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Found 5 results

  1. More balanced parts, a more intuitive tech and contract progression, some useful probe/greenhouse/etc. parts and configs for RemoteTech and CustomBarnKit! Modding is a lot of work, if you are interested in the continued maintenance and development of the SETI mods, please consider supporting them via patreon. By accepting contributions (funds and code) via patreon and forum, I consider it to by my responsibility to not let the mod die because of my desinterest and thus to orderly hand it over before that happens. I also consider it to be my responsibility to not let the mod and th
  2. EDIT: I just updated this mod to add TAC-LS and Snacks compatibility, and updated to "modern" USI-LS balance standards. There may be errors or inconsistencies, and I am actively soliciting feedback from users to refine the balance. The 2.5m part supports one kerbal. The 3.75m part supports 3 kerbals. This isn't going to be anything groundbreaking, but I present the Panarchist Space Alliance greenhouse: This is a basic greenhouse using the model ZZZ put in public domain, coupled with configuration files for 2 parts which include support for RoverDude's "USI Life Support" mod, Sna
  3. BioMass Continued (Development Thread) Original Topic | Github (Original Dev Version, KSP 1.0.5) | Release Page (Github) | SpaceDock (coming after non-testing releases are made) (Development restarted! Thanks to @Roboto and @seanth for permission to continue this wonderful mod!) What is BioMass? BioMass is a mod that allows the Player to launch Greenhouses and related equipment for use in Space. These may be used to create a "closed-loop ecosystem" to provide Food, Water, Oxygen, WasteWater, Waste, Carbon Dioxide, Nutrients, and of course, BioMass. Each resource is us
  4. HI I am having issues with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. I can't get the Hab 2, Greenhouse or Science modules to deploy. I have used older versions of this with no issues. I can't even get the deploy option in the Action Groups in the VAB and SPH. Right click just gives me Autostrut and Rigid attachment. I am currently running KSP 1.2 and 1.2.2. Have the latest module manager and the latest version of other mods. Mechjeb and Docking Port Alignment Indicator. I have left a note for the developer, just wanted to know if anyone else has this issue? Thanks
  5. Looking for someone to make or direct me to a good inline greenhouse that I can use for a space station that works with USILS. I have the domes from the life support mod, but they're troublesome because I can't use them inline in a design (can have them hanging off the side but that does not really sit right with me, and its cumbersome to launch.) and have the greenhouses from Planetary Base Systems and USI colonization, but they're meant for ground bases and look great there, but clumsy on stations. Good orbital greenhouse, anyone?
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