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  1. That you have to wonder that proves you didn't get the point. Bored now. not talking to you any more. D.
  2. Are you actually trying to argue my point? Not difficult for who? You? Me? Someone just getting ready to leave Kerbin SOI for the first time? You did get the point. Didn't you? [snip] D.
  3. One thing that the game will not tell you is when to leave for another planet. They designed all of these worlds and the ability to make vehicles to visit them all but neglected to give the player a transfer window for any of them. They left it to the player to do it the hard way. Build a ship add the crew, blast into Kerbol (the Sun) orbit and then wait maybe a year or so for a burn to even begin your journey. Either that or you must use an external reference source or a mod to get the windows. I think that the devs never got out of Kerbin's SOI while testing and so it didn't even occu
  4. I just did a test for you. The method is sound. The variable is the couple of taps eastward at the start. I made a 3.5m single hull with nothing but a nose cone, Large probe core, Large Reaction Wheel (2.5) Large battery (A circle of little solar panels around the Reaction wheel Couldn't help myself.) Two large 3.5 stock tanks. (Told the bottom tank to drain first) and the Big 3.5 Thrusters on the bottom. No Wings, tail fins or any other gubbins. But with this big lad, a couple of taps still takes it almost vertical all the way. So not enough taps methinks. So I turned
  5. I just took her up again manually. She flies herself. https://imgur.com/gYLecFA At launch tap east a couple of times just to move prograde in the right direction. At 150mps set SAS to prograde. Activate staging as required. Wait until Pe is over 70K Done. And look at how much fuel remains. D.
  6. Seriously? 10 deg flight through atmosphere? My ghast is flabbered. Very flabbered indeed. Shear pushing the nose down. It made me feel that so much of the energy was wasted fighting the atmosphere. With such a low ISP in atmosphere making it drain fuel faster and over a longer period of time. When I tried it at around 5 deg I ran out of fuel at around 23K. I felt that the atmosphere didn't provide any lift, indeed quite the opposite with the nose below prograde. Having the nose even 1 degree below prograde starts to produce drag because of shear. The air speed o
  7. Ah No... 71km.. I never go to orbit at less than 100km unless I am doing a launch-to-intercept. I took Little Squawk to 100km. I said so in my post, except that I missed a 'k' so it looked like a hundred meters. I can't understand the obsession with people wanting to put things on the edge of Kerbin's atmosphere. It means battling atmosphere ALL the way to Ap. Those little thruters are designed for vacuum so it makes sense to me to get them where they need to be as soon as possible. The higher Ap gives time to burn to bring the Pe up to get the orbit. You don't need a video and I
  8. I have found that sometimes it will and sometimes it won't allow me to transfer fuel. When it doesn't I have to close the transfer windows and try again, sometimes starting with the other tank. Usually after a few frustrating attempts it goes ahead and starts the transfer. D.
  9. True, but if pioneers like myself don't take the lead and try it, it will never get fixed. I just tested a stock version using the mk16 chute and a stock heat shield. My experiments all made it safely back down. That test was from further than Mimnus. It was from the very edge of Kerbin Space and It came in with a Pe of only 30K. Nothing took heat other than the shield and it used around 20 ablator I am testing for an Eve flyby. Don't stop, just fly by and grab the data and come right home again. It will need to take the heat of atmospheric braking. I think the craft I se
  10. I can't honestly speak for the stock version of the heat shield. I have never had the need for one until I started using your mod. I was comparing it with the experience I have had with the 1.25 stock heat shield. Just because something is 'stock' doesn't mean it works as it should. If yours works but stock's doesn't then hurrah! for you The problem may not even be down to the heat shield. It may be a fault with the parachute. I figure that either the heat shield is transferring heat to a connected item, which it shouldn't do unless it is out of ablator or the in-line-par
  11. Thinking of using this mod again. Hasn't been a post here since June. CKAN lists it as incompatible with 1.10. Anyone having any problems with this mod on KSP 1.10?
  12. The Goliath barely lost any ablator during Atmo braking at 40k from Mimnus. It also failed to protect the Walking Leaf mounted behind it which was destroyed by over heating. I had to reload a save, and then return at 50K. The Walking Leaf got overheated but managed to survive, after 4 times through the atmosphere during which time only a couple of units of ablator were used I managed to recover the craft. I expected 40K atmospheric entry from Mimnus orbit to be easily survivable. I expected to use a whole lot of ablator in the process. Heat is being transfered to the item
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/drprgkoalkmn532/quicksave %235.loadmeta?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nfw11p2gtcp0er/quicksave %235.sfs?dl=0 Done. It's on the Lauchpad. D.
  14. Oh.. BTW.. I can't seem to get Launch to Rendezvous to work at all. It goes through a few days of trying to find the best window, warps to the time, launches and immediately turns groundward and spreads itself liberally over the ground D.
  15. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p5vye6rvb0ib16/Rescue Casket 2M.craft?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/w9tflgdjdjzoowm/Little Squawk.loadmeta?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5o507z0u75sbiu/Little Squawk.craft?dl=0 Got Access now? D.
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