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  1. Code fix was pushed to USI Tools module. When airbags were first moved from survivability pack to exploration it caught me by surprise so i learned the proper place for them actually i was lost when i first tried the github PR and was given directions . Here it is Please report back how it went. Hmmm... maybe a notice about deprecated parts can be put along with link to USI page ? At least newcomers would see a proper detour sign
  2. @Jason-JT I can confirm that DLL was not compiled with updated sources. I've retrieved the sources from github and compiled them. Changes in code did fix airbag behavior. Are you willing to try my fixed DLL ?
  3. I've seen the post earlier but didn't have enough time to explore it. After some minor "detective" work, i found that my pull request was approved, its source is present and it is listed as closed PR, as of August 10th . The compiled DLL in release folder containing the air bags module bears the write/upload date October 9th. This is 2 months time difference. The fix should be there. Either there is something broken (again, updates to KSP can mess up the addons) or DLL was never compiled from updated/fixed source (which would mean that fixed source was never synchronized back to machine which compiled the DLL). I'll try and see what went wrong. UPDATE : after finding time to do a test i confirmed that exploration pack from github still has the same Dampen() bug on horizontally launched/moving craft. In test, large airbags cut speed on my test plane just above 50 m/s. If this issue persists, i'll compile and upload it to somewhere. Oh and one more oddity : MKS, USI-LS etc are under UmbraSpaceIndustries github page, but ExpPack is under BobPalmer. Same person, but different "organizations" as github calls them. Not very beginner-friendly. Ah one more thing : I just noticed that issue ticket for this Dampen() bug is posted in USI github repository, but the actual part using this code/module is located under Exploration Pack. This kind of "dependency spread" can really make bug tracking difficult for the repository maintainers, i'd suggest moving KSP repos from BobPalmer to UmbraSpaceIndustries. Bug is present in module available on one page, but the part manifesting it is located on the other page, this can confuse everyone involved.
  4. Thanks ! Will play around with this before implementing.
  5. Can anyone reply with example source on how to write a resource consumer code ? I need it in form of custom code that will both consume a resource under specific conditions and manage loading/saving to/from persistence and vessel cfg (i already know how to handle load/save, i just mentioned it so it may be known in advance what my code needs to do). And if resource generation is also not so much different from consumption code, an example for that too would be appreciated.
  6. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Ok i agree on that, though player can choose to pretend they're all one big happy family on a slightly longer road-trip. Though i couldn't imagine myself listening to anyone singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall" for several months, nevermind a year
  7. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Duhh .. RTFM ... I really need to look more carefully, thanks and my apologies !
  8. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Will there ever be a habitation module that can reset homesickness timeout ? I've looked at docs and and haven't found anything. Also, planets like Laythe that have breathable atmosphere should not cause Kerbals to get homesick. MKS offers so much for good base design and then falls short of actually using all of its potential for making independant permanent bases. Also, this issue is even more exaggerated if using addons with larger or multiple star systems, where time spent in transit alone can exceed homesickness limit - another mod for warp drive could let player shorten the mission time but even that won't delay the inevitable.
  9. I just tried one craft in sandbox : main pod with underside ventral tank with dive planes on sides + crew cabin + 2x radial tanks each with dive plane + inline impeller. All tanks were filled with ballast 100 units, Intake Lqd/ Lead were left at their default of 1500/250 units. After launch i moved it using Vessel Mover above deep enough slope and let it drop into sea. It sank like a stone, all that ballast overwhelmed rcs, main engine and pod's reaction wheels.
  10. Thanks for clarifying this, i'll look into KIS code then...
  11. Is it possible to move parts on same vessel during flight ? I'm not talking about Infernal Robotics style of joints, just plain radial and stack attachment nodes. I know that KAS and USI Konstruction Docking Port can alter vessels in flight, what i'm asking is can the existing nodes be moved around in flight, as they are in editor ? What type of part-to-part connection is used ? Do radial and stack nodes use different modules (built into KSP itself) ?
