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  1. i'd gladly keep playing my 0.23.5, but it doesn't run the new DLC.
  2. @Kebab Kerman here it is https://www3.amherst.edu/~gsgreenstein/progs/animations/spiral_galaxy/
  3. My apologies! i sometimes mix up lemons and LEMs. Waiter! Do you have some teen spirit?
  4. This one ↑↑↑ is the only one i ever "found", immediately after i got the game. But thought this was just some weird pixel sticking out of the ground, so i ignored it.
  5. i flew to the Mun in a very original manner. and later flew to the Eeloo
  6. , something remarkable happened:
  7. Overfloater


    Black knight to H6.
  8. Life insurance is only needed for those who aren't immortal.
  9. The DLC rover wheels are retractable! i wish i knew that sooner than halfway through a mission.