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  1. EDIT: I just updated this mod to add TAC-LS and Snacks compatibility, and updated to "modern" USI-LS balance standards. There may be errors or inconsistencies, and I am actively soliciting feedback from users to refine the balance. The 2.5m part supports one kerbal. The 3.75m part supports 3 kerbals. This isn't going to be anything groundbreaking, but I present the Panarchist Space Alliance greenhouse: This is a basic greenhouse using the model ZZZ put in public domain, coupled with configuration files for 2 parts which include support for RoverDude's "USI Life Support" mod, Snacks, and TAC-LS. It requires one of those mods, and Module Manager (not bundled). It's meant for people who really like the styling of ZZZ's greenhouse and want to use it with USI-LS, TAC-LS, or Snacks. The PSA greenhouse comes in 2 sizes - 2.5m and 3.75m. The 2.5m greenhouse has the same mass and specs as the USI-LS greenhouse. The 3.75m variant sizes up appropriately. Due to time constraints, it's unlikely I will be updating this often - since it's a straight part mod with very simple animations, it's unlikely to break anytime in the near future with KSP upgrades, so even if the version number is old, it's likely you can continue using the mod without issues. That said, it *is* a mod, and as with all mods, the risk to your save game is all yours - ANY mod can potentially break KSP or destroy a save game, so PLEASE back up your saves before installing. LICENSE: Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license, and derived in part from RoverDude's configs, and config files from Angel-125 and linuxgurugamer. Model and textures are public domain and created by ZZZ. DOWNLOAD: Get it on Spacedock, or... Get it on Github SOURCE: It's configuration files, so the files *are* the source, or see the aforementioned Github link. LATEST RELEASE: v 1.5.1 on Nov 5th, 2018 - Added TAC-LS and Snacks support
  2. This is a public service announcement This post is not an official endorsement by Squad, Private Division, or Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Official Veterans Administration announcement here. Click here to register on Games to Grunts Steam and an organization called Games to Grunts have put together a deal for veterans of both the military of Canada and the United States. Although the announcement specifically refers to American veterans only, the parent company, Operation Supply Drop's website and sign-up page allows Canadian veterans the ability to get free games, too. The official announcement states: Studies have shown that video games help Veterans recover from some mental health challenges, providing an escape while boosting confidence, personal growth, leadership, and social connections. Operation Supply Drop’s Games to Grunts program supports community engagement to Veterans, military, and their families through video games. Most of the games they offer are on Steam, such as TEKKEN 7, Cooking Simulator, and Vietnam 65′, but other platforms are also available, like free XBOX Game Passes. All of the games are available through digital download codes. First come, first serve Game publishers and others donate game keys to Games to Grunts, which in turn distributes the games. Because not all games are distributed with unlimited keys, it is a first come first serve model. Eligibility is determined through ID.me, a third-party identify verification service that is also available to use on VA.gov. To sign up, visit the Games to Grunts website and create an account, or view the full list of games available. NOTE: If you are a Canadian, veteran, the page will use a third-party Canadian organization to verify your veteran status. From what I understand from the information available, the games for each platform differ from month to month and are limited in quantity. The titles and number available are at the discretion of the various companies which cooperate with Operation Supply Drop's efforts.
  3. This is inspired by a lot of Kerbal Mission Reports, and I've been wanting to create my own content for a while, but the real instigation was Angel-125's Heisenberg mod and his mission report. Then I found Plan Kappa, and I knew for sure that I wanted to do some sort of Mission Report / fictionalization of my main game save. Mod List Overview I wasn't a big fan of the existing nation maps of Kerbin, so I made my own. I've been using Kerbal Konstructs for some time, so this version of Kerbin contains Kerbinside, Kosmodrome, the BAD-T airfields, and possibly additional bits and pieces. The basic history is analogous to ours, sort-of. The Kerman Empire 2,000 years ago built roads all over the place, setting up the preconditions for truly world-wide trade. There was an equivalent to the Hanseatic League, and there was a Great War, which is sort of a combined WWI/WWII without the genocide. The sudden appearance of the monoliths brought everyone to the table to resolve their differences at least temporarily, and now there is an uneasy truce and a joint effort to explore the source of the monoliths. The general public isn't aware of the monoliths (yet). PSA - The Panarchist Space Alliance The PSA was formed at the end of the Great War to investigate the origin of the monoliths. Kerbin Kerbin at the time of this story has 22 nations - 5 major powers and 17 minor ones. Most of the national flags are