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  1. When I create a clean installation, my GameData\Squad\Parts\Command folder looks like this, clearly showing that I have two versions of some parts, some of which aren't in the zDeprecated folder. Could this possibly be causing the issue I'm having with some "test" and "haul" contracts being automatically failed? The post where I originally talked about this is in the Spoiler below. Since making that post, I have now had four contracts fail: Test RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster at the Launch Site, Test RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster at the Launch Site, Test Mk1 Command Pod landed at Kerbin, Haul Mk1 Command Pod into flight above Kerbin. Note that (1.) and (2.) both happened at the same time as each other.
  2. I have found that even when I completely delete my KSP directory in steamapps\common after uninstalling the game through steam, if I re-install the latest version, 1.7.3, various old parts’ old CFGs still get downloaded (for example, the “non-v2” Mk 1 Command Pod, as well as the newer v2 version). Do you get this too? And could it be causing any issues with ReStock? Might this be the source of my problem a few posts up?
  3. Thanks for confirming; kinda annoying it's a stock issue though! I can't say I'm seeing any Z-fighting in the tech tree either, although this would seem like a plausible explanation as to why it's always the boattail designs that get shown. I think I might have just discovered another issue, although I'm not yet entirely sure what's causing it and I'm fairly sure that this one's going to be much harder to diagnose. Some of my "Test xyz" contracts are being failed, even though their timers are nowhere near running out and I haven't done anything wrong which would cause them to be failed. This seems to only occur on a scene change. So far I have had this happen with: RT-5 & RT-10 boosters, and Mk-1 capsule. This gives me a somewhat garbled message through the in-game messaging system: (Don't worry too much about the specific funds & reputation penalties, I'm using custom difficulty options.) Here's a spreadsheet containing a list of my installed mods and their version numbers, as well as my KSP.LOG output_log.txt file: I really have no idea how to read the log file but if anyone might be able to provide some insight, then I can try to reproduce the issue more reliably. Performing a Google search for "Test No situation report available" (with the quotes) leads me here:, where a user by the name of tfiskgul seems to be encountering the same issue as a result of renamed parts in one of his mods. That's what made me think this was perhaps an issue with ReStock, rather than one of my other mods. Would you be able to shed any light on this for me?
  4. I'm having a small issue with ReStock & ReStock+ in my 1.7.3 game, where some parts show a different default variant in the tech tree compared to the VAB. For example, most engines are shown with their boattail variant in the tech tree, but not in the VAB. Some fuel tanks are also different colours, such as the 2.5m tanks being metal in the tech tree but white and black in the VAB. Interestingly enough, hovering over the part in the tech tree displays the default VAB variant in the infobox. See this screenshot for example: I do have a few mods installed, but have just verified that the issue also occurs in a stock install of KSP 1.7.3 with ReStock 0.1.4, ReStock+ 0.1.4 and ModuleManager 4.0.2. Is anyone else having the same problem? And is this a known issue? Thanks!
  5. When ejecting from Kerbin to go to another planet, how do I use the ejection angle which the calculator displays to me? Should I... Place my manoeuvre node at the calculated ejection angle, or Align my path to be parallel to the calculated ejection angle, or Do something else? Inside the spoiler tag below, I have attached screenshots illustrating the first two options. In this case, I am sending a flyby probe to Moho. Thanks! (and sorry if I did something wrong with the post...)
  6. Don't worry, it's not a big problem! It's not hard to self-impose this limit (ie. just say "I won't set it any higher than 4"), although of course it would be nice to be able to change the hard limit. Potentially some people may require even longer fairings (although, I'm not sure why...) (I've just now thought it would be quite cool to have this maximum increase by researching certain nodes in the tech tree, or along with the VAB upgrades etc. Not sure if that's possible or if you eventually want to implement something like this at all but it would just add another element I suppose.)
  7. I tried adding 'maxSegments = 4' just underneath the line 'numSlices = 2' but to no avail. Even after restarting the game, the maximum allowable number of (vertical) side wall segments did not change. Of note, if I added the line 'numSegments = 4' in the same place, the fairing would default to having 4 segments, but of course the whole slider range of 0-10 was still available to be selected. Could you send over an exemplar CFG file (or a screenshot) so I can figure out where I've gone wrong? The link below is the CFG file I modified for the standard 1.25m (non-expanded) fairing.
  8. How is this done? I tried to look in the CFG files for the individual fairings but couldn't find any setting of relevance.
  9. Is it possible for one to change the maximum allowed number of vertical segments? I think in the old KW rocketry had a limit of four or five (so you'd need a wider fairing if you wanted it to be very tall).
  10. Thanks for the work you've done to make this a thing, I much prefer these old style fixed shape fairings to the stock system. But please could you just confirm that the mod does actually work... i.e. That these fairings will shield my payload. I ask this because the Old School Fairings mod (which also worked to make these fixed fairings work with the updated aerodynamics model) was broken after KSP 1.1 then never able to be fixed. Here is the last page form that mod's thread:
  11. Okay thanks for the clarification. So basically it could do those things but doesn't out of the box and someone would need to write a mod which uses backgroundprocessing to accomplish those things. Thanks also for all the work you've been putting in to fixing bugs in this mod, it's much appreciated!
  12. Thanks for posting that... now I realise I should have posted there! It provides some details but it only really mentions charging batteries. So I'm wondering if it will allow other modules (e.g. The science lab) to consume EC when I'm not focused on the vessel. The original thread also doesn't say anything about other processes eg. Resource harvesting and converting. And of course since the last "proper" update was for 1.1 (although you have kindly maintained it for 1.3) it's not clear whether the mod causes Commnet relays to lose EC if you transmit science through them (which I think would be a really cool feature!)