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  1. The design I finally settled on for launching the large farm unit from civpop was a gantry that put the rocket bells just above the top of the farm sphere. I had ended up welding it to reduce part count but it was able to fly without welding. I'd imagine about 1/8th of the ship's length ahead of the "center of drag". Basically the part that drags the most goes at the back. The center of mass as you fly will eventually end up behind the center of thrust so that you maintain stability when the engines are fired up. Think about how you would drag a class E asteroid into kerbin orbit.
  2. It's been so long since I touched that mod. Squad changed everything since 1.0. I don't know if i have the original artwork for it anymore.
  3. I didn't come back to report my "success" with this. Turns out that having multiple colliders is exactly what you have to do. The bonus is that they now get to be marked as convex so you can roll a biodome or ring object.
  4. When your boosters hit your main engine during separation. When the launch clamps are in a stage all by themselves. When your rocket starts tumbling after 1000m.
  5. Got back into ksp in a big way and patched my civ pop mod from it's current state of shambles. Currently in the process of colonizing Minmus. There are two active bases on the moon now in this one area where water, ore, substrate, and metal ore combined together. The hexbase design (featured on the second to last slide) is done so that the center of the base is open, allowing placement of survey stakes for building large ships while still having things within detectable range of the survey site.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ag2O0IQABwNUgxbFdlc29wZkk/view?usp=sharing I couldn't let my old mod languish while it didn't work. The google drive link goes to a combination of two patches for Civ Popoulation to bring it back to working condition while giving the current maintainers a codebase to fix it with. The zip file has the following Biodome examples for how to build a part you can pass through (classic designs) Updated original code base (tested in ksp64 bit) for the population regulator: now references moduleResourceConverter and uses the PreProcess() ove
  7. I researched the issues I had outside of the code base and came up with a patch to fix those. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_ag2O0IQABwQ3RYaGN6M3VCWmM Extract the zip and copy the folders into your Netherdyne Aerospace folder after installing civ-pop Changes I included: Biodome Sphere and Biodome bases: I replaced the colliders by splitting each face out and extruding it slightly in blender. Each face was then separated into a separate blender object before importing into Unity 5. Once there, each object gets its own convex hull collider while removing the meshRende
  8. I was looking back into my Civilian population mod specfically at the biodomes and tried to recreate the biodome in the new part tools from the original mesh. The dome was supposed to have a non convex hull inside of it such that it would be possible to traverse the interior of the dome, so one could walk around in it. Is this no longer possible in KSP?
  9. I came back to playing this within the past week or so and noted things that changed from the original, some mod breaking and some immersion breaking. I didn't see the population speed change but I'll look at it soon. The biomass conversion part is removed. This is kinda breaking. The original resource chain allow one to harvest CO2 from the drill as it converted the substrate into Biomass (the fertilizer), thereby allowing the farm scrubber to convert that to O2. Without that part there is no way to generate oxygen in-situ so you could never grow a colony without bringing your own o
  10. I've done this too. My first rocket in 1.1.2 had this happen and it crashed so hard on the pad the game crashed.
  11. Before I let mechjeb do it I used to burn up to 10km then start turning, with the nav-ball scale as such: 15-20km: 15degrees east from vertical 20-30: 30 degrees east 30-50km 45 degrees east 50-60: 80 degrees east 60+: at prograde until desired orbit altitude. As for the rocket flipping: First add Winglets to the bottom. If that doesn't fix the flip do a fairing over the payload. If both of that doesn't work, drag the payload into orbit behind a lift structure, making sure your thrust origin is ahead of the payload. It will naturally fix itself this way
  12. You can use the express version of Visual Studio to do KSP mods as you don't need the web development or C++ features. Just install the "windows desktop development" version, whichever gives you c#. It will be smaller and it won't expire on you.
  13. I don't do this enough. The one thing missing from these checklists though Launch clamps are in the first stage to be activated Hitting the launch button to only to be reminded of how ridiculously strong the launch clamps are has sent me reverting back to the VAB quite a few times.
  14. Any updates to this? I noticed the same thing with the landing gear in the civilian population mod. While i'm no longer maintaining that I want to see what's going on to potentially try to fix it.
  15. My first attempt to use MKS: Bob was in the nuclear reactor module when it ran out of fuel on descent to the Mun. Think the explosion was visible from Kerbin.
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