  12. You have issue with RemoteTech. I looked at github sources and found this line else if (AGXRemoteTechQueue.ElementAt((i2 - 1)).state == AGXRemoteTechItemState.NOCOMMS) { timeString = "NO GO"; AGXBtnStyle.normal.textColor = Color.red; } A condition for remote control / communication is not satisfied. Check for relays etc ... (i don't use RemoteTech myself so i don't know the specifics). Or maybe you installed RemoteTech by accident ?
  13. Noob question (its been long time since i used scansat to land on celestial body) - how to delete manual waypoint ? No problem setting it, but no idea how to delete it. There was a help/reply for mechjeb's landing site but i don't use it. Also, how do i match coordinates on biome map (where i can't set a waypoint) to a altimetry map (which has a waypoint button) ? Never mind, i just zoomed waay out in flight view and biomes overlayed the surface Doh, map type ... My brain is not cooperating today
  14. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    Ok here we go ... <Reference Include="Assembly-UnityScript"> <HintPath>..\..\Squad binaries\x64\Assembly-UnityScript.dll</HintPath> <Private>False</Private> </Reference> This shows that a assembly is referenced under the name "Assembly-UnityScript", that is what you will see in IDE in project references. Second line tells IDE where to find a DLL (equivalent to .so in linux - a "shared object"). That being said, for KSP 1.3.0 referencing these assemblies should cover the entire KSP API Assembly-CSharp.dll Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll KSPAssets.dll UnityEngine.dll UnityEngine.UI.dll These are found in your_ksp_root\KSP_x64_Data\Managed\. Now for the windows paths : i may be wrong but it should not be a problem, as long as it references a relative path (my .csproj has for example ..\..\..\..\ KSP\KSP_x64_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll in one of references). This is where i can't help anymore - i don't have a linux to try it. This should be done in IDE anyway. Try to look at project items and then expand the tree structure under "References". There should be all assemblies it needs. If this project is imported from other machines, then most likely the references will be invalid (and marked as such). Best way is to remove them and add again, but now with proper paths from your machine. As for "pdb2mdb.exe" : this is a small program used on windows IDEs to generate debug information file. I started using debugging in KSP 1.2.2 when i advanced a bit in coding and it proved useful. It is a bit involved and you should not bother yourself with it right now. If i remember this right, MonoDevelop does not need this as it natively generates .mdb files (if you select debug configuration for compiling). As it stands now, you can delete the entire PostBuildEvent XML tag. It calls "pdb2mdb.exe" for conversion and copies compiled DLL into KSP's GameData. That means you will need to manually copy newly compiled DLL into GameData, a minor annoyance.
  15. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    First : editing .csproj by hand... this should be done in IDE via project options (albeit .csproj is written in human-readable XML, i'd consider using IDE). I've googled a little how to edit assembly references in VS Code, but that IDE is horrible. In my opinion, its oversimplified to the point of being unable to normally manage projects written in other IDEs by other people. If you are willing to consider other IDEs, try MonoDevelop (reported as buggy long time ago, may have improved by now) or Jetbrains Rider (hefty size and load times, but that's my opinion) or Anjuta (no idea about .NET/Mono support or supported C# version, also it's a gnome UI application, i don't know much about linux KDE/Gnome stuff ). There is also Xamarin Studio CE but i didn't find linux version (though there are news it may become available). My preference is Xamarin on my win7 machine. OR you could try adding wine to your linux and put one of IDEs for windows inside of that. There must be guides on how to do that, wine is pretty popular. And one last note : since you are just starting out coding, i suggest you stick with whatever IDE you choose, at least until you learn more. When i was starting i chose SharpDevelop and it helped me at first. After a while i ran into a problem that it did not support C# version 6 (some specific stuff) so i switched to Visual Studio Community Edition. Later i switched again to Xamarin Studio Community Edition and i'm happy with it for now.