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  1. Why does anyone start on career, with its added complications of strategies, contracts, reputation, costs, recruting, deaths, deadlines? Start with sandbox and get to know how things work or, if you need a more directed 'game' start with science.
  2. @Laie has completely covered it for every rocket you will ever build, not just asparagus. Except that it's all a bit more complicated for a launch vehicle (everything is). i) Only your first stage will use sea-level ISP and thrust so if you're trying to be completely accurate ... have fun, no one else is. ii) Drag, especially with very wide designs (more than one tier around the core), iii) Steering losses on gravity turn But there are slightly easier ways ... Just build it and believe what KSP tells you in the VAB Use KER/MJ and believe their estimates Make-up a 'dV to orbit' figure, launch your design and add the remaining dV in orbit to the number you first thought of
  3. As a general rule build three rockets, not one: launch vehicle, transfer vehicle, mission vehicle/lander (then join them together) Removing monopropellant from command pods can save a significant amount of mass Eating all the snacks doesn't
  4. Which save? Peter Pan? Day 0 - lots of saved vehicles, test flights Career? Day 116 - meh, you need to look at the contracts/tech tree sometimes Net? Year 2 - 74 flights in progress Contest? Year 64 - a christmas challenge a couple of years ago took until year 45 and I've sort of been accelerating time from there ... (nothing very special, really) Stack? Year 124 - 270 flights in progress. I haven't looked at it for a while, it makes my head hurt
  5. Yeah, I like that too. There are many games that let you specify per-save mods, although different versions of KSP itself might be tough to do. I'd particularly like it if I could at least load ships with missing/invalid parts so that I can edit them, instead of having to start from scratch. On the other hand, I can see that this is both hard to do and adds hard to justify - you don't get new sales from backwards compatibility.
  6. To take it to the extreme - once you can dock you only ever need one fully-equipped science module. After launching it, position it as required with tugs/landers, extract and return the science separately, clean, refuel, reposition and reuse the module.
  7. That's just too important not to follow-up :-) Say, Kerbart, how do you get to Carnegie Hall?
  8. Staging can be locked and unlocked and, more recently, the staging stack can be hidden. That aside, it sounds like you're having a whole lot of issues so good luck!
  9. As soon as you have FL-T200 fuel tank you have everything you need to go to Mun. Do you have any more specific problem with that?
  10. MJ has much more convenient custom windows if it's an info-display you're after but I'd think they'd all be too hard to see across a classroom. There's no mods I'd use just for a KSP demonstration, although is KSP Education edition still going?
  11. But no idea how long it will take, apparently. What exactly is the point of this discussion? I think that doubling or tripling the development schedule, a few months after announcing a very short timescale, shows a lack of competence. Again, so what? It's my admitted corporate-BS cynicism and if you disagree that's fine too; I wish I had your reasons to be more optimistic.
  12. Do you see or hear anyone playing this "game play"? Does it cut between wildly different scenes? Does it (eg; 1.10 - 1.20) have non-standard camera-movement that would be easy to arrange if you were setting it up as an animation but rather harder - especially as pre-alpha - for someone actually playing the game? How can you say it is 'actual game play'? No doubt some of it is clips from when the devs were testing but it's pretty meaningless. We already know KSP 1 exists.
  13. No mention of mods yet? Docking Port Alignment Indicator - Navyfish's classic Navball Docking Alignment Indicator - the minimalist variant I prefer Mechjeb - display the metrics you're asking about, all the way to the docking autopilot if you want it to (uses a lot of monoprop). Launch is a thunderous demonstration of raw power but docking is the silent, graceful, ballet of space perfection. It takes most of us a lot of practice to really 'get it' but when you do docking can be very satisfying, almost therapeutic.
  14. Courtesy limousine transfers are provided to all our most discerning clients. These operate between your exclusive luxury resort and all major spaceports as transfer windows permit. Please contact your concierge to arrange a transfer for you.
  15. Yes I have, so what? It's a pre-recorded and rendered animation that has been extensively edited before over-excited 'games journalists' were allowed to say it was 'game play'.