from @UAL002 's awesome flag pack, but a few are my own design or adapted from materials online which are CC BY-NC licensed. (see comment below for details) The Major Powers Kermania: Kermania is an analog to Earth's Germany. Originally a loose federation of barbarian tribes in the days of the Kerman Empire, they overran and defeated that power before collapsing back into a dark age of anarky. Later, under Konstantine Kerman, the tribes consolidated into several warring nation states until Kaiser Vilhelm Kerman united them into the nation of Kermania. Kermania was a major player in the Great War - part of the Triaxial League: Kermania, Imperial Kermanovia, and Yitalia. Kermania started the war with the invasion of Polan in year -5. (Year 1939 in the old calendar) After the Great War, Kermanian scientists were instrumental in advancing rocket science to the point where manned space travel was possible. Kermanian rocket technology was pioneered during the war, and at the war's conclusion, on Year One, Day Three, Kermania launched the first orbital satellite - the first peaceful use of rocket technology, using a booster intended to launch a new weapon against the USK. South Kijani: The nation of South Kijani was originally neutral in the Great War, until Kermania invaded their territory to launch an offensive against the USK. South Kijani then sided with the USK to drive back Kermania and take the pressure off their occupation of Keltica. Union of Kerbalized Kommunist Republiks (UKKR): Formerly the Kingdom of the Kermanovs, Imperial Kermanovia became a member of the Triaxial League during the Great War and led the offensive against United Kerbdom until Kermanovian workers rose in revolt against their imperialist masters during the Red Oktober uprising. The new Kommunist state immediately sued for peace with the UK and signed a non-aggression pact which made them neutral for the remainder of the Great War. After the war, the UKKR established Area 110011, the preeminent test flight facility on Kerbin, and the KKVLA, a new radio telescope to detect signals from space. United States of Kerbin (USK): The USK was one of the Allied Powers in the Great War, and led the bulk of the fighting against Kermanian expansion. United Kerbdom (UK): United Kerbdom, in a flip of "real world" history, was originally a colony of the USK Which declared independence and established a constitutional monarchy. The Minor Powers Arabnia: The Kingdom of Arabnia has been ruled by the Al Kaud family for generations, and has been home to desert nomads and kamel farmers for far longer than that. The Kingdom appeared destined to remain a minor power until the discovery of Liquid Fuel. Exploration revealed that Arabnia contains Kerbin's largest reserves of Liquid Fuel, and the Kingdom has successfully leveraged that fact to earn a place at the table. Cratery Coast: (more detail to come) DPRK: The Demokratic People's Republik of Kerbin is a misnomer, as it is neither demokratic nor a republik. It is instead a military diktatorship established during the Kaoist Skism of 115 (Old Rekoning). The DPRK has no launch facilities of its own, but contracts with Republiko Simios for use of the facilities of Sanctuary Mouth. The Simios government has largely stepped back from the use of that facility, happy to keep the cash flowing. Goreyo: Goreyan culture is one of the oldest civilizations on Kerbin, and perhaps the least changed from its origins during the Big Split - the initial divergence of Kerbalkind from their pre-historic origins. Erryday: Erryday is known for their world-famous bobsledding team, their world-famous koffee, and their world-famous relaxed attitude. Indeed, it's amazing they ever get anything done. The nation is an island paradise, and their citizens work only an hour each day. (or as the residents say, erryday) Erryday's space program started the same way their bobsled team did - someone cracked a joke and said they'd never have one, so they went out and started one. Erryday contracts with New Batavia and the Cratery Coast to use their launch facilities at The Shelf and Hanbert Cape, respectively. Finnlund: Finnlund maintains the largest commercial fishing fleet on Kerbin. (more detail to come) Free Republik of Kerbin: The Free Republik of Kerbin split off from the USK many years ago, after the UK successfully broke away. Some of the early rebels wanted to call the new nation "Kexas", but were shouted down by those who thought there were already too many kountries with a "k" in their name. The Free Republik is a large island, and prides itself on the best beef in all of Kerbin, and was also the heart of the USK's Liquid Fuel industry before breaking away. Since becoming independent, that industry collapsed due to over-mining, and now the primary economy is beef, leather, outdoor equipment and enormous belt buckles. The Free Republik managed to stay out of the Great War, but because they wanted to - not because they were cowards. (and if you imply they are, they will give you "what for") Since the war, the FRoK keeps saying they're going to launch people into space, and that they have a great plan - the best plan ever, the highest rated plan anyone's ever seen. Rumor has it they have built a Top Secret facility in the island's interior. Hellenik Republik: The Hellenik Republik is the kradle of demokracy and the birthplace of Kerbal philosophy and science. Sokrates