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  1. Fair enough, I'll remember not to take any contracts in Sweden. As it happens the code I wrote in that session was very solid, simply because it had been written cohesively, in a single seamless chunk and without being pulled around or apart by several cuts. I've always found it's the pieces that have been gone-over several times, by different coders at widely different times that are most messed up.
  2. Indonesian bosses must be very silly then, as I said. Generally companies that like achievement and profit don't fire people who do 30 days work in 3 days, at home, in their own time.
  3. Sleep is over-rated ^^. Seriously, anyone should be able to go without a night's sleep without too much trouble. Going without for two is harder but it depends on what you're doing. One weekend I was on a roll and did a month's work* at home, emailed it in on Monday morning with test instructions and told them I was finally going to bed and would probably wake-up on Wednesday, be in the office Thursday. (Predictably, several people objected to me not coming in for 3 days. Equally predictably, they looked silly). When I did the 72-hour KSP sessions I was writing a book about it and wanted to get to specific points before going to bed. (*writing some database system. Not exactly exciting but inspiration struck, everything was fitting together nicely, it was good, interesting, elegant, fast and not something I wanted to lose by going to sleep).
  4. Pecan

    Mun 180

    Waiting half the orbital period would have done it.
  5. Right-click them and spend a lot of money, IIRC.
  6. AMD Athlon 64 - based system, originally with Vista and updated to 7 soon after it was released. It has never been one of the prime machines, which is why it's survived almost unchanged for so long and is still going. Just checked its maintenance record - bought 2007 it got 7 in 2011 and a new graphics card (nVidia 610, £50) in 2014. Hmmm, it's otherwise the oldest machine here still in use.
  7. SCANSat maps will create a separate contour map. They still won't put those contours on the ground though.
  8. I do have an old 32-bit, windows 7 machine chugging away in the corner and you brought it to mind so I checked - yes it has KSP on it! (Version 1.04)
  9. Wait, that's a pretty important observation! No-one else has mentioned it but that pretty much means you still need to add a fairing around the engines :-(
  10. I see what you're getting at but the 50th anniversary of my birth was several years ago. Still, thanks for thinking of me.
  11. Wide is not good, so pancakes are out. If you're using side-boosters already, however (eg; standard core+2 design) you still get better performance by making them asparagus. The only cost is no pretty Korolev cross with core+4. Lots of fuel-handling strategies are easier because of the new priority system, which means hardly ever needing a fuel line. Almost everything's a lot easier now though, with typical rocket payload-ratios above 20% and twisted candle over 30%. All so that people can easily build spaceplanes that fly the entire system, using ISRU to mine resources and refuel themselves as they go. KSP still definitely isn't arcade but it's started to forget (because to commercialism?) "We choose to do these things, not because they are easy ..."
  12. Are still going. It's still the second-best way to stage behind twisted candle. Space and, especially, spaceplanes have got easier in almost every release though, so lots of stuff is SSTO.
  13. Too much love. (You can only 'like' a certain number of things per day and have probably reached your limit)
  14. Local equitorial comms relay constellation & polar interplanetary relays ScanSat & resource mappers One-way landers ISRU, which co-incidentally refuels the landers and ... Spacestation, which reuses the landers Reusable crewed landers With never-landing space-only tugs/ferries running between all the stations.