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Found 6 results

  1. NOTE: KSP 1.4 (either full release or latest pre-release, or 1.4.X) is required for SpaceY 1.17 or later. SpaceY Heavy-Lifter Parts Pack Required Dependencies: ModuleManager Cooperates with other mods: TweakScale FAR / NEAR AVC (Add-on Version Checker) Engine Ignitor Community Tech Tree HotRockets! DefaultActionGroups (To enable automatic toggling of SAS light on radial reaction wheels) as of version 1.10 IndicatorLights Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nic
  2. NOTE: SpaceY Expanded 1.4 requires KSP 1.4! NOTE: Requires ModuleManager and SpaceY Heavy Lifters as dependencies! SpaceY Expanded Optional Parts Add-On for SpaceY-Lifters SpaceY Expanded is an optional expansion to the SpaceY Heavy Lifters, adding 7.5m parts and other accessories that go beyond the original intent of the original main pack. NOTE: Requires ModuleManager and SpaceY Heavy Lifters as dependencies! Cooperates with other mods: TweakScale FAR / NEAR AVC (Add-on Version Checker) Engine Ignitor Community
  3. What it says on the tin; i'm wondering if any mod adds reaction wheels for 5M and 7.5M parts? And i'm aware that RCS is a thing; sadly even monoprop tanks over 2.5M aren't a thing it seems. I'm also aware what i'm doing is kinda non-standard for even non-standard stuff so i'm not going to be shocked if the answer is a resounding "No"
  4. Hey follow Kerbonauts Today i finished my most complicated project so far. An Imeprial Star Destroyer amd i thought i want to share it with you It really was a complicated project, since it is "Fully Space Flight Capable" and is launched from the Space Center. The full Launch system consists of around 800 Parts, the Star Destroyer itself of around 500 parts. The Structure is easy to get to Orbit with RCS and SAS activated during the early flight. It is lifted by 4 Main Boosters on the Side and 1 Little Booster down below the middle engine. It generates little over 1 G thrust at the
  5. The first of a two-part tribute to SpaceY Heavy-Lifter Parts and SpaceY Expanded, a set of KSP mods for making massive rockets, by Necrobones. If this seems particularly silly, I blame sleep deprivation -- which, incidentally, makes for particularly silly rockets.
  6. I understand one of the common (and legitimate in my experience) criticisms of Career mode is that it's grindy - completing random contracts to put useless satellites into useless orbits, or extract 10,000 units of ore from Eve to deliver to Gilly, or build a base with 5,000 units of liquid fuel on Moho... in order to earn enough money to fund missions you actually want to do. I find this is primarily a problem towards the late game, where A. The solar system really opens up and enters "sandbox" mode. Early on your sources of funding (Make orbit, plant a flag on the moon, etc) often coincid
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