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Found 2 results

  1. The Kronkus system - Kopernicus Planet Pack by MrChumley This mod adds a ringed gas giant with 4 moons. It is ready for career mode with full integration into the stock game. Completely new biomes with custom science, and new secrets to discover. Textures have been optimized for quick loading, and low memory use. Includes: 1 GAS GIANT Kronkus: Huge purple ringed gas giant orbiting between Dres and Jool 4 MOONS Eahpeh: The icy shepherd moon that weaves its way through the rings of Kronkus. Kersex: It's the "Almost Kerbin" home away from home. A whole new frontier with towering mountains, desolate deserts, and fjords that stretch as far as the eye can see. Meelo: Next, is Meelo. The middle moon. Orbits outside Kersex. It's monotone colors are home to the most "sensible" moon in the Kronkus system. Scool: The outermost, tidally-locked, dusty snowball moon of the Kronkian system. Known issues: Kerbin space center "looks weird": Using Kerbin template causes the sky to be incorrect in the space center view. It is, however, correct in the flight view and the flight map view. Kersex has extra ground station(s): The extra ground station is hard coded into the Kerbin template (Which Kersex relies on) and cannot be removed (as far as I know). After extensive testing, I have determined that the extra base has minimal impact on gameplay. During career mode the station cannot be upgraded so its range is extremely limited. Enabling extra ground stations is not recommended. DOWNLOADS Kronkus Releases Source ________________________________________ (Requires Kopernicus and Module Manager) Supports: Optional: "FarOut" Contract Pack requires Contract Configurator Galactic Neighborhood Distant object enhancement bis New Horizons compatible Environmental visual enhancements (adds clouds to Kersex) Research bodies ________________________ Add this optional config file to your Kronkus folder if you want to move Kerbin into orbit of Kronkus: MoveKerbin.cfg <~~~ Right click & Save as Enjoy!
  2. Here it is: The OweeBooBoo Run The OweeBooBoo Run is a race! The OweeBooBoo run is a custom contract that gets offered in a career game after you have acheived orbit around Kersex (a Kerbin-like moon orbiting the gas giant Kronkus). You need the mods (Kopernicus, and Kronkus planet pack) for the planet, and (Contract Configurater, and FarOut contract pack) so that the custom contract will show up. It entails you flying to a checkpoint high in the mountains on Kersex, a timer starts, and then you fly as quickly as possible to another checkpoint located at the end of a huge canyon by the beach and complete the OweeBooBoo run contract. Fastest time Wins! To enter: Fly the OweeBooBoo Run custom contract in less than 5 minutes, and post a screenshot (or video) showing the time on the completed contract. Fastest time wins! Winners get a spot on the leader-board! (and fortune and glory) Hard Mode 1st: (none yet) 1st: MrChumley time-- 1m25.440s 2nd: (none yet) 3rd: (none yet) RULES Required Mods: Kopernicus ZIP (makes adding custom planets possible) Thanks @Thomas P. Module Manager (bundled with Kopernicus) Thanks @sarbian Contract Configurator ZIP (makes adding custom contracts possible) Thanks @nightingale Kronkus Planet Pack ZIP (adds a ringed gas giant with 4 moons, and a moon for Dres) FarOut Contract Pack ZIP (adds several custom contracts, also adds Kerbal Konstructs bases when used in conjunction with Kerbal Konstructs)) Optional: Asclepius ZIP (Adds Asclepius the planet with sand, oxygen, and canyons, and it's lonely moon Kruel) Kerbal Konstructs ZIP (add for bases on Kersex that you can launch stuff from) Thanks @Ger_space Kerbin-Side continued ZIP (adds additional buildings for use with Kerbal Konstructs) Thanks @AlphaAsh @Ger_space Waypoint Manager ZIP (add this to make waypoints visible in flight mode) Thanks @nightingale Other mods will be allowed. Please indicate what mods that you are using that have a direct effect on your time. I reserve the right to disqualify you from the leader-board in the rare case you use a mod I deem too "cheaty". Most part mods are ok... Even if they have insane thrust. Just ask if you are unsure. Hyper-edit, (and ALT-12 cheats) are allowed to position your craft for a run, and to orbit the planet initially, etc., but can not be used after the first checkpoint is reached. The craft you begin the OweeBooBoo run in should be the same craft that you finish in. Hard mode: Only 1 engine allowed. Please include craft in screenshot. (extra fortune and glory) Note: The Contract requires that you Orbit Kersex before the contract is offered. FarOut will only offer 3 total contracts at a time, and The OweeBooBoo Run can only be completed once (remember to F5!). Sometimes the OweeBooBoo contract refuses to show up even after repeatedly declining other FarOut contracts. You just have to be patient and check back after warping a few days. I had a lot of fun making and testing this particular contract. I think you will enjoy it too. Example entry screenshot: I understand that few players are willing to set up an entire new set of mods just to do one challenge. Part of what I am trying to do here is to generate some interest in mods that I am involved in, and to show off some creations that I have poured my heart and soul into for YEARS. There is more than one custom contract included. All my planets have custom science. Images have been compressed into .dds format for memory savings. You would not imagine the maths it took to get some of the orbital parameters (1:2:4:8 resonance of Kronkian moons, and a moon for Dres that is tidally locked to the sun). If you install this set of mods, it will open up a whole new avenue of career progression in game. Also- If there is a modder out there proficient in getting Scatterer to work on a new planet, and would be kind enough to consider contributing, your efforts would be most welcome. Tickets are free, there are a few mods to download, and you must provide your own ride. Good Luck!
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