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  1. Spiders.
  2. hydraulic
  3. Granted! But a nuclear holocaust takes place, and all that's left is just you and a bunch of cockroaches. I wish cockroaches had the survivability of a dodo.
  4. Granted! The mosquito shift is over, so cockroaches assume the next shift. i wish tuna was the only food product.
  5. Granted. I eat the live rodent sandwich. But it was the last food product available, so you starve to death. I wish that cheese was the only available type of food product in the world.
  6. The
  7. ^^^ That is some strong hallucinogen, even affects the camera!
  8. Yes, that's why you should've ordered a mod-free soup, like i recommended. Waiter! there are rabbit droppings in my soup, and they taste like raisins!
  9. i noticed an earthly eclipse on the moon right now, but forgot the proper name for it.
  10. Banned for planes, and for not having an L in your username.
  11. Yes. The user below me used to be a potato in a previous incarnation.
  12. Sea horses are marine mammals in a far future. As the name suggests, their ancestors were land horses.
  13. , so
  14. Granted! You're now short, green, and have a big cylinder shaped head. You were conscripted for a Mun mission, with a return capsule not equipped with a heatshield. i wish for the historical pack to be awesome, and released during my lifetime.
  15. Yes. The user below me speaks fluent Human.