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Found 13 results

  1. I'm trying to build a large scale cargo SSTO at the moment but my struts keep on getting sent to the cornfield. While I'm waiting for the game to unbreak itself, It'd be cool to see what everyone else has been able to throw together on the large side of things. What's the biggest thing you've managed to get off the runway and in to space? What's the heaviest payload it's carried? Single Stage, or assisted in some way? Have you build anything cool in orbit with it, space shuttle style? I'd love to see what cool designs are out there.
  2. Is there a mod that adds bigger ion engines and is compatible with 1.12x? Thanks for your replies!
  3. Let me know what other mods I should add! Everyone, give a vote! Sorry if I can’t add your suggestion, the forum only allows 20 choices
  4. I found a new way (at least to me) to keep large things rigid without mods or craft file editing. Meet Brutis This dude is fing massive (slightly larger than the sph) and honestly flies really good. Only problem is if you take it above 250m/s it rips itself apart, have fun with that. It has the ability to save the crew, land and carry cargo what more do you need? It can carry about 750 tons and still take off, 800 if you strap rockets to the side and pray. It also can climb nearly straight up under full power, and carries enough fuel to fly for nearly 6 hours when cruising. If you need to get something from one place to another this is the plane to do it. Keys are 1 - lights 2 - ladder 3 - thrust reverser 4 - shut down all but cruising engines 5 - open back door 6 - open back hanger 7 - open front door 8 - open front hangar steam link with more pictures https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565539532 and here is the craft file https://drive.google.com/open?id=12-asM-do7sFjT0I6UhvIL8Hsgjrt0g8a
  6. Show of the biggest SpaceShip/Spaceplane You built! (Tweakscale and HangarExtender allowed)
  7. Has anyone ever made a huge vessel for colonization? If so, post pictures, why you made it, how it was made, and where it went! I’m trying to get inspiration for a heavily modded play through where my ultimate goal is to colonize everywhere, and I like the idea of Arkships. Surely I’m not the only one with this idea... right?
  8. Welcome to my thread(I'm new to the forums) and here I post my big, small and everything in between creations
  9. Hello fellow Kerbonauts, I'm here today to pose the question of how do I make my interplanetary vessels not wobble in orbit? I have a constructed an interplanetary vessel in orbit, that will hopefully be capable of reaching Jool. It's held together by Clamp O Tron Sr's, apart from an attachment node thingy in the middle where there are four regular clamp O trons, in which I hope to add a small lander, a resource extraction system, and a couple of other bits and bobs. However, the vessel wobbles terribly when I try to move it, and this is without the extra things on it. Any help is appreciated, as I'd like to get Jool done and over with, so I can restart my Career in RSS/RO. Thank's in advance, Stelum
  10. Hi all, Early on in my career game Lageranda Kerman managed to get herself stranded in low Kerbol orbit. It took several failed rescue attempts to teach me just how far down the gravity well that is. In fairness, there was no way the Terrier's and FLT-800's I had access to at the time were going to cut it. I've come a long way since them, and am determined to bring that kerbal home no matter what the cost! (And for my own gameplay reasons, preferably without resorting to Xenon tech). I'm completing work on a huge, single-launch behemoth that will establish a research and mining base on Moho, then use it as a refueling depot for my low-Kerbol rendezvous. This is roughly what it looks like so far: Initially I attached my boosters like so, and am able to get this into orbit fairly reliably: But for realism (and aesthetics) I'd like to wrap that equipment at the top up in a more aerodynamic fairing. Unfortunately I kind of backed myself into a corner by not having everything coalesce down to a single convenient attachment from which to build the fairing. I could stick it between the mining rig and tanker, but the tanker's un-aerodynamic reaction wheels would still be exposed. Note the reaction wheels are welded into a single part with most of the tanks below, and I don't want to break them up. Also don't want to stick anything between the rig's thrusters and the damage-protecting "thrust plates" below them (which eject after use). I wish I could start my fairing from the top and close it to the surface of my tanker, but that doesn't seem to work. So I figured, let's just throw more funds at the problem and encapsulate the whole shebang in Kerbin's biggest egg - with some assistance from Procedural Fairings (which lets you attach boosters directly to the fairings, helping me avoid a rocket too tall to fit in the VAB): Launch could have gone better... Liftoff was actually fine until separation of the first pair of boosters. What's weird is the F3 Flight Results didn't report anything wrong until later in the RUD than I would have expected. Slowing this down and going frame-by-frame, I discovered that as soon as I detached two of the boosters, all the struts holding the other ones broke as well! And that happened before anything at all (other than "Separation of Stage 21 confirmed") was reported in Flight Results. 1 frame before separation: 1 frame after separation: I played around with different AutoStruts settings on the boosters, fairings and fairing base, with varying results from a craft that wouldn't stand up on the launchpad to boosters that all fell off the egg before launch. I suspect the problem is my boosters need moar struts to something on the inside of the fairing - but it's kind of hard to attach them with the fairing in the way. Any suggestions? Any radically different ideas on making this beast aerodynamic? p.s. Note those boosters each consist of only 3 parts: - Tanks, Separatrons and decoupler (1 weldment) - Mammoth engine (stock) - Parachute (Mk2-R scaled up 4x) I can share my craft files and parts if anyone wants to play with this. I don't want to split it up into separate launches so please don't suggest that :-). Edit: Simply right-clicking one of the boosters while on the launchpad and decoupling it also causes my ship to fall apart. Edit: The problem isn't specific to that pair of boosters. If I remove them from my craft, it launches just the same and the struts all disappear when I stage next pair (which are now first to stage).
