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Found 2 results

  1. I work in aircraft maintenance, and it always fascinates me, how engineers have solved problems of detecting how fast, how high or in which direction an aircraft is moving. In KSP even debris knows exatly it's speed, altitude and a lot more of it's trajectory parameters. But in rocket science, knowing where your craft is going is one of the big challenges. It would add a nice extra insight into rocket building, if a player needs to "invent" speed-o-meters, altimeters or say compasses. This could be implemented in certain probe cores have different sofisticated flight data aquisition or radar tracking can be unlocked by upgrading the tracking station, etc. I don't even know if this is an idea, that would add playability to KSP or if anybody else likes it. Or is there even a mod that already supports my idea, I didn't find anything like it. Thanks, for your consideration. Richy
  2. If you love at-a-glance information on your flight conditions, detailed information about your orbital dynamics or upcoming transfer maneuver, then VOID is a solution for you! Is it the solution for you? Give it a try and find out! I've long used VOID to fill the void (doh!) for detailed orbital, surface, and vessel information without adding any new functionality that other mods may focus on. As I find new data that I "need" for my missions, I've been slowly adding information to my own VOID displays and am honored to continue development following Iannic-ann-od's stellar release series. Many thanks Iannic-ann-od! As before, credit where it's due to code and/or calculations by cybutek, Younata, Adammada, Nivvydaskrl, mrenigma0, r4m0n, The_Duck, Cilph, and Innsewerants, used with permission and/or under license. This software uses VesselSimulator and Engineer.Extensions from Engineer Redux. Engineer Redux © 2013-2014 cybutek, Padishar, et al Used by permission. DOWNLOADS: GitHub for 1.1.0-beta: [zip] SpaceDock: [zip] Not SpaceDock: [zip] [tar.gz] [tar.xz] 1.0 BETA: [zip] [tar.gz] [tar.xz] CHARITY: Do you like what you see here so much that you can't imagine downloading it without first parting with your hard-earned money? If so, this specially-crafted PayPal donation button will help you to take the currency of your choice and make it my money instead of your money. More seriously though: donations are 100% optional and entirely at your own discretion. If you do choose to donate, I'll appreciate it! INSTALL: 1. Unpack archive into /path/to/KSP_folder/GameData. 2. ??? 3. Profit! USAGE: * Click the VOID icon, hopefully located somewhere near the middle-to-bottom left of your KSP screen. * Go to the "Misc" menu and "Change icon position" to move the icon to your liking. * Enable or disable other informational windows as you please! TODO: * Revisit transfer angle calculations. * Revisit pressure indication. * Revisit localization and find translators <insert trilingual, bilingual, American joke here>. * Revisit data logging. * Add HUD customization features. CHANGELOG: LICENSE:
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