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  1. If this is the case, not checked myself yet, then maybe there needs to be some functionality for when vessel changing occurs? Like removing all temp joints on vessel change? The only other thing I can think of would be to maybe make the KJR joints permanent for the vessel config until the scene changes?
  2. Yes I have other mods installed, and just checked and yes EVS is installed. Is this a known conflict or EVS problem?
  3. It's related to the KJRAutoStrutHelper "part". As soon as that fires it seems to kill the affected vessel and all its crew!
  4. There weren't any parts with that name in my save, just loads of Missing astronauts!! Hope you can what and where this bug is hiding!
  5. I'm getting this too, when I switch to vehicles that have decoupled, the game kills the vehicle because "KJRAutoStrutHelper" is missing. I've lost 2 space stations so far, just going to head off into the gamesave to see if I can try to salvage them
  6. Hey @Ezriilc The http error is only on the file download - IIRC (It was a few hours ago when I tried) 429: Too many requests - the site's fine, just whichever download I chose seemed to be getting a lot of hits? On a separate note, I will recompile for 1.4.1 at some point in the next few days, I'm just hunting down a bug that may or may not be HyperEdit related!
  7. Hi @Jirokoh I'm curious why you're still running 1.2.2? Other than trying an earlier version of HyperEdit I can't really offer a solution as we're now on KSP version 1.4.1 and I know some things have changed since the version you're choosing to use. Have you tried using the mods in their relevant latest KSP builds?
  8. When you say fine-tune, I assume you mean using the I,J,K,L keys whilst the vessel is being lowered to the surface? I'm still ironing out the bugs with fine-tuning as it doesn't seem to behave consistently across all landing bodies. (FWIW, this has always been somewhat of a beta plugin given the time and space bending it does!!) Cheers
  9. Hi @Daniel0102 and welcome to the forums! Are you using the latest beta version of HyperEdit? It should work as intended if so. Otherwise we'll need some more info to debug this. Cheers
  10. So, good news, thanks to @linuxgurugamer's excellent video I can now recreate this error. Bad news, the jury's still out on how to solve it. I haven't tried to find a cut-off point (yet!) but when I tried a higher value (as in greater than the body's high space altitude) this behaviour doesn't seem to happen? Either that or it's not really noticeable due to the altitude and planet surface not being as detailed. I will continue to try and find a solution other than saying "don't teleport to an orbit with x altitude"
  11. Cheers for this, @linuxgurugamer A video works wonders for these kinds of bugs I'll have another look for possibilities as to why or how this is happening. EDIT: And commentary too, nice. (Where is your accent from? btw) Cheers again
  12. Hi @alexilahio Welcome to the forums If you can build it in the VAB or SPH then you can use HyperEdit to move it elsewhere! (Everything's a vessel when all's said and done!) When I'm building bases I do it in the SPH as it's more conducive for building flat structures (Space Stations are better planned in the VAB). You might want to grab this plugin too as it extends the buildable area of your vessels (so you can create massive things so long as your machine can keep up with the Part Count!). So, a quick tutorial is what you were hoping for? Build your base, making sure you include everything you need and some kerbals, and probably some way of communicating with the KSC!). Launch, so that you're out in the game. Open up HyperEdit, go to the Orbits panel and it should be set to the Active Vessel and the body should say Kerbin. Apply the orbit. Decide where you want to put your base, then change the orbit body to that planet. Quick-Save for safety/convenience reasons! Open up the ship lander panel and make sure the selected body is set to the planet you're orbiting. Stick in the Lat/Lon coordinates - it will probably take a bit of guessing (I always try to make sure it's somewhere on the planet that is getting sunlight for the solar panels) Now for the tricky part, the Alt(itude). For most vessels this can be anything below 100 but with bases you need to be careful that you don't end up clipping the surface as I'm still working out the kinks of orientating vessels the right way up. (This is where the Quick-Save/Load can be your friend!!) Click the Land button and with any luck your vessel is near the surface (not under it!) and you have enough space to rotate it so that it ends up landing the right way up! If you're happy with your landing spot you can click the save button to save the lat/lon/alt for your base in case you need to get more stuff there! Profit! Hopefully that gives you an idea of what to do? Cheers
  13. Hi NovellonEntInc (Bit of a mouthful to spell and say!!) If your craft has any resources, then something should show up (monoprop, electric, ablator, fuel, etc). It doesn't appear everywhere as it's only designed to work in certain screens. Though if you've noticed some inconsistencies, that could be interesting! I can have a look at this, though I never use the Planet Editor and was under the impression it worked as intended. Though if you seriously want to manipulate the celestial bodies, you should maybe have a look at Kopernicus- as this does seem to be the standard way within the community! Cheers
  14. I occasionally get permission problems in Windows 10 and it's usually folders that somehow forget it's my machine!! (And yes, it's a long-shot but worth a check so we can rule it out)