Kerman, Arkhimedes Kerman (before he moved to Syrakuse), Pythakoreus, Aristokle... the list goes on and on. The Republik wasn't always a republik, however - in years past it's been a kingdom, a military diktatorship, an oligarchy, matriarchy, patriarchy, a true democracy, and a libertarian dys/utopia (depending on who you ask). Every type of government has been tried, because the Helleniks are nothing if not experimental and ready to try anything. Most of the time, however, they have been a republic, though many think they are an autonomous collective. During the Great War, the Hellenik army successfully held off several Kermanian advances, and ultimately caused enough casualties that the Kermanic offensive found an easier target: South Kijani. The deciding battle was fought by 300 Kerbals under Leonidas Kerman in the battle of Kermopylae. Leonidas and his brave Kerbals all died, but the Kermanic advance was halted and several thousand Kermanians perished. The Helleniks have a small facility at Sea's End, on the inland sea. The facility is known more for its research than any real attempt at getting into space. Kanada: Kanada is another former colony of the USK, but one which was intended to be independent from the start. It was a place for every Kerbal who found the USK to be far too warm. Kanada is sometimes called the land of milk and honey, due to all the goats and the bees there. Kanada is also Kerbin's largest supplier of waffle syrup. Prior to the Great War, Kanada lost its southern province when Imperial Kermanovia expanded northward. Since the Revolution, Kanada has opened talks several times with the UKKR to get the regions around Boostershire Farms and Dundard's Edge back, but the UKKR has so far refused to hand back the land they took. Kanada has a small space program, but one of the best astronaut training centers on Kerbin - the Polar Research Center on the northern ice cap. Kanada is currently training the next crop of Kerbonauts for a mission to Duna. Celtika (or is it Keltica?): New Batavia: (more detail to come) Polan: (more detail to come) Republika de Santa Kruz: (more detail to come) Republiko Simios: (more detail to come) Skaibern Empire: The home in exile of the Kermanovs after being forced out of Kermanovia by the Oktober Revolutionaries. (more detail to come) Skotslund: Skotslund is Kerbin's airship capital, and home to all things considered strange on Kerbin - hakkis, kiltz, bagkipes, and golf. It's also home to ridiculous amounts of lifting gas, which not only got Skotslund's airship program literally off the ground, but provides hours or fun at parties when people breathe lifting gas and talk in high-pitched voices until they pass out. Yitalia: The home and birthplace of pasta, and the world's greatest shoes. Yitalians also originated lawn bowling. Yitalia was a member of the Triaxial alliance during the Great War, but when they learned that Kermania was planning to launch rockets against the USK, they defected from the alliance and claimed the Kwiss alps region of Kermania, moving troops up to capture the Messerkerman factory there. After the war, Timekeeping on Kerbin: 1 "Astronomical Unit" (AU) on Kerbin is 13,599,840,256 m (45.4 LS) Kerbin sits in a circular orbit with a 23.5° inclination respective to the ecliptic, which means Kerbin has seasons similar to those on Earth. It has a 600km radius, which is 1/10 that of Earth. Year 1, Day 1 coincidentally is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. (thanks to the mod "Harder Solar System" for the inclined orbit!) Sidereal Orbital Period: 9,203,545 s (426d 0h 32m 24.6s) Sidereal Rotation Period: 21,549.425 s (5h 59m 5.9s) Solar Day: 21,600 s (1d / 6h) Kerbin Year: 9,203,545 s (426d 0h 32m 24.6s) Kerbin has a "Leap" year every 12 years unless that year is divisible by 180 - but every 900 years *is* a leap year, and every 21,600 years is NOT. 1 year - 14 months of 30 days each, plus "Holiday", a 6 day intercalary month. (7 days on leap years) 1 light year (Kerbol LY) = 2,759,153,377,863.61 km 1 light year (Earth LY) = 9,460,730,472,580.8 km (3.43 Kerbol LY) Year 1, Day 1 is actually 1950.12.27 under the previous calendar, which dates back to the founding of the Kermanian Empire. It's been nearly 4,200 years since the beginning of recorded Kerbal history. Days: (5 weeks of 6 days each per month) Sunday | Munday | Dunaday | Joolday | Evesday | Sarnusday
  4. Thought this idea a long, long time ago when I first brought my laptop to boarding school (My school allows it anyways) & I was 'bashed' by my batchmate who's went crazy with Mobile Legends - Bang Bang (Indonesians can explain this even more). In short, MLBB is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena in form of a mobile game, developed by a Chinese game developer, Shanghai Moonton. It's on par with PUBG Mobile around Southeast Asia, but IMHO PUBG Mobile surged with popularity even more than the knockoff MOBA game (The game (MLBB), at early stages, blatantly used assets from League of Legends IIRC, not in form of 'free models'). In fact, some Indonesians, who is referred as 'player base' (Basically like major influencer or majority society) of MLBB chose KSP over MLBB and I hope this number will grow and eventually hit Malaysia as well. So right here I'd like to emphasise what's good about the universe of our lovely little green creatures as opposed to the dimensions of mostly PG18 Figures(Yes, some