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  1. Daveroski

    [1.4.X] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    Yes but you still have to wait a couple of years for the 'DIY Kit' to arrive from home before you can star making it. That defeats the objective to me, I'd sooner just send the completed item from home than spend ages looking for resources, mining the resourced storing the resources only to have to wait a couple of years for this 'kit' to arrive.
  2. Daveroski

    [1.4.X] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    A pointless and ridiculous effort on the author's part. If someone wants to cheat all they have to do is use the cheat menu and give themselves more money or science. If someone goes through the effort of setting up a system to produce parts for resale, they at least have done some work to print them. Meanwhile those of us who play games about self sufficient colonies end up having unnecessary weights added. I enjoy setting up a complex but eventually self-sufficient base but now there are few options in the genre. MKS was fun but now I can set up a colony gather resources and then have to wait a few years for a package to arrive from Kerbin before I can build anything. Made a mistake in the build? Want to upgrade something? Wait another few years for another package from Kerbin. All the effort to gather resources and still having to wait for delivery... It's easier just to send the whole thing and not bother with the resources and complex base. However I want a base.. I want complexity... I just don't want the whole 'still depending on Kerbin' rubbish. And why? Because some donkey suggests that some people may get enjoyment out it in ways that weren't intended. Some of us were enjoying it the way it was intended but now it's become too silly to bother with.
  3. Daveroski

    [1.4.1] FTL Drive Continued

    First, I'm not sure I would want to produce the opposite effect - at least not without dinner and drinks. Second. As soon as I realised that the bug wasn't repeating I came right back and edited my post so that you wouldn't waste any time trying to find a fault I could no longer reliably reproduce. Third.. Not going there.. that would be discussing religion and that's against the rules.
  4. Daveroski

    [1.4.1] FTL Drive Continued

    Updated via CKAN. Latest release. So, I'm outside of Kerbins SOI. Planning to jump to my test beacon around the Mun. It's like.. Nahhh.. Gettifuh you bassa.. get some more warp drives! I pop back to KSP and then return to the ship and it seems to have had a memory wipe and it's like... Well... Helloooo Stranger! Hmmm mmmm! You can jump me right now! And can then jump to the test beacon. And of course once you report it... it goes away. Hasn't happened since.
  5. Daveroski

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Jeb Decided he wanted to try the BIG jet engine. So he did And It flew rather well. Got rotation at just over 40 mps. It got all the way up to Mach 1.8 before... The engine overheated and blew up. We suggested that he ditch it and wait for pick-up. But he said nahhhh. I'm bringing her home... We said he shouldn't show off and that he was just being silly. He said... "I still have a wheel" He bounced on the singe wheel for or five times and for a while he looked like he just might do it... Jeb's confidence is contagious. "Any landing you can walk away from..." he said as he climbed out of the hatch.
  6. Daveroski

