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  1. ship files are supposed to carry over, so if you really care, just move the craft files and hyper edit them back to where they are supposed to go. or start fresh cuz why not?
  2. That used to be one of my primary launch vehicles using KW, now i tend to just use 4x symmytry and crossfeeding boosters.
  3. it looked to me like you clipped the mk2 space-plane fuselage through the 3 meter one. is that just some wings?
  4. you can't move your entry/exit point, but you can use hull/doors to make an internal area where you can enter and exit, thus keeping your pod safe, and use a cockpit as the camera point, so you can view past the hull that is now surrounding your ship core. the only thing to remember is to make sure to have two blocks of clearence above your ship core, or you will exit outside your ship, instead of inside your cockpit/room area.
  5. my computer mouse (i'm lefthanded), so mechjeb and maneuver nodes will save me.
  6. 2 km isn't very far for rockets, its about a fifteen minute walk, and i assumed that the dump was a problem because it was right as the rocket rolled and crashed. i will stand corrected on the staging though.
  7. I think that one of the radial boosters flamed out. a few seconds after clearing the tower, one of the radials on the right side stopped emitting the nice nominal burn jet of flame, and instead shot out an orange mist, as if it was venting partially burned fuel or something, then the rocket rolled to try and compensate, but flipped over and crashed into the pad. at least that's what i was able to glean from the vids. (there are higher quality ones from Russian news btw, you can click on a link in the ops vid.)
  8. I would, but I am rather attached to the decidedly not-burned state my CPU and motherboard are in right now.
  9. I use KAS to recover spent nuclear stages from kerbin orbit and tug them down to the ground without just crashing them (since my orbital stage doesn't usually have a docking port asside from on the capsule that has ditched it to re-enter the atmosphere)
  10. you shouldn't clip fuel tanks through fuel tanks, you are giving yourself a physically impossible amount of fuel in that space. It does look great though!
  11. I also dislike asparagus. i find it alot of work to set it up for not alot of payoff, plus its funner designing launchers that look good and work well without it.
  12. sure, that makes logical sense, but its the STS because the shuttle transports stuff. not because its a plane that moves the shuttle.
  13. the stock pieces have shielding on the bottom, but the issue with that is that its really hard to regain control after re-entry using that flight profile.
  14. I used to have this problem several ksp versions back, but i use hyperedit now when testing warships, and i haven't had anything spontaneously explode in a while. try pausing on vessel unpack in the alt f12 menu before you hyperedit anywhere, then turn it off to resume.
  15. If that's KW, those engines had a nasty habit of sliding around on their mounting points, i don't know that that ever got fixed. try strutting the kw engine in place.
  16. helicopters are death machines, even in real life. its a machine that uses a prop as big as itself to go straight up, with so much tourqe that flying straight is impossible without a second roter. You have to handle throttle, collective, pitch, roll, and yaw, and you only have two hands to do it with.
  17. probes are good because: 1.) testing, you don't want to kill your kerbals, especially not your orange-suited trio. 2.) Weight. probes are light as bugs compared to command modules. want to explore planets? save some weight, make it easy! 3.) scouting. hate it when a landing sight looks good from orbit, but is **** when you get down to the ground? send a probe in first!
  18. I also do this, as thats how it was done in the days of the space race. every new rocket had a "boilerplate" capsule on it for testing, which was basicly a mechanical timing controler, and a bunch of lead to make up the weight for missing breakers, the pilot, life support, and instrumentation. I like to think that even the kerbals aren't irresponsible enough to send 20 pilots to the death testing a launch vehicle.
  19. 49: a huge encyclopedic looking book the size of a kitchen table labeled "Organic semiconductors, reproduction logic gates, and magrathean mass fabricators for dummies"
  20. Floor 46: a magical crystal which will answer you one question about the universe! ask it a question before preceding up the stairs, it will give you it's answer on a higher floor.
  21. You can use the extra ports for different armaments for your other ships, that doesn't use the same armaments as your fighters, as well as doing a ghetto repair job on your ship in orbit, like macey did to the spirit of kerbin, without reducing your fighter capacity.
  22. it needs an anti-tourqe (tail) roter. just put a long girder section with a few small engines on it.
  23. Floor 44: a computer with the old thread with this game on it! and a tiger eating your face.
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