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  1. For a project that's being made from the ground up, completely independent of KSP-1, "new game" is a fitting label.
  2. But you don't have to be a cooking enthusiast to make that distinction.
  3. Hi. I'd like to complain about the parts selection menu. I've been playing this game for a long time now, yet i can't get over how counter-intuitive that menu is. That problem has been further emphasized with the games growth. Firstly, the order makes no sense whatsoever. In older versions you had a kind of color-coding going on, and that helped a bit: By the texture styles, you could instantly recognize which part is of which diameter. Now the current menu. Let's say i'm selecting a rocket tank: The order makes no sense, and there's little to suggest the part's diameter. I need to go through each tank until i find the correct one. Previously, the challenge was to design your rocket, and navigate outer space. Nowadays, navigating the parts menu is a challenge and a mini-game in itself! The problem would disappear if for example, the tank selection, looked like this: p.s. i know about the part categories/filters. Maybe i'm just being thick, but all they do is make it difficult in a different way.
  4. i am, therefore i think. How do dragonflies survive, if there aren't any dragons to eat?
  5. Because of your Egyptian heritage. Writing in hieroglyphs is in your genes. Why is it allowed to buy pants only in pairs?
  6. KSP 2 is presented as having higher performance, allowing higher part-count (in the thousands) vessels, and more in-depth modding capability. A mobile game would go the exact opposite way from those things, in which case it must be asked, "why is KSP 2 even being developed, again?"
  7. gif profile picture?

    1. Overfloater


      what about it? :blink:

    2. Aperture Science

      Aperture Science

      how? thought those were only for staff

    3. Overfloater


      i don't think so. I (and others) had a gif since i joined.

  8. Banned for unreasonable expectations.
  9. i hope the spam filters aren't giving you too much trouble, Dbot979.