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  1. Where are you boiiiii

    1. Dat Kerbal Dude

      Dat Kerbal Dude

      @ThatKerbal is ded.

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  2. Hey man, where've you been lately?

  3. Operation Crest was to setup permanent science/mining base on the mun. After much construction, Burns, Tests, Fails and General Havoc, We finally managed To make Operation Crest a Success, Not without trouble. Here's how it went and what we did. KNSC's First landing on the mun was the first day of the KNSC's Great Journey. Once we knew that kerbins SOL Was poorly protected and that KSC Before KNSC, KSC Never focused on defending the SOL, Is how we we're formed. So we needed to start with the mun. After KNSC's First Successful Jool Discovery we need to get scientists on the mun to search for an
  4. Today we release our first KNSC Mission Report Before you start i want to tell you... That this is a KNSC Fleet Mission Report. (From the fleet "Truth and Reconsiliation" Our first ever KNSC Frigate, And our most prized frigate at the moment) That the truth and reconsiliation is still being upgraded (Updated whatever you'd like to call it) To be better than the last version, We are right now at version #1 so it dosen't look much like a Halo Fleet just yet. As my building skills enhance as will our fleets. Now, Enjoy the report and tell me what i can do to improve mission reports if anything ca
  5. Not exactly because we don't just build rockets we're also a ksp empire/clan. So i felt this belonged in fan works because we're not just rocket builders
  6. KNSC - Kerbal Nations Space Command This is a kerbal space program empire/clan (Whatever you'd like to call it) Based off of Halo's UNSC. (Great game check it out if you haven't heard of it, Which would suprise me if you haven't) If your wondering my kerbalton name is: Kerbalton Switcher or Kerbalton Commander Switcher (Perferably number 2 because im the leader of KNSC) We're basically the same purpose as the UNSC. To defend kerbin, And all of kerbalkind from aggressors. When we're not fighting hostile alien life (Please come out with a mod that adds covenent like aggressors that would make t
  7. I'm unsure about making a refueling station for the reason that i'm unsure how the fuel ducts work, When a rocket or plane docks will the fuel duct automatically start refueling the plane? From the 2 Jumbo Fuel Tanks Into The Docking Part of My Station, Then into the plane? Or do i need something else? If you don't understand the question (Which is fine ) Then here's basically what im asking. Do fuel ducts automatically start transferring fuel into a rocket/plane when docking is established.
  8. Lol thanks By the way that's Doge Language
  9. It has? I just got this game last year, And i haven't been really looking for easter eggs. So much as trying to land on all the planets. All easter eggs I've found has been from complete Chance lol. Actually i found this one when i was recording for my world war series on YouTube, so i drove over and im like...What the? So i didn't know if it was a Dissapearing easter egg and i didn't wanna have my chance go away, so i immediately stopped recording and took a picture.
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