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Found 12 results

  1. *This display relies on the KSPSerialIO plugin written by zitronen!* Once I got my custom controller built I'm not gonna lie, I was just itching to add more to my cockpit, so I set my sights on making some gauges! I chose an orbital information display as the first mostly because its the one I found myself wnting most when playing (I have to take my hands off the controls to switch my display to maneuvering mode to see my apospsis and periapsis.) This displays both my apoapsis and periapsis in meters currently (I will add conversions for km and Mm soon) and has LEDs to show your orbit
  2. (First off this is my first post here so I hope I'm dropping this in the right category!) This controller was 100% designed and built by me from scratch over the past week! I recently picked up KSP over quatrantine (I'm late to the party, I know haha!) and I was instantly hooked. Before I knew it I was craving input beyond simple KB and mouse! Here is a link to a very detailed rundown of the process i took to take this from an idea to the finished product! It's not quite a tutorial, but if anyone has any questions on how I completed any steps I'd be glad to answer them! Link to the buil
  3. I posted a while ago about wanting to attempt to build a radio telescope by hacking some electronics into an old television antenna. Today I poked around with a voltmeter and learned a bit about the degree to which I can detect things. I have an elliptical TV dish plugged into a TV box through a little gizmo that I bought that's meant to help align the dish to satellites in GEO that provide sweet entertainment. The box normally is an integral part of the TV experience, but in my case it's just providing easy power. Here's a diagram: The important box is the most important part,
  4. https://imgur.com/a/rmNql https://imgur.com/gallery/xdyAP I long ago finished making my first telescope mirror, a 6" f/8, which you can read about from pages 1-5. It will not be used in a telescope as it has a number of chips and a fracture that reduce its usefulness anyway. I worked on it from May to July 2017, with a gap due to technical difficulties and a trip to Alaska. The mirror was made with a 1969 Edmund Scientific kit. It was intended to be f/5 but I ran out of grit and couldn't afford more at the time. I have also finished a complete 6" f/
  5. hey kerbonauts! this thread is way of topic but I'm stgoing to post it anyway. here goes: i want to build a device that is able to measure the distance travelled with my car for rally purposes. it needs to be quite accurate (at least 100 meters accurate.. but I would prefer 10 m). and I want to get the signal to my computer so i perform calculations on it. I've been thinking of building an arduino tachometer with a hall sensor but my electronic skills are... let's say.... non existent... so i was wondering... maybe I can buy a bicycle computer and somehow" hack" the
  6. Anyways, I am designing a liquid-fueled rocket and to do that I need the combustion temperature of these to fuels. I've been looking for a very long time but haven't been able to find it anywhere. Thanks for your help
  7. Hey careless forum! How is it going? Maybe you know me by my collection of abstract art. If you are not familiar with it here is the link- LOL So after you've seen what you are going to learn now, lets begin working. Class 1, Topic 1.- Babysteps. So, now, you will need to find MS Paint. (sorry i don't know whether there is paint in Mac, but if there is do your best) After you've found Paint, lets begin with very simple task: 1. Choose any color you want in Pallete, which you will find in the right corner. (except entrirely black or entirely white) 2. Fin
  8. Joystick I've made for flight sims. Works in KSP also. -Rotary encoder on thumb, for prop pitch, reset by pushing Switch for brakes -Trim sliders for pitch/yaw -Trim potentiometer for roll -Rotary encoder for radiator (outputs an axis reading, resets by pushing) -Rotary encoder for time acceleration Controller is Arduino pro micro. Hot glue is used to fix the part to the throttle. Saviour-tape to dim the Arduino lights. Nothing too special, but looks kinda kerbal.
  9. Hey all! Long time lurker, got lots of inspiration from some of the threads here about custom controllers. Decided to dust off my soldering iron and raid my spare parts drawer to throw together a controller! Here's what I've got so far, the main display is nearly finished, the craft control section is just a mockup. The idea was to have a display section with the numbers I usually needed most from the map and whatnot... The bottom panel is cut out of an old tape deck. Thought the recessed analog gauges were really cool, also some of the switches and knobs were cool.
  10. On this thread you can post memes about anything people do to be on a bandwagon.I will start it off.
  11. Found a news story on someone having built a sonic tractor beam. That is, it uses sounds to move or levitate very small objects. Apparently, if you can assemble one yourself, if you have parts from Arduino and access to a 3D printer. CBC article here. Build video here. Explain of how it works here.
  12. I'm not a treekie really, but I was impressed from this project, https://hackaday.io/project/1395-open-source-science-tricorder , I was looking for a project to learn more electronics, and I'd like to have a suite of sensors, so this could be perfect. In fact I will try first to understand in completely, and then maybe even update it. The original autor is peterjansen In current state has this suite of sensors(c/p from the web of the project): Atmospheric Sensors Ambient Temperature and Humidity: Measurement Specialties HTU21D Ambient Pressure: Bosch Sensortec BMP180
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