female characters have big / near-exposed stuff, really dangerous) (And false fictional claim on real-life inspired heroes including Gatotkaca (Indonesian hero legend) & Badang (Malaysian hero legend) (Yes, they still didn't take downnthe fictional claim on the loading screen)). Also, this thread is for discussing points to explain Pros of KSP to explain to someone notorious for bashing most people who play games like this (KSP). So here's my points : Pros of KSP Physics application. More exploration. More challenging, especially if you have Life Support mods installed. Wacky designs can be made; for fun, etc. Recreation of history are possible. Fancy shots are easy to be taken. Training on navigation skills Especially on planets with water bodies, looking for directions using the map view could make you good at reading maps. Cons of MLBB As mentioned earlier, PG18 (Parental guide for ages 18 and below). Not an original idea. 'Fictional content' disclaimer not removed even after at least two real-life inspired heroes added. Rages present; in fact, even worse than PUBG (And its mobile counterpart, Fortnite & Apex) No application on physics; the hero Fanny instantly jumps from 0 to 60 (?, didn't know how fast Fanny travelled with her grapple) Spacial Thanks to those Indonesians who chose the right way : (List is TBC, but several lines of text below are self-explanatory) @GRS @YNM @Mukita12 @Dimas152 @ARS @BlackWing Pilot And all the members of the Southeast Asian threads, including : And more Southeast Asian players of KSP.
  5. https://www.google.com/maps/space/iss/@29.5603808,-95.085575,2a,75y,41.85h,84.65t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sXD68A8T_h04AAAQvxgbyMw!2e0!7i10000!8i5000 I think you'll all enjoy this. Don't get lost!
  6. About mod update inquiries, aka "Please update your mod to (insert just-released KSP version here)" For everyone interested in updates to their favorite add-ons, please do not pester modders in the add-on thread, modders volunteer their time and requests or inquiries for updates just derail threads and will not make updates come any sooner. In case new KSP version is released and the mod is not advertised as compatible or supports only previous version: 1. Please make sure that at least a reasonable amount of time has passed since new KSP release. Modders may be well aware of new version and could announce the release themselves - asking them for update on the same day will not make it happen faster. 2. Before posting a request, please make sure that update was not already asked or announced in mod thread: - check the first post of the addon for news, - check the last pages on the thread, - use the search function in the thread with "update" as keyword. If the mod has an additional "development thread" please do a search there as well. 3. If someone has already requested the update or the modder announced it, please refrain from duplicating the inquiry. To add yourself to the appreciation crowd and/or show that you are a fan waiting for an update - consider using the Like-system and giving a "+ Like " to corresponding post: this will not result in an additional (distracting) email notification in the modder inbox, - but it will still be visible and noticeable for him/her on the forum. 4. If there is no news in the first post and no response - there is likely no update. 5. Modders are asked to keep their first posts up to date so their fans can stay informed. 6. If someone broke this guideline and pestered - please hit the "report" button, type "Mod update pestering" into the field and hit "send". Please refrain from responding with advisory post, aka "You should not pester for mods" - as that would fall into "backseat moderation". Thanks! Summary: If sufficient time has passed and update is neither announced, nor already asked by someone - a polite inquiry about an update is OK. Pestering is NOT OK, - just hit "+ Like " next to existing update instead of making a duplicate post - and then just give it some time. Please hit "report" button if you notice pestering. Thank you.
  7. Just messing around with the alt-f12 cheats menu when i found this: It's not intuitive at all. I don't know what most of those orbit parameters mean, and i think eccentricity is broken. However, it seems to have most of the features of Hyperedit. You can set your ship to orbit around another planet or rendezvous with other ships with it. I'm not sure if it can directly change your velocity or land your ship at certain coordinates or edit the orbits of planets themselves, but in its most barebones form, it looks a lot like hyperedit. I guess a lot of you have found this already, but if not, just thought i'd leave it here. P.S. You have to make sure you account for the planet's radius when you set height of your orbit, otherwise bad things happen.
  8. Plusses suddenly appearing in your thread title are the result of a bug that @Deddly just uncovered. It means a moderator on a mobile device tried to open your thread in a new tab. No need to panic, the sky isn't falling and the forums aren't about to explode (more than they usually do). The bug only affects moderators on mobile devices as far as we know, and can be avoided. I've just thrown this post up so people know what's going on. I'll unpin the thread when the seniors and admins get around to whacking this one.
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