    Jumping landing gear

    Not only had nobody fixed it I believe that no one has even tested it. 1.45 and my first aircraft is bouncing like an idiot at an idiot party. It needs fixing and needs it now. I don't know how you can let a game go out in this state. It is beyond reason. I am very, very disappointed in you guys.
  7. It has been around for ages even before 1.3 It tends to happen to me only on Interplanetary vessels. Switching to a more distant vessel or KSC and back often seems to reload the vessel correctly. I reported it in the bug tracker ages ago with pictures. Maybe the devs feel that as most players never go interplanetary it's a low priority or perhaps it is beyond their abilities to fix.
  8. Did you read my post? Standardise your flight profile - get repeatable results.
  9. When I have a new craft to test, the objective is getting it into orbit with as much fuel remaining as possible. This in and of itself can be a stumbling block. your craft should end up with as much fuel as needed to do the job it was designed for. If it doesn't need to go to the moon/Mun then it doesn't need the fuel to get there. The problem with extra fuel is it gives extra mass (fuel AND fuel tanks) and the extra mass needs extra fuel to get it to orbit and extra drag to slow it down on re-entry. Each craft has different mass and drag. A bunch of air-brakes as far back on the craft as possible will help to slow you down. your Angle of Attack can make a big difference to your glide profile. However if like me, you prefer to re-enter the same way each time regardless of the craft design then something has to change for each craft. Each craft therefore requires it's own re-entry point. The sweet spot where you first touch atmosphere. Usually after around three test-flights with a given craft, I can work out the best spot to re-enter. The first test over-shooting. The second too short. If I know where I re-entered on both of these re-entries then the third time is usually (but not always) the charm. Once I have the re-entry nailed. I don't change anything. EVER. I always circularise at 75k before starting my re-entry. I always re-enter at between 5-10 degree pitch without changing the Angle of Attack on the approach. Once I built a craft that needed almost a whole circumnavigation to land at KSP gracefully. Most of my craft now tend to start their decent towards the furthest edge of the deserts to the west. Some craft get much more in the way of testing. If it is a craft that I intend to use on a regular basis for transporting kerbals to and from orbit then I get to know the vehicle. I know just where to re-enter. The only place I want to slow down is right before touchdown with air-brakes. I have three lady pilots in rovers. One 10k west (270 deg from the runway) and one 5km West (270 degrees from the runway) Their job is to wave at pilots as they go past. to make sure that they are lined up for the runway. The third is close to the waters edge to the east of the runway. If all three are lined up on approach then I know I am lined up for the runway. Using this method, I will reiterate, I only ever have to change the point at which I re-enter. Nothing else. I am aware that few people have my patience and tenacity but I hope this helps.
  10. While one is in the VAB, time stands still I would like to see a snap-shot of the view as it currently would be when looking through the doors of the VAB. The time of day, Objects on or near the pad. Perhaps you entered the VAB just as a pod was making a splashdown and the parachutes would be visible in the sky. Frozen in time until you leave the VAB. Nehhhhver gonna happen. Still it would be a nice touch. As far as the broken pad is concerned.. you broke it.. you go out and click on it.
  11. Daveroski

    [1.4.5] GPOSpeedFuelPump continued v1.8.15

    Excellent. Thanks Allista
  12. Daveroski

    [1.4.5] GPOSpeedFuelPump continued v1.8.15

    I use your mod. It allows me to build much more complicated landers without the hassle of having to fill each tank individually when docking. Does it have any conflicts with Configurable Containers by @allista ?
  13. Daveroski

    Rover Developement

    If you use the AWSD key for controlling your rover, you will find that it will react in the same way a lightweight lander. Iw will want to lean in the direction that you press. In Setup you can set the keys for driving a rover to your numpad. I use 8 for forward 4 and 6 for left and right and 5 for reverse. By using these keys, SAS will not affect your rover other unless you specifically set it to do so. Using the Numpad keys and SAS for stability assist you should have a more comfortable ride.
  14. Daveroski

    gameplay lost

    OS Bashing time? No, I was thinking more Occam's Razor time. I have a Linux drive as my boot drive. Shmindows is on another drive that I can select at boot. KSP is in a Linux partition which I have set up just for Steam and Linux games. In this environment I don't even have printer drivers installed. I like that I can set up a partition for the software environment in use. It cuts down crashes tremendously and narrows the number of possibilities in errors should they occur. If you are going to use Linux, I suggest that you find and install the most popular variant as the largest user base suggests strongest support.
  15. Daveroski

    KSP player learning curve

    From your graph I see that you were learning rapidly at first but something happened to make you forgetful and you actually started losing knowledge at a great pace. Then recently you must have discovered time travel which in an of itself increased your knowledge of the subject immensely. You travelled back almost to the beginning forgetting stuff along the way. You obviously knew your weaknesses because as you started your education again back in the forward time stream you learned a lot and this must have made you go back in time again and cover parts you had missed. At last, thanks to a dodgy quantum capacitor and some cases where you clearly didn't know if you were coming or going, you ended up a genius. Well done! Can I borrow your machine? Only I have a bunch of betting slips that aren't any good because, silly me, I bought the wrong ones. I'd really like to rectify that mistake.