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  1. I then stand corrected. Thanks for reply ! I was lucky (and spent lots of time on it) to find out why is my install so finicky
  2. UPDATE: i managed to make desired (minimal size) installation just for plugin development. First i used this to download required packages : vs_Community.exe --layout c:\vs2017offline --passive --wait --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.ManagedDesktop --add Microsoft.Net.Component.3.5.DeveloperTools --add Microsoft.Net.Component.4.7.1.TargetingPack --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.NuGet --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Roslyn.Compiler --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Roslyn.LanguageServices --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Static.Analysis.Tools --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Unity Above will load everything EXCEPT Unity3D package, i downloaded it separately. Command line will cause IDE to show so download progress will be visible. To install (similar command line) , run : PUSHD C:\vs2017offline vs_setup.exe --passive --norestart --wait --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.ManagedDesktop --add Microsoft.Net.Component.3.5.DeveloperTools --add Microsoft.Net.Component.4.7.1.TargetingPack --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.NuGet --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Roslyn.Compiler --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Roslyn.LanguageServices --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Static.Analysis.Tools --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Unity POPD Note that Unity3D package can be included entirely (shortening the "--add" packages command line) to just two entries. Also, above install command line supresses reboot, it may be needed to reboot after installing.
  3. Debugging update on Windows for : KSP 1.4.3 build 2152 Unity3D 2017.1.3p1 Visual Studio 2017 v15 Original Instructions are mostly OK except for : - debug version of Unity player needs to be named "Unity.exe" (see notes below) - mklink command now needs to be "mklink /J Unity_Data KSP_x64_Data" (case insensitive, see notes below) [NOTES] If debug player is not named "Unity.exe", unity addon will not recognize it and will present empty "Select Unity Instance" window, offering network debugging via "Input IP" option where it needs both IP address and PORT. For IP address its simple, if VS debugger and game are on same machine but, there will be problem with PORT since (at least in my case) debug player changes port with each game run. Debug player is looking for Data folder named as "NameOfEXE_Data". [/NOTES] Note also that because KSP 1.4.x now runs on new version of Unity3D, old debugger addons no longer work (at least in my case, your expirience may differ) for example Xamarin or older VS2015. ... and yes yes i know i necropost, but to me this is "official" thread about debugging, and this is where i first got a working debug. I felt it needed updating. Paging dr. @sarbian please as time permits to update OP. Thanks in advance !
  4. It's been quite a while (almost a year) since i last did some coding in KSP. To cut the story short : i tried searching and it didn't help. I guess my case is a little specific. When i start my VS 2017 Community and look at offered project templates, there is no "Class Library (.NET Framework)" i need to make a plugin. Note that my VS 2017 install is running purely from OFFLINE installer created using vs_community.exe as so : vs_community.exe --layout c:\vs2017offline --add [one.of.many.packages] Note that i used multiple --add command line arguments and that running the above does download packages. What i'm having issue with is that i can't guess which package(s) will cause IDE to show "Class Library (.NET Framework)" template. If i load old project (which i want to avoid using as "template") i can edit project preferences and i can see "class library" option. If i choose "blank project" template, project preferences are not available. Online/download from IDE is not an option since i want to save on network usage on any subsequent reinstalls, so i want a single download of all required packages and then actual install on target machine. Note also that due to KSP being switched to Unity 2017 and me needing to have debugging facilities (Tools for Unity VS2017 package) forced me to abandon VS2015 (which did not suffer from the above problem). References: Create and offline installation folder @ MS Visual Studio Community 2017 component directory @ MS, i used this in conjuction with UI for selecting workloads and then to figure out what packages i need (so far i did not see option to create local copy of packages from UI as i can with command line). Currently, i'm trying to download whatever is missing from VS installer UI, hoping to identify missing packages...
  5. Oh and one more thing ... I don't know if this was reported before : when pulling extremely heavy payloads, craft tends to go all wonky and Kraken messes it up. I made a "submarine" (to be precise a Bathysphere) that uses IW-50 winch attached to four USI floats and USI Otter impeller . Main lander can that houses a scientist and scientific instrumentation are linked below winch. Negative buoyancy is achieved using Jatwaa's MOIST!UWT mod (added intake and a fuel tank at very bottom). Problem is that UWT mod introduces CompressedLiquid resource which is VERY heavy and only a tiny amount is required. If not careful, one can easily add 100 tonnes in no time at all. Lowering the pod is not a problem, but as soon as i tried to raise it, Kraken messed up the platform and bugged the winch, freezing it at about 20m of cable length claiming it can't retract because of blockage. I started with a probe core and build from there. Build was kind of in reverse because the manned lander can is attached to winch. I did this since i needed to maintain view focus on the pod, not the platform. Anyway the pics
  6. I've created a new github issue for two more-less minor enhacements : 1. Adding "stop" action hroup for winches (haven;t found any in SPH/VAB) 2. Adding winch part with centered cable for vertically mass-aligned payloads
  7. Feature request (or separate plugin) : manually bind craft to particular contract ? If there is such feature or plugin please direct me to it. Quite often i have multiple long term DMOS missions and i guess trying to sort them is part of "mission management experience" so i also ask if this makes sense or not. Currently, i name my crafts with agency/body/instrumentation/orbit parameters and then manually match them against contract list in CapCom.
  8. fatcargo

