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  1. KSP Weekly: Women in space and more!

    Click, clique, click clique..
  2. KSP Weekly: Women in space and more!

    Will the Rovemate get it's orientation fixed? If some people like the current orientation then how about adding a toggle to all command pods, ESPECIALLY the Rovemate, to change orientation from the default 'up' to '90 deg'? Having to add another command pod to a rover just because it faces the wrong way is silly. Please don't move this post. It is 3.1 relevant. If you don't like it. Just delete it. I'll understand.
  3. Could We Terraform Mars???

    Humans are doing a really shoddy job of keeping the earth alive. What ever makes you think that humans could bring life to another world? That would be a "No."
  4. Started building a miner today. I found that I couldn't put 'Toggle Deploy Drill' on an action button as the option was missing. Only the start harvesting ground/asteroid resources options were available.
  5. I was advised to upgrade to mint 18 to sort out my lingoony problems. I did and the not-found file was able to be found. I launch mine right from the directory so If I get the 32 bit version, it means I opened the wrong file.
  6. KSP Weekly: Venerating the Venera

    I like that you like it.
  7. I didn't report it because I'm playing a modded game. Same bug. ANY vessel which doesn't explode without a fairing shouldn't explode with one. If it does it's bugged. I may think that your method of play is a bit daft because it is different to mine, BUT what I think of your method of play is not relevant. Bottom line is if it can be launched without one, it should be able to be launched with one.
  8. KSP Weekly: Venerating the Venera

    My probes leave a station. Land on the orbited body. collect science and then return to the station and dock. IRL we have no stations in orbit around The Moon. If we did, samples and measurements would be collected the same way.
  9. Exterior lighting. No 'Toggle Lights' Windows don't light up.
  10. No cabin or cockpit lights.
  11. KSP Weekly: Venerating the Venera

    New Mollyprop tanks for the DLC is all well and good, however you made a song and dance about needing probes and satellites for coms and unmanned missions and have produced no probe sized RCS parts. The smallest available parts are 5-10 times bigger, heavier and more powerful than they need to be.
  12. [1.3] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v0.6.3

    If you missed the pile of tripe I posted and then sneakily deleted out of shame, too bad. Normally I would be quite happy to let others learn from my mistakes and would leave the post untouched for all to point and laugh at, however as this could be actual proof that I'm losing it, it has to go. So to those of you who witnessed my blatant stupidity and failure, all I can say is, after a re-think and a few slaps to the face and body. I can confirm that my head is indeed a shed.
  13. The only sound I heard was a bunch of people expecting to hear a sonic boom from a landing and the sound of the engines.
  14. How do you do gravity assists?

    Often, while transferring to Jool, I use Tylo so that I can get a Jool orbit without burning at all. I used to use Jool's atmosphere to slow down but when it changed so that touching the atmosphere caused your ship to die, I had to find another way. Gravity assist works well for me.
  15. Ah I see.. You don't get it.