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Found 6 results

  1. Revamping in 1.2 Avera9e's Visual Ultimatum 49 non-part mods to enhance stock visual sound and veteran career gameplay. ARE YOU A STOCK PART PURIST? VETERAN TIRED OF SCIENCE GRIND?? VISUAL ENHANCEMENT FANATIC?!? Then we are agreed. Hello everyone, I hope you like my header... as it states, this is a compilation of the greatest visual/stock part enhancing mods out there including Stock Bug Fix modules, CollisionFX, KCT, a new sunflare, custom textures, matching toolbar icons, and a list of mods specifically for use in video editing. This i
  2. Hello everyone, Is Squad going to add more stock parts? I know they have added some in the past, the making history expansion will be coming out and the recent release of 1.3.1 patch but I was hoping they can add more modern parts into the game. Does anyone know? Also, what do you all think they should add?
  3. Real Control Surfaces Almost all controls in KSP run on mana. You don't need hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical power to operate elevons, landing gear, steering, brakes, cargo bay doors etc. Not only that, all flight controls are immune to compressibility effects, something that has killed many pilots during WW2, before powered assist became available. So I've built this ugly duckling to address this issue. Yes you can laugh at its appearance but it flies well, although like all airplanes it has a few quirks. The only thing that might int
  4. This topic is to develop guidelines for optimizing a space station. I would like to limit it to stock parts, since mods can easily change the rules that will apply. So what makes your space station work well? Some guidelines I like to follow: 1) Keep the part count as low as possible. This has more to do with performance than gameplay. This is just to avoid performance lag as you dock new parts/ships. Keep this in mind as you add parts such as strut connectors, batteries fuel tanks, ladders & solar panels. They all add up. As rule of thumb go for the largest part you c
  5. Factorizing values... Calculating trajectories... Treating kessler syndrome... Results: A lot of numbers. What I found out with a (hacked) K.E.R. was that engines in the stock game are about 200 to 300% less efficient than they should be. Thus meaning, your mün rocket should have enough delta-V to get you at least to Eeloo. So I made a fix. Release in 2 weeks. LOADING...
  6. Real Aircraft & Inspiration This concept was inspired by a combination of NASA and Air Force test programs from the late 1960's and early 1970's, specifically the X-24B project, which was arguably one of the most successful lifting body aircraft of the era. It was far more maneuverable then previous X craft and had sufficient performance to change runways before landing at Dryden. The X-24's concept would lead to the direct development of the ISS X-34 project (which was cancelled) and later the US Air Force X-37 spacecraft. MSP T-5B "Top Flight" Development of th
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