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Found 3 results

  1. ALL HAIL THE VENERABLE FLEA! Very simple: Like a shaggy dog in need of a bath, your aircraft will be covered in fleas. So, using ONLY Flea engines for propulsion, build an aircraft that takes off and lands horizontally on proper wheeled landing gear, fly it to the Island Airfield and land safely. RULES: * Stock only parts. * You must fly. No ballistics. * You must land. No parachutes. * You must takeoff and land horizontally with wheeled landing gear. * You may use as many Flea engines as you like, and may shed them as
  2. So the last time I checked the island buildings are not destructable. Since the rest of the space center is destructible they should make the island buildings destructible too. What do you guys think?
  3. This is a simple challenge. Drop four Kerbals off on the Island, and return the vehicle to KSC as quickly as possible. The catch: You must do it in a VTOL aircraft. RULES: - Craft must take off and land vertically. - Craft must use airbreathing engines. Rockets not an option. - Stock parts only with the exception of informational mods such as KER and MechJeb. - Stock atmo. Default heating settings. - Passenger Kerbals must travel in enclosed pods. - Vehicle must be piloted by a Kerbal at all times. - No bits dropping off. - Passengers must be d
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