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  1. Over 5000 hours of KSP but I will not be buying the sequel. I play on linux. It uses the same engine. Which means that all the problems that couldn't be fixed because of the engine in the first program will have the similar unfixable issues in the second. "Not our fault.. it's Unity." Every time unity was upgraded. something on KSP was broken. The garbage collection was awful. There have been atmospheres and such for years in mod form. You could have added them to the original game. It seems you didn't because you wanted to tease with them in the sequel. And lastly, the sequel is being written by mod writers. I tried many of the mods provided by many of the mod writers on the team and most of the mods were broken or faulty in such a way as to render them a pain in the backside to use. I'm supposed to have faith that the game will work right out of the box? Got none. I supported Squad in Early access. Alas a couple of weeks too late to be appreciated for my support. While I won't wear a sandwich-board outside the station, warning others away, I won't be boarding the train either. D.
  2. I'd like to see the engineer's report have some useful information in it. Showing a value for torque would be good and would help in building asymmetrical rocket designs and VTOL style aircraft. But... if I was greedy, I would also like it to show at-a-glance stuff like electrical storage, max heat and cooling requirements. I'm not greedy though..so on with my wish-list I'd also quite like electric propellers for Duna, Eve, Lathe and the other place... Kerbin. Life support would be nice.. though something akin to TAC but with a better range of containers and closed loop possibilities. Greenhouses and such. I'd like to see all wheels and landing legs auto-strutted to grandparent instead of heaviest part. I'd like it if when I clicked on a planet's info tab that it would tell me when the next transfer windows are to all other bodies. I'd like for something like the RND mod to kick in after I have researched the last thing on the tech tree. I think that these things would extend my vanilla play time considerably. D.
  3. Never mind guys. If any of the older players I used to chat with were still in here reading this I may have gotten something like a decent conversation. Maybe about radiators quickly reaching maximum tolerance and having an animation where they melt down and break. Maybe about radiators and how engineers could repair them when they overheat and break down. But as I seem to be having this conversation alone, having to imagine other imaginative people chatting with me, it's just no fun at all. That no one seemed to be able to read (or perhaps understand) my original post and assumed I was having some kind of noob problem is sad. D.
  4. How about you try it and see for yourself? Only take you a few minutes. The vessel? Any vessel. Try a command pod, a container of ore, a few batteries, an ISRU and any extending radiator those are the ones that are supposed to be plumbed in to the core of any heat producing equipment. I have over 5000 hours in game. I have been everywhere and done pretty much everything. I don't need suggestions on how to use radiators. Why people always try to make it about something other that what was clearly stated I have no idea. All they have to do is read the original post. It was hardly a wall of text. It certainly wasn't too highbrow. I wanted a discussion about the problem not an argument about if there even is a problem. I am pointing out.. you know what?.. forget I said anything.
  5. So you think that both sizes of drill and both sizes of ISRU are more likely to be bugged than the core heat transfer routine used by the radiators. Ok.. I'll bite.. Why do you think that?
  6. No actually it doesn't. Specific items + specific use = specific result. I am not referring to how they react with solar heat removal nor am I speaking about how they cool any engine on board that gets hot. No. I am referring to something that can be demonstrated right outside the VAB or hangar. The core heat of the ISRU and drills. These items one would expect to be directly connected to the reflectors via pipework and coolant. One would expect the results to be faster and more visible than they are. The panels react so slowly to the core increase in temperature of the equipment. They do glow eventually but only after quite a long time. Try it yourself. Give an ISRU some work to do and give it far too little radiators. Watch how much the ISRU overheats before the Radiator has even gotten to anything like maxed out.
  7. I am not happy with the way that radiators work or rather not happy with the way radiators 'seem' to not be working properly. Example. If I have an ISRU and or some drills and some radiators. The equipment overheats before the radiators have reached anywhere near their potential cooling ability. So you are watching the radiators slowly creep past 16% cooling and the ISRU or drill is over max. While as a veteran player I am aware that a certain amount of radiators are required to cool certain equipment however it still feels wrong that the equipment is overheating and the radiators are not even at a fifth of their cooling efficiency. It would 'feel' more accurate if the radiators ran up to 100% and were glowing brightly before the equipment started overheating. It would at least 'seem' more obvious that more radiators were required if they were maxed out and the equipment was still overheating. The radiators are not keeping pace with the given equipment and it just feels wrong. D.
  8. They gave us all these worlds to go to but no means of deciding when to go. One either has to go straight to Kerbol orbit and then plot a course from there or use external means or a mod to get a launch window. Once other planets were included in the game transfer widow data should have been available. We even have an info screen on the various planets. When I look at the info on a planet, I should be able to see the next transfer window. D.
  9. I notice that people only seem to ask for realism which will make the game more difficult or to some of us just more of a grind. I rarely see these same people asking for the realism that would make the game easier. Such as automated docking. It's real but that might make the game less grindy (or more playable for people who can't dock) so they never ask for that. Automated landing. It's real and has been done several times. But again, that would make the game easier (or even possible for those people who have difficulty landing) so they would never ask for that. Automated engine burns. Oh come on! it's been with us since the 60's. Any chance this real thing will get into the game? Not a snowball's. Closed loop life support. Possible on Mars or anywhere that water is available in reasonable quantities. If we get life support added to the game, do you think it will have any possibility of being closed loop? Not a chance. Has to be a grind or it's no fun. By all means ask for things that will make the game harder or provide more challenge. At least add a sprinkle of the other pet conversation in here.. Balance. D.
  10. Two... "when I nod my head son, you hit it."
  11. I saw the 1.5m Spaceplanes here and thought why not? This one flies really well. More controllable than I expected. Then I thought why not make the front end a lander capable of landing on the Mun, returning back to Mun orbit and reacquiring the craft. The lander itself has over 2000 dv so ... nailed it. D.
  12. Indeed.. or perhaps one where the nozzles aren't nearly touching each-other on a 0.625 dockable probe. We have around half a dozen probe cores but no probe RCS system. They even look far too big when used on the 1.5m pod Even the place-anywheres are designed for the 2.5m system. While I am very appreciative of your efforts, there are many obvious holes which could use work. D.
  13. I often use it to attach 5 engines with just one part. D.
  14. Put a narrow band scanner on a rover and head for the mountains. The display does not change from biome to biome. It gives an average for the biome one is in. The average it gives is incorrect when compared to the surface scanner average. I seem to remember it changing from moment to moment depending on the concentration of ore under the vehicle. D.
  15. Today I have been working on my new Mimnus miner. It will carry just an engineer and uses fly-by-wire. It has an RTG so that it only has to use the solar panels while drilling. It's fuel costs around 300 ore round trip. It carries 1500 ore. The RTG and the Fly-By-Wire can make a ship unbalanced but I have managed to get the torque down to virtually nil. I'm playing in stock (vanilla) so I had to turn gravity off and set up the weight with micro-thrusting and eye. The two small drills are not as efficient as the larger drill in terms of speed but in terms of weight carried to and from orbit they are ideal. It takes about a Kerbin day to fill the tank with my three star engineer. Better than I suspect real life would be RCS is balanced both empty and full. Showing RTG placement. Showing Fly-by-wire placement. The basic design should work on any of the low G worlds with only minor changes. D.