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  1. TLDR: GOTO The Short Answer Below The art of "Getting Good" is fast becoming a lost art. Our imagination is a huge part of the thinking process. Your main tool at getting good is an imagination. Unfortunately, the very technology people want to "Get Good" with is the same technology robbing them of the art. The death of the imagination started when calculators in school became part of the thinking process. One is no longer taught to visualise two apples magically vanishing from a row of five to leave three remaining apples. Now one simply presses 4 buttons to get the answ
  2. Does your lander have ore containers in symmetry around the outside? D.
  3. Different strokes for different folks. I have a refinery in low orbit. I descend, mine the ore and take the ore back up to the refinery. With a level 3 or higher engineer at the refinery (or in the miner doubling up as engineer for the refinery) it proves to be quite efficient and cost effective. I can even use a tiny awful drill to mine the ore (takes a while) then I don't have the expense of lugging large drills and converters up and down even the weight saved on cooling and power is all fuel. Then even a level 2 engineer is cost effective. D.
  4. Keeps losing enhanced scanning ability on flat ground just around the KSC. I'd expect it to lose enhanced if the rover leaves the ground. It does. But if I zoom out with the scanner so that just the range of the scanner can fit in the window and drive around a little, every so often it loses enhanced ability and the zoom resets to default. I have to then set the zoom again. It happens too often to get any joy. ALSO: There is a question mark on the scanner in the KSC boundary. I can drive over it with the rovemate but it has no clue what it is. Having the largest RO
  5. When I give a part a name using the controler I would like to be able to right click a model part and see a reference to that name on the gizmo. Then I would be able to see just by right clicking a part weather I have programmed it or not. D.
  6. This is nonsense. I always turn off rotation on RCS thrusters in space and only use gyros. The only time I use RCS for directional control is when I am re-entering with a spaceplane to keep the nose pointing in the right direction while airbraking. Switching when speed in a given direction becomes zero or even minus is one thing. Switching just because your speed falls below a positive number is unhelpful at best. I always felt it smarter to switch to Radial-Out just before touch down then I can gently settle onto a steep slope without sliding down a hill. Whic
  7. I just said that. If I can see them on my nav ball I should be able to select them with SAS. Now that we have established the question how about some answers for the reasoning behind it?
  8. While I am here... At low speeds prograde and retrograde become unselectable when using the SAS in Target mode. I can still aim for either manually but not with SAS. Was this lack of function by design? If so what was the silly idea behind it? D.
  9. This setup uses the old port and seems to work as expected. However with the new port... It does not. If I try to translate forward, there is no reaction from the ports at all. If I translate backward They will all fire. If I translate Left or right... I had an Apollo style mission to The Mun which would have been a disaster had I not been experienced enough to dock using just the ships engines. Needs Fixing. D.
  10. Eva? a game? film? My memory is full of suckiness nowadays. Should I know this? D.
  11. I made an unmanned data gathering trip to Mimnus. The idea was to make a Drop-Pod that I could allow to fly all the way from Mimnus and back to Kerbin and just splash into the atmosphere rather than orbit first. See the full documented mission report here Hope you like it. D.
  12. I tend to play vanilla mostly. My current game has no Mods. It does have the two expansion packs and I decided to test the Hinges on this mission too. I used them as landing struts and as extenders to push out parts in an unnecessary manner. The plan is to land a craft on Mimnus Get my data and complete the Explore Mimnus contract. At the same time I will leave a relay station on the surface. My target will be one of the poles of Mimnus with the idea that it will be in constant communication with Kerbin. This is the craft that will make the trip. N
  13. A friend bought me the expansions, I should have said "No Thanks." I was going to come here and rant about how mod makers writing expansions was a bad idea. That they would, like all their mods, either not work properly or break the game. Some of the bugs I took in my stride. The latest one is a step too far. I built a ship carrying 3 com sats end to end and sent it to the Mun. Put it in a Hi-Lo polar orbit and selected a small decoupler and told it to decouple the first sat. But it was broken. If I warped after the decouple the front sat simply vanished. An error in the Console sa
  14. The effect is caused by wind shear. KSP doesn't have wind! I hear you cry! If a completely symmetrical craft isn't pointing exactly prograde then drag caused by the wind hitting the side closest to prograde is the result. The higher the airspeed the greater the shear, the greater the effect. The fins on the first craft produced more drag on the prograde side than the retrograde side which helped to 'steer' it toward prograde. Very close to prograde the difference may be small. It depends on how much surface area is exposed to the shear effect. Stray too far from prograd
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