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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. I recently attempted a mission to kerbin's highest peak to complete an objective in career mode and this is what happened. First, here is a look at the craft I used, its a pretty basic rocket, it was able to get into orbit easily. After the rocket was done, it was time to launch! The launch went pretty well, as seen in the next few images. (I used Jedediah Kerman for the daring mission) After getting above 70,000 m, I coasted to my apoapsis, and did a burn to enter into kerbin orbit. Now that I was in kerbin orbit, I prepared to do a burn to change my inclination so it would match with the mountain's inclination. But before doing that, I decided to do a EVA Spacewalk. With the EVA complete. It was time to get back In the ship and do the burn, but, as I found out, I ran out of fuel before I could finish the burn. After loading a quick save I decided to give up on the mission for now and return back to the ground (or sea, because that's where I splashed down) I will reattempt this in Career Mode in the future, but if you have any tips or ideas to help me out, tell me below! This is JohnsterSpaceProgram, signing off until my next post!
  2. This may be old news for many, but this was new to me, so I thought I would share: Yesterday I was flying over some mountains, and since I was running low on fuel, decided to parachute out, figuring I would land in one of the valleys. I was quite surprised to see my chute open well above 5000 meters. I planted my flag on my first peak! Later on, I tried to do the same on the peak with radar dish near the southern pole, after spotting the dish on a flyby. However, I was unsuccessful. So, this morning I went into the handy Mission Builder and did some experimenting. I discovered that how high a parachute will open is contingent on the altitude of the terrain you are flying over. If I was right over it, it opened above 7000 meters: But if I was some distance away, the chute deployed, but did not fill until a far lower altitude. This shot was taken just after the chute filled: I can't figure out what the exact math is. It is not as simple as adding the surface altitude to your deployment height. But the coolest thing by far, I managed to land at the dish: And later, IN the dish: The dish was moving, so Bill slid all over the place. Whenever he slid over one of those bands you see in the picture, the "press f to climb" notice would pop up, but I never managed to grab onto anything or even get him standing. He wound up hung up on the edge of the dish, and I was unable to move him until he slid off on his own accord, and alas, died. I'm not sure what skill he was supposed to have that would have changed the outcome here...
  3. Wiki and Kerbalmaps say the peak is at 7526 m, but I've managed to land a rover there and got to 7541 m, 15 m higher than the official value. I'm using full terrain details. I wasn't aware of these changes, are they new? I'm using Realistic Atmospheres and pressure on top was 0.943 atm.
  4. I wanted a plane that could deliver goods in the mountains so I built one. It's got heavy duty linked all-terrain suspension and is able to take off from the very first section of the runway and at least land on the snowy tops of mountains at 5.4 km altitude (see screenshots). The name comes from the ridiculous looking suspension but in this case, function comes before form. Enjoy! see 77I- Praying Mantis STOL on KerbalX.com
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