't tell. Another thing about gameplay : when high-speed (on-rails) warp is active, part menu buttons (defined with [KSPEvent] attribute in plugin) are not available, preventing players from activating animations that make parts move in this warp mode. Can you imagine a 15 second animation accelerated by 10000x warp ? To me it looks more and more like a compromise. Interestingly, action groups are not affected, so player could still execute them.
  12. Sigh... I've come up with this, i just don't know if Time.time is the correct source (or the ONLY source of timing info, besides MET) public float scaledTime { get { return Time.time * Mathf.Max(Time.timeScale,TimeWarp.CurrentRate); } } After testing i've concluded that Time.timeScale is for physics warp and TimeWarp.CurrentRate is for high-speed physics-less warp. Also note that rate changes between two steps are gradual.
  13. I need to know how to properly manage timing during physics warp and high-speed warp (the non-physics variety). Timing is required for my animations. I can use Time.time under normal scale and it works ok, but i need a timing variable / method that reads game time and is affected by both warp types. Note that MET is not acceptable since it does not run while vessel is landed.
  14. More problems and ... more questions. I've discovered that i've made a mistake in above example code. The line with "new BaseAction(Actions,"name of action"" ... etc should have "name of action" string as valid identifier for C# and ConfigNode ie no whitespace whatsoever, no preceding numbers etc. This can be tested by writing a simple function with [KSPAction] attribute and then checking for it's name property as Debug.Log(Actions["YourActionFunction"].name) . "name" property will match the name used in array operator to reference this specific action. Not also that i have another roadblock. Again my example shows how to add runtime actions to config but that is also "static" as it ALWAYS adds those actions. While developing my plugin, i have managed to: -load and parse config with PartModule.OnStart() during editor scene -save config with my additional ConfigNode in PartModule.OnSave() in editor into craft file If i understand this correctly, when launching a craft from editor, PartModule.OnSave() is called three times : 1st for saving to craft file, 2nd to save with craft file with added "autosaved ship" string and 3rd time into persistence.sfs file. However, i did not managed to retain my custom ConfigNode while changing scenes from editor to flight (aka when launching a craft), it gets lost on scene change. How do i keep data i saved in craft file to transfer to persistence file (the above mentioned 3rd step) ?