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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, i want to make a ksp mod to simulate the proverse yaw effect caused by the bell-shaped lift distribution formulated by Prandlt. As a layman, i have no idea how to program and create a mod to do that, so, maybe i can get some help. The mod would be very simple, it would create trust at instead of drag when aileron is applied, and it could also have UI that allow you to switch on and off this effect and control its intensity. The bell lift distribution create this effect, as you aply aileron to generate more lift on the wingtip you also generates more trust, thus yawing in the same direction of the turn. For understanding more of this you can search for the prandlt-D project that is made by NASA. I want to reproduce this effect on KSP to make better flying wings projects, i hope you can help me with this project! Here is a link for the NASA's Prandlt-d project: https://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/news/FactSheets/FS-106-AFRC.html If you know how to make this mod but dont have the time or just is not in the mood, could just tell me how i could make it myself?
  2. I don't know why, there's something intriguing about an all-wing craft. So, here's the Boomerang. A (more or less, it's got a fuselage) flying wing. Easy to fly, and long ranged, it carries five kerbals- four passengers and a pilot. check it out here: https://kerbalx.com/lucho/Boomerang
  3. This is my first formal project, so bear with me if it isn't perfect. Some background: I like the flying wing aircraft concept a lot, planes like the Ho 229 and the B2 bomber are some of the coolest flying machines. I don't understand all the advantages of the flying wing design as apposed to conventional fuselages or other alternatives. Another concept I really enjoy messing around with is the lifting bodies that NASA was experimenting with slightly before they came up with the space shuttle. Things like the Martin Marietta x-24 and the similar Scramjet Drones that are more modern are my chief inspiration here. One big problem I have is that I don't totally understand the advantages of both designs, so some help here would be much appreciated. Both in reality and in game. I have some basic questions about the fundamentals of where each design is most effective (such as general altitude) and why. I usually end up relying on the fact that I appreciate well engineered machines and that if it looks really cool, then it probably works well too. So here is the actual idea I had: Using the idea of the swing wing, which briefly explained is that the wing changes angle to improve performance at different speeds, I want to create a flying wing aircraft where the wings would swivel forwards (Probably using a mod like infernal robotics) to create the profile of a lifting body aircraft. Lastly, Here are some conclusions I have come to: This is in no way practical in real life, I totally understand that, but this is Kerbal, and all things are at least attempt able. I don't understand the intricacies exactly of what I am suggesting, or even if it can be done, which is why I am leaving it here as a discussion point, for some peer review. I look forward to any advice or input given and will have some paper concept drawings added eventually. -Ja3k
  4. The Boeing 797 is a whole new breed of airliners, flying wing airliners. Powered by 6 "Goliath" turbofans, the 797 is planned to replace most of the existing long-range, heavy capacity aircraft, such as the Airbus A380 and the aging Boeing 747s. Boeing is planning to try to convince airlines to replace their 747s, most of the older ones are the specific target, though. They have said they do not plan on completely replacing the old 747s. The new 797s have twice the capacity of their previous jumbo jets. The cockpit has more crew capacity, so therefore, safer operations. They were heavily inspired by their competitors. In WW2 Northop Grumman created the YB-35 and YB-49. The were former was compared to the dominant bomber at the time, the B-29. With Boeing making more jet bombers, they made the YB-49 as the competitor. The Boeing 797 has a total capacity of 192 passengers and a very high top speed, best for slightly angled up flight. Boeing says this is the "Commercial" prototype of the Boeing X-48. This as been Kian, from Kerbal Network News. The REAL 797 was never built or even prototyped. It was a hoax email Popular Science Magazine. Here's a picture: The X-48 was a real... well smaller... drone prototype, but was used by Boeing to test flying wing aerodynamics. There is actually a 3D computer model of it as an airliner.
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