  11. I'd like to introduce the Deep Space Explorer William Klark: Craft file can be found on KerbalX. It requires the PSA Greenhouse, which can be found on Spacedock. It also needs a whole laundry list of mods if you're going to download it: Mods Required: USI-UKS USI-LS USI-FTT USI Orion KSO (Space Station parts) KIS KPBS DarkSide Technologies DeepFreeze Continued Kerbodyne Plus PSA Greenhouse RemoteTech Tweakscale kOS (for 1 part) PSI Greenhouse Mods Strongly Recommended: OSE Workshop Extraplanetary Launchpads Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Modular Fuel Tanks Ship Details: DSE-02 William Klark Parts: 115 (122 with Conventional "Booster") Mass: 1,501,670kg (1501.67 tons - over 3 million tons with booster) Crew Complement: 24 design load, but can have up to 36 "regular" crew members plus up to 24 additional frozen crew Maximum Accommodations: 81 Propulsion: Korion Nuclear Pulsed Propulsion Propulsion Fuel / Reaction Mass: NPU-500 nuclear shaped charges (10,000 units) ISP: 15,000s Power: (2) USI/General Atomiks 1.25m Fission Reactors - total capacity 460EC/s Secondary Propulsion / Attitude Control: (8) Kerbodyne R-D HLRX4 Thrusters Electric Charge: 14,080 Supplies: 88,600kg Machinery: 493,290kg Fertilizer: 40,300kg Material Kits: 131,200kg Specialized Parts: 42,336kg Liquid Fuel: 144,000kg (677,000kg with Booster) Oxidizer: 176,000kg (826,000kg with Booster) Enriched Uranium: 14,195kg NPU-500: 100,000kg So, what's this all about, anyway? Well, my main game since 0.18 has been a sandbox game (since that pre-dated the current career mode), and while that game save is long gone, I've been working on another sandbox game which has a progression from early spaceflight to bases on the Mun and Duna, and eventually exploration of Jool and parts unknown. I game on a MacBook Pro, so now that we finally have 64-bit, I've been able to load up a ridiculous number of mods, and I've really enjoyed looking at Cercani (The Other Worlds mod for Kopernicus). I didn't want to use an Alcubierre warp drive to get there, though, and the other options out there weren't really what I was looking for. Then @RoverDude published his nuclear rockets mod (ok, technically I think it's still in development), and I fell in love - since I am totally obsessed over the Orion program from the 60s. I also loaded up the Outer Planets mod, so I have Other Worlds and Outer Planets both integrated in and waiting for Kerbals to visit. So I started trying to design a "realistic" deep space ship to journey to Cercani. I'm not 100% sure, but based on armchair calculations, I think I can get the DSE-02 to Cercani in under 2 kerbin-years. So that's the mission, and the goal: to load up Jeb, Bob, Bill, Valentine, and 20 of their fellow Kerbonauts and journey father than any Kerbal has ever gone before - and in the meantime, the successors to the DSE-02 can visit Jool, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon, and Plock. I haven't seen a lot of large deep space ship designs out there (when I say "a lot", I mean more than 20), and none that looked the way I would design one, so I thought I'd share it with folks in case they wanted to fly it. The DSE-02 uses something like 14 mods at minimum, including one I just uploaded to Spacedock with a greenhouse. Technically, it should also have the following patch put somewhere that Module Manager can see it: // OKS Workshop mod //Add OSE Workshop capabilities to the OKS Workshop @UmbraSpaceIndustries:AFTER[UmbraSpaceIndustries] //Edit USI after USI has been processed @PART[OKS_Workshop]:NEEDS[Workshop] //Edit the part OKS_Workshop if OSE Workshop is installed //The Workshop OKS Module is smaller, less efficient than the Fabricator { MODULE { name = OseModuleWorkshop ConversionRate = 1.0 // How much of a parts mass needs to be processed until it is done ProductivityFactor = 0.05 // How much units of the resource a processed per second UpkeepResource = ElectricCharge // This resource will be consumed 1 per second during processing InputResource = MaterialKits // This resource will be used to process the items MinimumCrew = 1 // Amount of Kerbals needed for the Workshop to work MaxPartVolume = 1000.0 Animate = true } MODULE { name = OseModuleRecycler ConversionRate = 0.15 // How much of a parts mass will be recycled ProductivityFactor = 0.1 // How much units of the resource a processed per second UpkeepResource = ElectricCharge // This resource will be consumed 1 per second during processing OutputResource = MaterialKits // This resource will be created MinimumCrew = 1 // Amount of Kerbals needed for the Recycler to work } RESOURCE { name = ExoticMinerals amount = 0 maxAmount = 200 isTweakable = True } RESOURCE { name = RareMetals amount = 0 maxAmount = 200 isTweakable = True } } This MM patch allows the OKS workshop near the bow to act as an OSE worksohp for parts up to a volume of 1,000. I didn't feel the UKS Fabricator matched the style I was aiming for on this ship. Note that using this patch is kind of subverting RoverDude's intent re: part balance in UKS, so use at your own risk and discretion. The intent of the design is for a crew of 24, who live in the spinning centrifuge habitats, and work in the workshop, shipyard, command centers, and the Kerbitat near the stern (which is supposed to be the "engineering" section of the ship. Probably 4 pilots, 8 scientists, and 12 engineers. Once the ship is underway, the crew would enter the DeepFreeze units and hibernate for a good portion of the 2 year journey to Cercani. They'd need to be woken up though, so perhaps a couple crew members would stay awake for the trip in case anything happened. The ship uses Tweakscale on a couple of parts, most notably the inflatable heat shield on the front, which serves as a whipple shield to prevent cosmic dust from damaging the ship, and also allows aerobraking. I may end up doing some YouTube videos or something of the trip, though I'm not sure how to do that and have them be interesting. We'll see. Anyway, enjoy, and I hope that I've posted something that was at least worth the read. Hope you're all building some awesome spaceships/stations/spaceplanes out there! EDIT - Oh, I forgot! There are 2 main reasons I'm using the Kerbodyne Plus mod (other than "because it's awesome"). First, there are some excellent hypergolic RCS units with some real kick, which DSE-02 needs to turn in any reasonable amount of time. Second, launching a Nuclear Pulse Propulsion rocket from the surface isn't politically tenable on Earth, and perhaps not on Kerbin either. For Orion in the 1960s, an idea was floated to build a gigantic Nova booster to loft it to an altitude where it (Orion) could be safely lit off. I've taken that approach here, and have a Kerbodyne Plus "Behemoth" cluster at the bottom to get things off the ground. Otherwise the ship pogoes on the launch pad when the first NPU-500 detonates, and it destroys the launchpad. (while realistic, not desirable)
  12. So i made a 747 with many mods installed(don't ask how many,there are a lot,ill list em as soon as I can).It flies good but has some landing issues(very small).Vmu speed is 110m/s https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?qzcr7ih5dfb9f4q https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?ja8xwlb3wwwwghl custom action group 1-engine 1 and 3 2-engine 2 and 4 3-flaps increase 4-flaps decrease 5-thrust reverse 6-enable motor for landing gears(adjustable landing gear mod) 7-spoilers
  13. whenever i buld a BIG craft,it always fall. normaly ,you just add more strut, but my computer just doesn't like strut, and lag REAL BAD if i add many struts, so does anyone know how to build a big ship without using many struts? or just some building tip, because i can build spacecraft that can travel to mun, minmus, but not other planets, like EVE ore Duna. Please help P/S how do you switch the forum layout, i accidently click on the Switch Layout button and now it's look like something you would see on a Iphone or something.
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