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Found 3 results

  1. West Germanic Rocketry -- Development thread for the West Germanic Rocketry mod. -- I'd like to thank @DeltaDizzy and @DylanSemrau for teaching me the basics of Unity and KSP modding. Introduction The ultimate goal of this part pack is to introduce the often neglected rocket history of the large land mass between the US and Russia/USSR to KSP. Most of the parts in this mod will be based on old German and Austrian spacecraft - both real and imagined. While some of the adaptations will be more or less true to life in function and purpose, others will include a deal of
  2. Show off your standard launch vehicles off in this thread! I've noticed that there aren't any or much threads like these. After all, your standard launch vehicles should get appreciation. A launch vehicle is considered standard if you use it over and over again, not just once. My own standard launch vehicle: The Crew Transit Vehicle (CTV) I don't really have a standard cargo launch vehicle, my cargo are usually different. I always have standard Crew vehicles, for just getting to a space station, or an orbital hop. I might build some cargo haulers though.
  3. This is a repository for my shared launch vehicles. I started this thread because I've noticed that launch vehicles, unless they're for terrifyingly-large payloads or are replicas of real rockets, do not get much attention on the forums. I like spacecraft to look good through the entire duration of their use, and although the launch tends to be a rather small portion of that temporally it is still very important. I also enjoy designing launch vehicles, so this thread exists in part to showcase my designs. Requests I am happy to take requests for launch vehicles. I can design f
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