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Found 4 results

  1. KERBAL CITIES PACK Finally quick and simple and INFINITY various cities are upon us, thanks to the blender city plugin "Scene City" which the Facebook community of ksp were kind enough to crowd fund the purchase of, this plugin allows me to model say 11 different building types of different sizes along with a set of roads, i click generate with some perameters and BOOM we have a city! BUT the bad news ("how can there be bad news with something this awesome" i hear you cry!) the process of turning this into a city is fairly long ( about a days work on and off with bug testing) so i cant have THAT many city variants in the game so im aiming for about 20 of varying sizes to be getting on with, possibly adding more later. what this mod contains right now? not very much, it is basically my test city, integrated with KSC, to allow people to gauge the performance hit, see what it looks like and how it works and to get an awesom city to play around in some info My codevelopers! I'm happy to be co-developing this mod primarily with Fast_de_la_speed, the developer of the Fastcorp line or mods and a little on the side from Jatwaa, better known as Billy Winn Jr and announced by the ksp FB page for having the best laugh in the business! you should follow him closely on youtube for any big releases as he will be the first to know! this mod utilises Kerbal Konstructs, but is incompatible with kerbinside (for the simple fact that at this momnent it spawns in the same place) you can move it around using the Ctrl+K key menu if you so desire features: both implemented and planned basic proceduraly generated city with a variety of buildings and road networks network of interconnected cites spread over the entirety of kerbin at approx 20km intervals (minimal rendering hit) destructible KK (this may get released sparately) the ability to have the collision of a vehicle with a building cause it to alter the transforms of the static, despawn it and spawn a damage model with lots of FX similar to the ksp stock method ( i have no idea where to start so if anyone wants t help out do gimme a ping) FAQ why is the city where it is? in my opinion a race that would build its VAB less than 100 meters from the launch pad isnt gonna sweat about building a major city just the other side of it, kerbals hate commute times, but you are more than welcome to up-sticks and move them where ever you like as detailed above! it is mostly there because as im testing it i don't want to drive miles and miles! what is the performance hit? ksp is a very poorly optimised game in reality, and despite the low poly count of my buildings they still take up alot of processor so the hit is quite heavy but i have no idea how heavy as ive only ever played it on my pc and i need a wide spectum to put a spec together (more on that later) what YOU can do! Bugs we arnt many are we so you guys are our major bug finders! find something that doesn't look right let us know! is there a step in the ajoining roads? is there a texture out of place? is the city inexplicably floating 2km above the ground? let us know where it occured and we will get on to it Performance! this is possible a first, a mod with recommended specs! what we are after is a wide number of people with specs varying from the ludicrus to the potato to let us know how it runs and on what settings, so we can put together a min on max quality a min on med and a min on low settings and so people know what to expect Ideas if you have any ideas for features, improvements or how to complete my ambitious goals please do give a comment models if you have any ideas for ksp buildings, houses ect please let me know, or better yet give them a model, and i will see what i can do with them, more variety is allwasy better (buildings are 10, 20, and 40 meter square tiles) placers and finally if you have a passion for placing cities and roads over the entirety of kerbin give us a shout! its a tiresom and ardous job to be doing when we could be creating more and better cities contributers these are the amazing few who have donated and supported this mod so far through the gofundme campaign linked as the donation link on the space dock page: Nathan Johnson-- £10 Billy Winn--£20 Anon--£70 you are amazing and FINALLY the mod link! Get Kerbal Cities Pack Here! p.s. i will get an image album and some decent vids up here as soon as ive got a decent internet connection!
  2. Fortunately for that there are the mods! Although my computer-potato doesn’t handle very well Kerbal Konstruction and Kerbin Side ... anyway I would like to be recommended names for the "cities" that appear in the excellent lands textures courtesy of Galileo and his SVE. To fulfill the appetite for images, I made some maps and a little analysis of those lights in Kerbin's night. In my "Kanon" the population of kerbals is about 10 million distributed in 141 cities. There are 36 major cities (Red), some 24 medium-sized cities (yellow) and 81 small cities (blue). Of these 141, 90 are in the grasslands, 31 in the shores, 11 in the deserts, 8 in the badlands and 2 in the highlands. No cities are visible on islands, mountains, the tundra or in the polar regions. I also noticed the absence of cities in this area, which could be an indication of some social or environmental event in Kerbin's history. That's it, choose cities (they are numbered) and propose names if you wish. Also comment if you want to continue adding these maps, for some reason I find it entertaining to make them
  3. Now, I know a lot of us (including me!) want to see a little more life on kerbin than just the space center. I think this could be achieved by introducing a new terrain scatter: a small neighbourhood, which would spawn on flat ground a bit like the trees but in clusters. I don't know if it'd be possible to make them light up at night? If they did, it'd make some pretty cool city lights from orbit.(perhaps toggle-able for potatoes like my laptop) I have seen the mod Kerbal Cities Pack before, and I think it's a good idea, but I think we need them more spread out, like the terrain scatters, which is what led me to this idea. Other possibilities for new terrain scatters would be farms and forests (basically a massive clump of the tree scatters) to make Kerbin seem like an actually populated planet rather than a space center and some trees. Ok, so I don't really know how this would all work, how hard it is to create terrain scatters or how laggy a terrain scatter as large as the neighbourhood scatter I'm suggesting would be, but that's my idea. Tell me what you guys think! (Also we'd probably need scatters to have colliders for this to work)
  4. Squad Why do you not have any cities or towns and just the KSC? It does not make any sense to only have one structure on the face of the planet and recruit kerbals out of thin air.
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