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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve been trying to make a passenger jet but ot never takes off. Anyone, help?
  2. Boeing 747 This is one of my replicas of airplanes in real life. So, it is a little under sized, however, it is quite heavy, and thus I have to clip more engines into each other.
  3. This craft is a stock replica of the Boeing 747-8. This craft was largely inspired by the excellent works of Gman_builder and DavidN, whose accounts you can find here, For this craft I aimed to replicate the exact look, design, and function of the 747-8 as closely as I could, the resulting aircraft is my most accurate replica to date. One huge source of part count is the GEnx-2B turbofans, which all together contribute about 600 parts. Admittedly a lot for a purely aesthetic component. However, the craft would have looked a bit silly with just the dinky Goliaths powering it. Download (As well as additional screenshots): Part Count: 1150 Craft Mass: 414.6 tonnes Craft Specifications -Rotation Speed: 70 m/s -Cruising Altitude: 8000 m -Max Speed at CRZ ALT: 254.7 m/s -Stall Speed: 45 m/s -Maneuverability: Slow, but Responsive. -Action Group 1 toggles the flaps, for this craft they are simply used as airbrakes rather than for increasing lift.
  4. This is a stock 1:1 replica of the GEnx turbofan engine developed by General Electric. This engine was made for use on an Aircraft I am currently working on, but it turned out so nicely that I decided it deserved to be posted on its own. It’s basically just a Goliath with a fancy shell around it. The GEnx series of engines has seen service on the Boeing 747-8 and the Boeing 787-9 Dream liner. Download: Part Count: 99 Subassembly Mass: 13.18 tonnes
  5. A mod aircraft called 747-8. It is very maneuverable and is very stable at both high speeds and low speeds. Takeoff speed is 50 m/s, landing speed is ~<100 m/s. Can climb straight up like fighter jets. Try it out for yourself! Please try it out and tell me about things that need improvement. Building tips are always welcome Pics for you guys
  6. So i made a 747 with many mods installed(don't ask how many,there are a lot,ill list em as soon as I can).It flies good but has some landing issues(very small).Vmu speed is 110m/s custom action group 1-engine 1 and 3 2-engine 2 and 4 3-flaps increase 4-flaps decrease 5-thrust reverse 6-enable motor for landing gears(adjustable landing gear mod) 7-spoilers