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Found 6 results

  1. Having destroyed the engines on my landable launch-stages in Career one too many times because there is no landing leg in the game large enough to land a Mainsail (or in my case, a cluster of Mainsails) without either heavy part-clipping of the engines or putting the legs on the ends of wings (which is draggy, structurally-weak, and makes it harder to maintain aerodynamic stability during an engines-first re-entry), and had even more launch stages tip over after landing, I am BEGGING for some larger stock landing-legs. Nothing too fancy. Just BIG. Maybe a 400 kg mass leg part? (this sho
  2. Show of the biggest SpaceShip/Spaceplane You built! (Tweakscale and HangarExtender allowed)
  3. Disclaimer - I searched links to common suggestions, and title searched the forum back 1 year and couldn't find anything to say that this one had been beaten to death previously. It probably has to be honest as I'm quite surprised nothing came up in a search. Note - This is not a thread to discuss fairings themselves, but specifically the fairing part, or what forms the "base plate" part. Please feel free to discuss, but try and steer away from "boo spaghetti" or "down with orange banding" if possible . Without further ado: FAIRING PARTS SUMMARY
  4. I've noticed that a lot of mods use extra sizes besides the stock ones. This is great, and adds a huge amount of flexibility. However, besides a few like 1.875m and 5m, a lot of them are ill-defined, and other aspects, like node size and bulkhead profiles, are even more poorly standardized, and there is often little consistency. Size Scale Diameter Real-life Bulkhead Node Size 0.1 0.125 0.2 0 Size 00 0.25 0.3
  5. I have been playing with one of the rover wheels making some new parts out of them and resizing and tweaking them but I am getting some issues with anything under 0.5 in scaleFactor hovering instead of connecting with the ground. I have changed the FitWheelColliderToMesh to true and googled about and tried messing with the suspension values but to no avail. Closest I can get is to lower the visible wheel but the rest of the rover is separated from the wheel itself including the top half of the suspension. they stay raised up and it becomes stuck as if it's belly is on the ground. Can any
  6. I know about all of the RSS and texture mods, but is there a mod that makes the sizes of the stock planets and other objects realistic?
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