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Found 17 results

  1. ETT is a pinwheel design that is grouped into branches of related engineering disciplines. Premise Do the Kerbals discover rocketry before winged flight? You decide. Both winged flight and rockets first options. ETT also has an "End Game" so you can play the campaign game with a built in goal. I love to hear new ideas and don't be afraid to let me know if I have a part or two out of place. Listed on CKAN or Download at SpaceDock - May break saved games. (May 5, 2020, 02:12 PM CST - SpaceDock may be having problems so here is a temporary link: https://www.dropbox.
  2. In the name of Richard Hatch... KEEPING THE DREAM ALIVE. Would it be possible to build real Battlestars, especially if we collectively wanted to, and if AI were used to accomplish most of the physical labor in Earth orbit or more ideally on the moon? Do you believe we could make it so? Ofcourse we don't have FTL, yet; and we may never have it, doesn't mean we can't use nuclear energy (or Tylium) to accelerate over longer periods to reach a good % of LS. Also wouldn't stop us from using AI to set up advanced bases as we travel out from our local system. Issac Arthor has some gre
  3. So iv'e had this question for a while but only recently have really been working with planes enough for it to really nag me; when you're using procedural wings there's a slider to increase "Mass-Strength Ratio" which i tend to set at 2 to prevent hypersonic shock from tearing them into pieces. But it's had me wondering; how realistic is this? Are there materials that exist now with such ratios? Are there any in common use with higher ratios? Are they metallic or composite?
  4. What would it take to freeze a human for upwards of 100 million years (enough time for the universe's structure to noticeably change) and still be able to revive them afterwards? Could i get to see the end of the universe? Pretty please?
  5. How does the game determine the conditions for two parts separating? Does the area of contact matter? Are shear forces treated separately from tension forces?
  6. (I don't use FAR) Are you putting your engines slightly below center of mass to counteract pitch down from lift? How do you engineer ideal wing AoA? How can I engineer level lift force at 100m/s? How are you calculating sufficient air intake? How are you calculating which landing gear size to use? How can I calculate ideal cruising altitude and speed?
  7. Artificial Intelligence: Can we redesign the world? So I have thought about how AI systems are become so much more powerful and complex. So along those lines could computer system AI become self learning enough like google DEEPMIND project to improve just about everything? : Antivirus software with DEEPMIND rooted together so that another computer system could repeatedly attempt to hack with various viruses, then after such a point the Antivirus software with DEEPMIND becomes aware of creating a defense or destroying the virus as soon as detected. Redesign the virus attacking comput
  8. Hi, we all notice that when the radial decouplers are activated, they remain attached to the "root" part, so i imagine they still count as dead wasting weight, am i right? Or are they weightless once activated? Wouldn´t be better to vanilla be placed inversed? I mean, once activated, they would go out with the unattached tank or so. Trying to place them reversed, i sadly find they sink inside the tanks and im not able to even pick them for moving outside with the gizmo. Any idea if it is doable? Thanks
  9. Given a tank, T0, which is full, of volume Vo, and number of tanks, T1, T2, T3, and T4... Tn, which are all empty and same size, Vi: How long does it tank for T0 to empty, assuming it can (e.g. its Vo < Vi * n)?
  10. Ok, so that was probably a bit of an overstatement to say that absolutely everybody uses canards all the time, but it still got me wondering... I had never heard of canards before playing KSP. I might have seen a plane with canards IRL, but I don't recall it if I have. Most planes that I see do not have have them (although this might be a biased sample as the majority of planes are passenger airlines, and have a very specific purpose and therefore a very specific design). If I were to draw a 'typical' plane then it would have wings and a tail with elevators, and I might even be able to st
  11. During my Engineering Design seminar today, my teacher mentioned the Kerstan Blunder. That's the quote directly from his slide. My question to you is "Did this mission happen?" I did some research online, and it didn't seem like the U.S. launched a Vigor probe, and it doesn't look like Japan or the USSR did, either. But what did you find? Was this just a misname? Was there a mission like this, but to a different planet?
  12. When selecting (non-wheeled) landing gear, how are you solving this problem: Given a landing mass, gravity, and anticipated impact speed: What is the correct gear count, type, spring strength, and dampening strength? I am using experience/guesswork to make my choices now, so answers in that ballpark won't help much. Looking for the mathematics behind the parts, or experimental results someone has collected.
  13. Anybody tried pairing Dawns with Nervs? How'd the go? Can't tell if the boost (Nervs have alternators) is worth it in practice.
  14. (I think this is a general question and not particularly related to any specific craft - but if a specific example would be useful then I can upload one later.) I recall reading that attaching items radially are affected by drag, and that items attached in a stack are not. What happens if you attach an RCS thruster behind a wing (where you would usually attach control surfaces)? Is that radial or stacked, and (more importantly) is it affected by drag? I think that I also recall reading that it doesn't matter how it has been offset and rotated, the item still behaves the same as if i
  15. I am optimising a spaceplane that I successfully got to orbit, docked and de-orbited. It flies really nicely, has great manoeuvrability, can land really gently but could do with a bit of work getting it to dock nicely. It has 2 Mk1 Inline Cockpits, and I think that I want to change it for a Mk1 Crew Cabin. I am going to use it for crew rotations - no cargo. Detailed analysis if you really want it: The advantages that I see are that it does not require a pilot to be one of the crew that is rotating, as well as being marginally lighter and cheaper (20Kerbucks saved - woo) and the oth
  16. At present, I use the small decoupler for small radial stages and the larger one with standoff for larger stages. Doesn't feel like good engineering to me. Cost aside, what does math say about when you should pick each of the five radial decouplers?
  17. (Aerodynamics aside) do adapters, like the two Rockomax Brand Adapters affect the structural integrity of a craft, or are they merely aesthetic? In other words, if an adapter is placed between a 2.5m tank and a 1.25m tank, is that design stronger in some way than a 1.25m tank connected directly to a 2.5m tank? Is there a (hopefully launch pad) experiment that can be devised to prove either case? What is the KSP stress model? How does it determine when two parts have undergone enough shear, torsional, or tensile stress for their connection to fail?
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