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  1. While one is in the VAB, time stands still I would like to see a snap-shot of the view as it currently would be when looking through the doors of the VAB. The time of day, Objects on or near the pad. Perhaps you entered the VAB just as a pod was making a splashdown and the parachutes would be visible in the sky. Frozen in time until you leave the VAB. Nehhhhver gonna happen. Still it would be a nice touch. As far as the broken pad is concerned.. you broke it.. you go out and click on it.
  2. Daveroski

    [1.4.4] GPOSpeedFuelPump continued v1.8.14

    Excellent. Thanks Allista
  3. Daveroski

    [1.4.4] GPOSpeedFuelPump continued v1.8.14

    I use your mod. It allows me to build much more complicated landers without the hassle of having to fill each tank individually when docking. Does it have any conflicts with Configurable Containers by @allista ?
  4. Daveroski

    Rover Developement

    If you use the AWSD key for controlling your rover, you will find that it will react in the same way a lightweight lander. Iw will want to lean in the direction that you press. In Setup you can set the keys for driving a rover to your numpad. I use 8 for forward 4 and 6 for left and right and 5 for reverse. By using these keys, SAS will not affect your rover other unless you specifically set it to do so. Using the Numpad keys and SAS for stability assist you should have a more comfortable ride.
  5. Daveroski

    gameplay lost

    OS Bashing time? No, I was thinking more Occam's Razor time. I have a Linux drive as my boot drive. Shmindows is on another drive that I can select at boot. KSP is in a Linux partition which I have set up just for Steam and Linux games. In this environment I don't even have printer drivers installed. I like that I can set up a partition for the software environment in use. It cuts down crashes tremendously and narrows the number of possibilities in errors should they occur. If you are going to use Linux, I suggest that you find and install the most popular variant as the largest user base suggests strongest support.
  6. Daveroski

    KSP player learning curve

    From your graph I see that you were learning rapidly at first but something happened to make you forgetful and you actually started losing knowledge at a great pace. Then recently you must have discovered time travel which in an of itself increased your knowledge of the subject immensely. You travelled back almost to the beginning forgetting stuff along the way. You obviously knew your weaknesses because as you started your education again back in the forward time stream you learned a lot and this must have made you go back in time again and cover parts you had missed. At last, thanks to a dodgy quantum capacitor and some cases where you clearly didn't know if you were coming or going, you ended up a genius. Well done! Can I borrow your machine? Only I have a bunch of betting slips that aren't any good because, silly me, I bought the wrong ones. I'd really like to rectify that mistake.
  7. Daveroski

    gameplay lost

    Couldn't help noticing this. Is it possible that he fault is with your Operating System set-up? Do you have any other programs running at the same time as KSP? Do you have screen savers or power-saving 'features' operating? Have you whitelisted KSP with your virus killer? (I would turn any virus killer off while playing KSP. Of course, I am not suggesting that you do the same.) Finally, fed up with windows and the windows version of Steam, I installed Linux and have never looked back. 64bit Played from the command prompt, if I so wish.
  8. Daveroski

    Bug, excessive drag, or what?

    One only has to hover over an avatar and one can see the noobs.
  9. Daveroski

    Bug, excessive drag, or what?

    What do I know.. must be a noob compared to you.
  10. Daveroski

    Have I reached the end?

    I've been thinking much the same for much the same reasons. I got the game in September of 2013. I played through Steam for a while but found it interfered with the game so I started going right to the EXE file. Got tired of only being able to play 32 bit so I installed Linux Just so I could play in 64 bit. It helped a lot. The memory leak took longer to crash the game and the game was generally smoother. I have landed and returned from everywhere. I have played with most of the mods. Most of which, like the game are buggy and need workarounds. Still.. must be well over 5000 hours... That's like 8 months in game? my goodness.. that's a long time... many people have had marriages that have lasted less time than that. I was about 3 months shy of the date for free DLC and I am not sure that I am up to buying it or if it would have made me feel more like playing had I got it. If I knew it would extend the life of the game for me enough then perhaps I'd talk my hands into my pockets. I keep looking in the 'What do you do in KSP Today' thread to see if anything inspires or teases me enough to have another bash at something but so far the well is dry. ahhhh ya never know.. the wind might change again yet.
  11. Daveroski

    Bug, excessive drag, or what?

    I suggest you try the same rocket but not start your gravity turn until it reaches 10000m
  12. Perhaps if you turned on the unbreakable switch in the cheat menu? I know that that would be a no-no for playing the game but just for the test? btw. got to admit... the explosion was cool. Took out the water tower too ... excellent... but not really of course.. not supposed to happen. but still.. BOOM! hehehe.
  13. Daveroski

    Best place to put a space station?

    Well Fin, How much in more fuel did it cost you to take the fuel to your 150K refueling station so that you could use it for refueling at the Mun? Perhaps you are right, trying to help others is becoming a bit tiresome. That was the basic precondition. The question being about the best altitude around Kerbin to have a station and why? It is cheaper to get there from the ground. It is cheaper to take fuel there than a higher orbit. So naturally Hohmann aside, it is cheaper to go from there than from a higher orbit. If you build your station at 160K as was suggested, it will be more expensive to get there from Kerbin, more expensive to send fuel from Kerbin and so by extension more expensive to go to the Mun. As far as I am concerned this banter has has already taken up more of my time than it is worth and the matter is now closed and as such I will not entertain any more silly arguments.
  14. Daveroski

    Thinking of switching to Linux.

    The point is, it shouldn't change your laptop in any way and so should be safe to run. It will let you know if your laptop and it's associated hardware is Linux Friendly or not.
  15. Daveroski

    Thinking of switching to Linux.

    I think if I were you, I download a version of linux like 'Tails' It is a very secure version of linux designed to run only from a USB Stick. All of it's storage is on the stick so it will not use your HD for storage for it's own personal use. Once you have a USB with 'Tails' on it you can use it on virtually any PC that will allow you to boot from a USB port. You will have to check your BIOS settings to make sure your lap-top has the ability. When you close down it will be all like, 'You never seen me.. right?' to your lap-top. Using and playing with a version like this will let you know if your hardware is 'Linux friendly' as some hardware from some manufacturers can be considered 'Linux Hostile unfriendly' and will not allow it to use their hardware. Assuming Tails works, then make sure you back up and can recover any data you will not want to lose in the event of HD corruption by it's current operating system. Tails will not install to your HD. It is only designed to be used from a USB stick. You will have to have a version of your preferred Linux to hand.