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Found 11 results

  1. Last month when I was surfing in the forum for topics about 0.17, I found a topic about Eve return. I was shocked by this idea, which was treated as impossible before. I did tons of testing but none of these designs succeed entering Eve orbit. But, just before I give up, a video of Scott Manley appeared. He made it. I copied his craft and made some tiny tweaks, reduced this craft's part count. So, let's return his miracle!
  2. So I saw The Beardy Penguin's for all kerbalkind sample return mission and was wondering what calculations I would need to make to perform such a feat (dumb it down if possible, math is not my strong suit) (video) at 28:20
  3. Ok, this is the first time playing in Career mode, basically first time playing the game and I need some recommendation. I have started venturing outside the Kerbin influence. I don't have any mod, but I'm using the calculators to reach other planets: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/#/Kerbin/100/Eve/100/false/ballistic/false/1/1 https://ksp.olex.biz/ So, I have reach Eve without problems. I have more than 5600m/s of delta v. I tried to overestimate the fuel. One of my problems, is that rotating inverse? or rotating to Eves retrogade I have a few questions: - Should I change the direction of the rotation of the ship? - I understand the Ejection angle and the Phase angle (although I'm eyeballing most of the time), how can I measure the ejection inclination? - Without any other mod, is it possible to get this angles? - How should I return to Kerbin? BTW, Its the year 30 and day 147. The calculator recommends the best window will come on the year 31 day 51, but I'm trying to force the return. Thanks
  4. It's certainly been a while since I abandoned this place, but I've started getting back into KSP and with all this new chatter about a sequel I felt it was high time to get back in the game... well, forum. As a 17 year old with many adjustments having transpired in my mind, I feel that my behavior / maturity and ability to dedicate myself to KSP's community has dramatically improved, as has my abilities in all areas, including playing the game. I am pleased to announce that 2 days ago I landed on Eeloo and returned safely for the first time! It's good to be back!
  5. I have been trying my hardest to design a lander that is capable of surviving an Eve re-entry, and being able to return from sea level. My main problems are first that the lander needs to be quite big and so I need big rockets to haul them into orbit. Sometimes they are not light enough to get into LKO. The second issue is that I am trying to at least land on actual land and not the ocean so Jeb can plant a flag and the rocket can stay upright on landing legs. The problem with that is mainly that I don't know how to do atmospheric precision landings on Eve. Any tips?
  6. Hey y'all! I'm getting ready to send my first kerbals interplanetary, but I'm not sure how much dV I need to get from Kerbin to Duna orbit (not landing yet, but I'll get there eventually) and back. I might try and do aerobraking around Kerbin, but not sure if I'll do it around Duna. Thanks in advance to all of you who help! Also, this is probably somewhere else in the forums, but I can't find it. Again, thanks! P.S. if this is in the wrong area, I apologize for not being able to find my way around the forums yet... *shrug*
  7. I am designing my first Mun Lander. I am using Kerbal Engineer Redux and I've had a look at the dV chart. I've decided on a 3 stage 2 Kerbal mission. 1) The lifter - Carries the two other stages to LKO ~ 3500dv 2) The transfer / return stage - Carries 2 Kerbals Lander will be docked with this. ~1500 dv 3) The Lander - Carries 1 Kerbal - has a materials bay, goo, temp, barometer, and seismograph. 1400dV (600 dv land 600dv up and 200 spare for orbit maneuver and docking ) If I'm understanding this correctly then I need about 600dV to reach land on the Mun from LMO and presumably the same to get back up plus a safety margin for docking? And I use KER set to Mun to calculate my total dV?
  8. So I have done round trips to all of the planets in the Kerbol system. Jool V, Moho, Eeloo, all of them. Except Eve. A while back, I did a career mode save and landed a small base on Eve to complete a contract. Now I am taking on a round trip. Now I have built many landers before. I've tested them all and only one or two of them made it to orbit. The best engine to use when ascending from Eve is the Aerospike. It has the best ISP and has a relatively high thrust. However it has no gimbal. If I were to make all of my engines Aerospikes and be able to control myself during ascent. I'd have no problem designing a small enough lander to push to Eve. But... Everytime I build one like this, it flips over 5 seconds after launch. I need a less efficient engine like the vector in the middle to help control going up. Less efficient means less DV means more fuel which means more mass which means it will be much harder to get the lander to Eve in the first place. Now is there a way to make it controllable on the way up? E.G winglets, torque? Secondly, Hyperedit got implemented into the debug menu in the latest update. Sort of. With this revamped debug menu, is there a way for me to land my lander on Eve without having to edit into orbit and land manually? Thanks in advance. Fire
  9. Claim the Mun! So since I've landed on the Mun, I've jad nothing but bad luck on EVERY flight I've done. Lost about K$1 mil on this two part, 11 contract setup I'm running. So now that I've finally beat this bohemeth I came up with, imo, a nice little challenge. CHALLENGE: Since I just started playing KSP IDK if this has been done befrore, but didnt see anything like this. If there is, maybe just del this thread. * Start a new stock career using no cheats or help. Basic info mods (dv and things like that) can be used. * Least amount of funds used is main focus here. (The basis of the rankings, for ease I thought about only listing top 10. 10-1 pts) * Least amount of contracts used/accepted. (0 contracts = 10pts, 10 contracts = 0pts) * Least amount of building upgrades. (-1pts per building) * Least amount of sci used.(5sci = -0.5pts. Less = rounded up) * "Wild card" rank for those that want to use starts.( Diff leader board) * Hard mode is just landing on Duna. (Don't even know if this is worth it. Maybe drop?) So that's the basic idea, any tweaks/thoughts/blabla would be nice. So there is a max amount of points you can earn here, but because the main point id the funds, ties will refer there. Every K$ counts!
