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Found 4 results

  1. Your challenge is as follows: 1. Select a historical spacecraft to replicate from the list below (but don't forget to Kerbalize it!) Sputnik 1 (LKO) Hubble Space Telescope (LKO) JWST (HKO around Minmus's orbit) ISS (LKO) Apollo 15 (Mun) Apollo 11 (Mun) Curiosity (Duna) Juno (Jool) Voyager (flyby of Jool to Kerbolar escape) Viking (Duna) Venera 11 (Eve) Luna 16 (Mun) 2. Land one of the following on its target body. 3. Submit your ship! Required screenshots: 3-A. Your ship in the VAB, with part count and mass. 3-B. Your ship on the launchpad. 3-C. Your payload in the target orbit. (For lander: Your ship in orbit of the body to be landed on) 3-D. Your lander(if used) on the target body. Badge (any completed mission) Featherweight Badge (any mission below 10 tons) Above and Beyond Badge (exceeding requirements, i.e. realistic launcher, realistic orbit, etc.) Please note: Every time you do a mission, you get a badge. MODS ALLOWED DLCs are, of course, allowed. MechJeb and other autopilot mods are allowed. Ask before you use a part mod. Mods that actually add any of the ships above are NOT allowed! That is classed as cheating. A major part of this challenge is the creativity needed to create these replicas. LEADERBOARD Unmodded @Akagi -Juno mission. 250,350 funds, 66 parts. 850.198 tons. STOCK. Done without NERVs or ions. Accurate orbit, semi-accurate launch vehicle. Above and Beyond! @QF9E - Apollo to Tylo. 220,959 funds, 212 parts. 561.069 tons. STOCK + DLC. Above and Beyond! Awesome down to the ULLAGE MOTORS! @Akagi - Sputnik 1. 20,034 funds, 93 parts. 17.316 tons. STOCK. This one and Juno are the only two ones I'm going to do. @Kerb24 - Sputnik 1. 29,572 funds, 48 parts. 55.678 tons. STOCK. Using accurate engines for once... @Falcon 09 Andy - Sputnik 1. STOCK. @QF9E - Luna 16. 32,797 funds, 74 parts. 75.134 tons. Above and Beyond! A spectacular lander, a not-so-spectacular launcher... @4D4850 - Venera 11. funds, parts. tons. Inaccurate launch vehicle, but no parachutes! *unfinished* @QF9E - Venera 11. funds, parts. tons. Accurate launch vehicle, no parachutes! *unfinished* @Kerb24 - Literally the ENTIRE ISS. Above and Beyond! Modded @Scarecrow71 - Sputnik 1. Stock + DLC. 19,459 funds, 23 parts. 43.420 tons. Above and Beyond for accurate orbit and launch vehicle! @BuranAce - Juno. BDB for Atlas V and solar panels. funds, parts. 0.00 tons *unfinished*
  2. I recently made a R-7 with a Soyuz in Kerbal Space Program and was pretty happy with my results but I kept feeling like it wasn't realistic enough but I'm not sure where to start. Can I get some constructive critism and ideas of what to include so I can have a design that closely mirrors the current iteration of the Soyuz and R-7 Launcher? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2481446423.
  3. A LONG TIME AGO IN A KSP GAME NOT THAT FAR AWAY... Meet the TIE Striker! It's a replica of said craft from the new movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Described in the fiction as "a streamlined starfighter" meant primarily for atmospheric patrols over Imperial installations, this TIE fighter variant is a two-seater! The front seat is the cockpit, and the rear a passenger/copilot seat. On this replica, both are functional. However, a word of warning: Due to the size limitations inherent with replicas of this type, the TIE Striker has limited LF/O fuel, so if you want to get creative with it, be sure to enable infinite fuel in the cheats menu. In addition, due to how TIEs weren't really designed to fly under real-life aerodynamic conditions, the Striker doesn't fare too well in atmospheric flight. More shots from a TIE Striker over Laythe Scarif: For the Empire! Download Link
  4. I'm back! Winter break is upon us, and at last I can return to build new aircraft! While I was at school, I sketched out some designs from one of my favorite movies... hell, one of my favorite single pieces of fiction, Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I love the series for a lot of reasons, and one of them is the aircraft. Such unconventional, instantly recognizable designs. They're almost characters in their own right. I've worked on a few designs from Nausicaa in the past, most notably a recreation of the Corvette from waaay back in the souposphere. I just barely got it to fly, but this was before the Mark 3 parts were even introduced, and I never finished that build to my satisfaction. However, the new parts that were introduced in 1.0.5 suddenly made it possible to attempt the build again. After I made one, I couldn't stop myself from making more. So, without further ado... Nausicaa's Glider (The Mehve) This one's teeny tiny, but it was fun to work on and tons of fun to fly! I might come back and do more work on this, cause I'm not all that satisfied with how it flies right now, but that's a project for another time. KerbalX Download The Corvette This is the first thing I built when I got home from school, and I was shocked at how simple it was to put together. I didn't even have to go through my usual design process (of six or seven redesigns). I just slapped wings on the fuselage, and it just worked, no tinkering required. When I did do some tinkering, it started flying better than I could have hoped. KerbalX Download The Bumblecrow Now this is the one I never expected to work. It's probably the largest aircraft I've worked on, and I think you'll be amazed at how it flies. Despite it's bizarre design, it actually can fly. Not very well, granted, but a lot better than you'd expect. It's not really a mover, and it sure as hell ain't a looker. It's more of an... exister. It works in defiance of all expectations. KerbalX Download I might try working on some other designs later, but those were the big ones. Have fun with em, folks!
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