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    And a side note for future reference : i just remembered the Sequencer for IR. It is ok as it is, but it got me wondering : would it be possible to create IR-driven compound part (basically a pre-built assembly) that contains Sequencer cfg ? Such part would be pre-programmed and built either by a part creator or player. Individual IR-parts would not be accessible in-game, only the whole assembly and only with predefined Sequencer input controls. This, combined with IR parts non-collision should allow for mechanically believable assemblies. Does any of this appeal (or even makes sense) to anyone ?
  9. fatcargo

    [1.3] Procedural Wings

    @jrodriguez Being the one to update B9 for 1.4.2 (big thanks !), i'm asking if this plugin supports anything with more complex geometry than planar surfaces like boxes, tubes or hollow spaces enclosed with multiple colliders ? The UI B9 Pwings offers is something i've never seen in any other plugin, so at least i'm willing to learn more about it before spending time making models.
  10. thanks for pointing out the direction helper, now if only "turn" indicator would get added too ... Though i have to stress that doing "global" control via KF toolbar icon (stock/blizzy/etc...) would be better. Activate, look at wheels, tweak, turn off. One button to run them all A side note : is there a modeling tut for KF wheels/tracks ? Something with vanilla models in fbx that i can import and and have a look at ?
  11. Feature request : Would it be possible to simulate direction and drive of KF wheels while still in SPH/VAB editor ? Some kind of "simulate" button that activates all wheels in editor (if not stowed, with slowed down drive rotation so player sees if direction is ok). Similar to Infernal Robotics Servo Control. That way player can see how wheels / tracks turn, so tweaking wheels does not become editor - flight - editor - flight-... testing we have now.
  12. Feature request : i usually setup my experiments to run at once from action groups. As per usual, window for collected ALL data pops up offering the usual options + DMOS xmit so i can list and act on all of them. So far so good. However, once this window is closed, i can only either transmit all science (which available battery storage may not allow for) or select each science part and select "review" option to send data specifically for that experiment. So in short : @DMagic , can you add option to open AGAIN this data review window that lists ALL experiments ? It could be available as part menu option on any of science parts. Aaand i just realized it could be a separate plugin.
  13. fatcargo

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Thanks for the useful info ! RE point 2 : i was thinking along the lines of having custom motion parts that do not require rewriting IR. That way alternate complex/unusual joint groups can be added.
  14. fatcargo

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    I wasn't sure to put my forward my ideas or not but here it goes ... 1. Concerning joints : it is possible to put multiple joints to a single part, let unity simulate them as per usual and where "outer" joints are the only ones with part's attachment nodes ? 2. To build on previous question : is it possible to make new IR have part configs that can let "aftermarket" users (such as @ZodiusInfuser ) write custom parts that have internally complex mechanics. Examples are helical motion drivers, spiral motion drivers, gearboxes (with one or multiple outputs). Math equations describing such motions may need to go into custom DLL modules (part.cfg may be insufficient) which is loaded by "master DLL" IR itself. 3. Would removing a joint (using Destroy() on it's component) make part connection between IR parts make them as rigid as any other "normal" part ? Would parts translated/rotated with that joint stay at those positions after destroying joint ? This would be presented as "fix" or "freeze" function to player. IR constructs would be unusable until player "reactivates" them but would be much more strong/rigid (even KJR may be notified about state of those parts and do it's magic on them, or not). I see this as the only way to have them as rigid as possible (i dabbled myself in C# trying to make simple robotic parts and noticed joints are the only way to go). This would make possible to have IR constructs not wobble too much during surface transports or launches.
  15. fatcargo

    [WIP] Unity Editor Plugin

    Thanks for the effort and a kind response ! I had kind of rushed my post and forgot to add personally most crucial question of all : will this bridge let me write code and re-test it without restarting KSP ? If the above works as i assumed, then the workflow would go like this : 1. run unity editor, load unity-side of bridge 2.run ksp, load ksp-side of bridge as plugin (in my case as PartModule) 3. connect bridge, unity sends sources into KSP plugin code to be executed. code in KSP runs 4. run Visual Studio (or other C# IDE), open project 5. edit sources, change code as needed (squash bugs, add new features etc.. ) 6. unity detects file changes in project and sends them over bridge into KSP to run again This whole thing would let me write code in IDE that is aware of KSP's API (added references to DLLs) and test it near-instantly in KSP. So... how much did i assumed wrong ? If this works, it would be next to best possible option of actually HAVING sources for KSP itself as unity project.