  10. This is a version of a near-identical post on Sufficient Velocity. For years, I have played the Kerbal Space Program. I have traveled world to world, exploring the very bizarre terrain scattered throughout the Kerbol system. From the space program's inaugural flight to the colonization of Laythe, my veracity was unbroken. Plans were finished and dreams were fulfilled, but there was always one world I never ventured to, one no Kerbal ever stepped foot on: The scorched ball of rock known as Moho. Something important to note is that my visual mods and screenshot resolution vary within missions. Unfortunately, this was my fault and, though eventually corrected, it will plague the first series of images. Mod conflicts are wonderful, aren't they? First up, a Dawn-1B lifts off with an unmanned satellite. Known as the Vulcan OreSat, this satellite is to scan the planet for valuable resources and double as a reconnaissance orbiter. VOS will inject into Moho's orbit approximately two days before the manned spacecraft, entering a polar orbit four hours from then. Next up is the interplanetary spacecraft. To carry a crew of three to Moho both safely and effectively, a nuclear tug must push a crew module and a lander to the planet. In this, I have opted for a near-minimalist approach while remaining in the general guidelines. In the original plan, four launches were necessary to construct a spacecraft in orbit. Fortunately, I was able to shrink the nuclear propulsion stage and fit it into a single launch, lowering the total launches to three. This saved cost and time removes ~1000 ΔV from the spacecraft, leaving little room for error. The first piece is the nuclear stage. Launched atop a Seraphim-II Heavy, the 200-ton Behemoth Nuclear Stage is injected into a circular, equatorial orbit of 125 km x 125 km. This booster separation remarkably resembles the R7's Korolev Cross. In fact, the bottom of the boosters actually push upwards, then the booster nosecones push away, separating the heavy boosters in a beautiful fashion. Following the launch of the Behemoth Nuclear Stage, a lander, Haven, will attach to the forward berthing node. This lander is a two-stage unit with excess ΔV to carry the primary module home, should the BNS fail. It's launch vehicle is a standard Seraphim-II with a Taurus upper stage and Proprietary Avionics Package (PAP). The Taurus deorbits itself shortly after separating from Haven. Several days after Haven berthed with the BNS, the Moho transfer window lies only one day away. The well-trusted Wyvern crew module is to be the crew's living space and escape pod, while Haven provides room to stretch their legs. The launch vehicle, the Sentinel-1A, is a partially-reusable rocket that works in a similar fashion to the Falcon 9; first stage is recovered via boostback or, in this instance, barge, while the second stage is expended. Scatterer + EVE + EngineLight = TERRIBLE ENGINE LIGHT A mobile pad on the ocean is the target of the first stage. Abort tower jettison. Unfortunately, I never took any images of the Wyvern docking to the main ship. Also, broken sunflare. That is one of the reasons I was changing out visual mods. With the vessel constructed, it was time to orbit thrice and then set off for the inner world. The crew were eager, Mission Control was prepared, the engines were ready for full-power. Only one more objective had to be fulfilled before the mission could commence, and that was... giving the ship a name? I'm such an idiot. Throughout the entire planning, construction, launching, docking, and tracking of the spacecraft and planets, after giving every individual module a name, I never once considered to name the entire spacecraft. For basic communications purposes and being able to keep track of the damned ship, I rushed to create a true name, and fabricated one: Shepherd of Fire. Currently, this is where the mission stands. A maneuver node lies 65 days away for the Shepherd of Fire; 63 days from VOS. Both spacecraft will soon correct their orbital positions and traverse to the huggled world. Check back for updates!
  11. First mission to Moho here. Used this plane to lift the interplanetary stage - And that's the single crew ion probe. Has a crew cabin so it's not a total spam in can setup, the drive section detaches as you can see with a command chair. That's the lander. Somehow i've burned 11k Delta V getting there, am now in low orbit with just 2300. I take it some kind of rescue mission will be needed, or is the return leg less costly, is there anything clever that can be done with aerobraking / assists?
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