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Found 9 results

  1. What’s hard for you in KSP? I know mine is getting a Minmus encounter. It like the only planet/moon I can’t get too.
  2. Remember when Squad did a texture revamp of the Mainsail engine. You know the giant engine for the 2.5 parts. Well, do you miss the old texture? You can bring the old texture without mods or going back to old versions. This is possible to do on console fo console players. First go into the Space Plane Hanger or the Vehicle Assembly Building. Then look through the pre-made crafts. Scroll down or up in both tabs until you find a picture of a craft with the old Mainsail texture. The craft in the VAB or SPH should have the old Mainsail Texture (unless Squad fixed that already). If not there you g
  3. I will post all my missions that I did. Sorry if I don’t have any screenshots of craft files available. Alll time is on Kerbin time. Luna: Rover, Mun, Mission Duration: 33 years, Goal: Explore Mun and Recover Muna Mission Log (below): The mission of the small rover Luna started on a launch pad with a rocket capable of going to the Mun. The rocket has around 5,097 m/dv. Just a regular launch and then I burned for the Mun. I arrived at the Mun with a periapsis of 9.8 km. Got my self into a low Munar orbit. However I have a bad communications network around the Mun. So I had t
  4. Hi Squad. I noticed that the IX-6315 "Dawn" Electric Propulsion System hasn’t seem to have a part revamp (that I know of). The small ion engine maybe small and slow but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a part revamp. The small ion engine could use some variants and a texture revamp. There are many variants I could think of like a different color or some of the inside components show more. Or anything. The little engine could use a part revamp. It would be nice to see this small ion engine have a revamp.
  5. The Oscar-B Fuel Tank hasn’t seem to have a texture revamp. (That I know of). So I’m wandering Squad, can the Oscar-B Fuel Tank get a texture revamp. The texture currently is kinda boring compared to the other parts. I’d like to see the small fuel tank shine a little more with some new color variants, texture revamps, and other things to make the part look better. So please Squad, please revamp this part. It would nice to see this little part have some attention. -Sorry for the terrible spelling and grammer. I’m fixing it.
  6. The problem with science is KSP is that they science report will always be in the same weather the experiment is being blasters by rocket exhaust or heating in the atmosphere. Like why doesn’t a Kerbal EVA report is still the same weather that Kerbal is being blasted by rocket exhaust? Since KSP2 seems will have weather (I’m not sure and I could be totally wrong and incorrect) I’m hoping EVA reports and science experiments will be different. Because it does not make sense when the Mystery Goo is being blasted by Nerv Atomic Rocket exhaust and it the same as not being blasted by exhaust. So I’m
  7. This is a challenge where you can only use 3 types of parts. This doesn’t not exclude Command Pods, Prbe Cores or anything else. You may only use 3 types of parts. Certain parts will be scored better depending on situations. Look below: Part Point (based on hat type of parts most used) 0.625m parts: 20 points 1.25m parts: 10 points 2.5m parts: 5 points 3.75m and 5m parts: 3 points Planet/Moon Points (visiting a planet will require to at least enter its SOI and return/ comments and astroid just require the craft to touch the astroid or comet): Mun: 10 p
  8. I’m just curious to know if there will be a dev diary for the planets in KSP2. I’m just curious on how many new planets there are. And what they look like. I also want to see the original KSP planets like Eve or Minmus. You know. I’m just curious I after seeing pre alpha gameplay I mean, I just can’t imagine how wonderful the planets would look. I mean Jool looks like it like in real life!
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