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  1. They gave us all these worlds to go to but no means of deciding when to go. One either has to go straight to Kerbol orbit and then plot a course from there or use external means or a mod to get a launch window. Once other planets were included in the game transfer widow data should have been available. We even have an info screen on the various planets. When I look at the info on a planet, I should be able to see the next transfer window. D.
  2. Daveroski

    Make RTG units have halflife

    I notice that people only seem to ask for realism which will make the game more difficult or to some of us just more of a grind. I rarely see these same people asking for the realism that would make the game easier. Such as automated docking. It's real but that might make the game less grindy (or more playable for people who can't dock) so they never ask for that. Automated landing. It's real and has been done several times. But again, that would make the game easier (or even possible for those people who have difficulty landing) so they would never ask for that. Automated engine burns. Oh come on! it's been with us since the 60's. Any chance this real thing will get into the game? Not a snowball's. Closed loop life support. Possible on Mars or anywhere that water is available in reasonable quantities. If we get life support added to the game, do you think it will have any possibility of being closed loop? Not a chance. Has to be a grind or it's no fun. By all means ask for things that will make the game harder or provide more challenge. At least add a sprinkle of the other pet conversation in here.. Balance. D.
  3. Daveroski

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Two... "when I nod my head son, you hit it."
  4. Daveroski

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I saw the 1.5m Spaceplanes here and thought why not? This one flies really well. More controllable than I expected. Then I thought why not make the front end a lander capable of landing on the Mun, returning back to Mun orbit and reacquiring the craft. The lander itself has over 2000 dv so ... nailed it. D.
  5. Indeed.. or perhaps one where the nozzles aren't nearly touching each-other on a 0.625 dockable probe. We have around half a dozen probe cores but no probe RCS system. They even look far too big when used on the 1.5m pod Even the place-anywheres are designed for the 2.5m system. While I am very appreciative of your efforts, there are many obvious holes which could use work. D.
  6. I often use it to attach 5 engines with just one part. D.
  7. Put a narrow band scanner on a rover and head for the mountains. The display does not change from biome to biome. It gives an average for the biome one is in. The average it gives is incorrect when compared to the surface scanner average. I seem to remember it changing from moment to moment depending on the concentration of ore under the vehicle. D.
  8. Daveroski

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I have been working on my new Mimnus miner. It will carry just an engineer and uses fly-by-wire. It has an RTG so that it only has to use the solar panels while drilling. It's fuel costs around 300 ore round trip. It carries 1500 ore. The RTG and the Fly-By-Wire can make a ship unbalanced but I have managed to get the torque down to virtually nil. I'm playing in stock (vanilla) so I had to turn gravity off and set up the weight with micro-thrusting and eye. The two small drills are not as efficient as the larger drill in terms of speed but in terms of weight carried to and from orbit they are ideal. It takes about a Kerbin day to fill the tank with my three star engineer. Better than I suspect real life would be RCS is balanced both empty and full. Showing RTG placement. Showing Fly-by-wire placement. The basic design should work on any of the low G worlds with only minor changes. D.
  9. Daveroski

    What are some useful parts you don't use enough?

    Sets it to root? please read my post again and then perhaps you will say something that I can reply to in the spirit of conversation. I already know that autostrutting everything to root is bad because the root changes for parts when ships dock. The new root can be a long way from some parts and can cause problems.
  10. Daveroski

    What are some useful parts you don't use enough?

    I use Grandparent AS on a docking port all the time. So far I have experienced no problems. Please enlighten me. What is this trouble that I am asking for but apparently not receiving? D.
  11. I have linux mint too. But I don't have MH so sorry, can't help you.
  12. Daveroski

    Stock SSTO Orbital Docking

    It's all experimental right now but here's the idea. Have a science vessel SSTO which can be used for Interplanetary transport of people and equipment. The equipment should be almost anything between two large docking ports. In this case I have designed a mining module which I launched on a rocket into a parking orbit. Now my SV-SSTO (Science Vessel) is going to try it out. First separate the command module. Dock onto the Mining module Then re-acquire the drive/science section It's a tight squeeze. I think I will call this particular experiment a success. Fits like a glove. (although it should fit like a mining module) I hope you like it. D.
  13. Nothing for me, or you apparently. I and probably many others nailed landing on our first attempt. As I mentioned earlier, I and probably many others can land from orbit onto an upturned docking port on a base on the ground. Some of us have even done it on Tylo. The largest proportion of KSP owners have never even been out of the Kerbin System. This is NOT about what I can do or you can do. There are still a greater number of players who try several times (Using F9) and still are unable to achieve it. Most of those never even make it into these forums. By making it possible for others there would be more players, more people in these forums where I dare say that some of those who can't would be lorded over by some of those who can. Some of us have better control over our bodies than others. I can belch and fart at will, does that mean that there is something wrong with those who can't? No. It certainly does not. The reason that landing is harder is that in real time is that it is time limited and there is little room for error. Get it right or they die. With docking one has all the time in the world. Once one has learned that a pssssst in one direction requires and equal pssssst in the opposite direction to cancel out the first pssssst. Docking becomes much easier. Docking can take as long as you need it to. With intercepts, if you miss and go sailing past, no one has to die. It's recoverable. There is a chance one could get it wrong and go sailing into the atmosphere without enough fuel for a safety net. There is a chance that you aim on intercept could be such that one ends up ramming the target. While I agree that having the pilot be able to perform node executions would make things easier for us, that is only because for us it's routine and for some of us a bit boring. But it wouldn't be as big a help to a noob without our 3D spacial awareness and motor skills as having the pilot be able to perform a basic landing at (or close to) a target location. It's all about getting bums on seats. D.
  14. Daveroski

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I designed an SSTO miner. I deliberately avoided using Mk2 Parts. Bill,Bob and Jeb took it for a test flight to Mimnus. As bill was needed at Duna Station and the pilot there needed rotating. They all went off to Duna, Jeb changed places with the pilot and Bill went with him. The pilot and Bob returned back to Kerbin. This is the craft just as it was leaving for Mimnus. More pics on request. D.
  15. Daveroski

    SSTO Help

    I could have used less wing. It is possible to launch a rocket from the runway if you can get it's nose up. Getting the payload to orbit is the easy bit. Getting the craft to respond well to re-entry and then landing on the runway, that is in my humble opinion, more difficult.