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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to build a large scale cargo SSTO at the moment but my struts keep on getting sent to the cornfield. While I'm waiting for the game to unbreak itself, It'd be cool to see what everyone else has been able to throw together on the large side of things. What's the biggest thing you've managed to get off the runway and in to space? What's the heaviest payload it's carried? Single Stage, or assisted in some way? Have you build anything cool in orbit with it, space shuttle style? I'd love to see what cool designs are out there.
  2. Okay I have a space plane that can't takeoff at the current runway length so how bout a longer, MUCH longer runway?
  3. I don't think I've ever seen a craft's maiden voyage go quite so smoothly as this one did. Whether it was my steady hand on the controls (not) or just a fantastic design, who can say? The latest in the SexyLifters series is here! This modular and expandable asparagus-staged beast in its baseline configuration (2 asp stages, 2 stacked stages) provides 45,000 kN of thrust at launch and can lift 400,000kg into an 80km orbit with some delta-V to spare. Of course, with that much thrust, she could easily lift 1,200,000kg, but you would need to add asparagus stages to provide the delta-V to get that to orbit, and we all know about that tyrant Tsiolkovsky (more fuel means more mass which means more fuel and more engines maybe, which also means more fuel). Anyhow, 400,000kg, as it turns out, is quite a bit of mass, so here's some shots of the reference payload (375,000kg) being launched - and it was beautiful! Download the craft from KerbalX! As always, YMMV and all warranties are void if the craft leaves the VAB. Danny. Thanks for downloading and upvoting my crafts!
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