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  1. @ShotgunNinja Aaaah! I see! Thank you very much for your time, and your amazing mod!
  2. @ShotgunNinja Sorry, but i can't seem to find the range, when right clicking the antenna.
  3. Hi! I absolutely love this mod! Is there any way to see the range of antennas? I feel like whenever i plonk an antenne on my craft, i just roll with it, without planning, cause i don't know the range of the antennas
  4. Hi! I see that a lot of you awesome people are working on remotetech for 1.1! are there a download for the 1.1 remote tech yet? And if so, where is the download link? Thank you so much for updating my favorite mod!
  5. @godarklight - All i want for christmas, is shared scenarios, baby!
  6. @godarklight Can you hint us to how the development of shared scenarios is going? I am really looking forward to this!
  7. @darklight Can i suggest some features for 0.16? What DMP really needs, is Co-Op. This being: Shared science. Shared funds. Shared tech tree. Shared contracts. I know this is possible, as right now, you can just copy the scenario folder, from one player to another I have been playing with this for quite a while, but my modpack makes my game freeze if i rejoin a server. This means that i have to exit and reload KSP every time my friends make progress. which sucks. Also, the co-op sharing being realtime, means that i don't have to move folders around all the time.
  8. I second this. I can't see any other players at all on my own server. :/
  9. @ godarklight Is it possible to remove the warp control timeout? I mean, when someone timewarps, he gets to control the timewarp for 120 secs. Is it possible to rmeove that? like, just set it to 0 secs? The reason for this, is that if someone starts a timewarp, the other players wont get a chance to stop the timewarp, if they are heading for the moon. This means that the player controlling can end up slamming other players into planets. If instead, that when someone timewarps, anyone can stop the timewarp at any given time, the player closest to the planet can just stop the timewarp, when the time is right Is this possible?
  10. So is it possible to run this with mods and career? I have started a career, with far, drc, remote tech 2 and more. is it possible for me to make a server, with these mods, and then play with my friends, in my already created save ? THanks:)
  11. Hey MN! i just went through your install instructions, and i believe you made a mistake. you wrote ms19a instead of ms19b, or was this on purpose? "RPL MS19a Tweaks Pack and Plugin https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctg7t1jdu0...Pack_MS19b.rar" Small mistake, but still worth mentioning!
  12. UUhm guys??? i think i have installed this correctly, but i probably haven't. cause i get this tiiinie tiny probe with GINORMOUS engines. it is kinda wierd. what have i done wrong? http://i.imgur.com/JZQlUaQ.png Can someone make a working build with all the mods and upload it to somewhere maybe? i REALLY wanna play RPL!