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Found 4 results

  1. I have a craft in about a 25km orbit around Bop right now, and it appears to be completely bugged out (note that only this ship is experiencing this bug, as far as I know). The orbit is changing completely on its own (it's burning radial out): with a dropping periapsis and increasing apoapsis very rapidly (a kilometer every 10-15 seconds). I've shut off all reaction wheels, RCS thrusters and engines and it it still occurs. The orbit doesn't change when the ship is out of focus, but if I try to dock with it, I find the ship moving on its own as well. Furthermore, while I can still control RCS and engine thrust, I can't change the ship's direction at all (with SAS/RCS on or off): it's stuck facing the same direction regardless of the force I put on it. Using hyperedit to change the orbit doesn't help either. I'm not sure of the steps to reproduce it because it's not happening with any other craft. I have around 50 mods installed, and here are the ones that may be problematic: Action Groups Extended; AutomatedScienceSampler; B9 Part Switch; Better Burn Time; Community Resource Pack; DefaultActionGroups; DistantObjectEnhancement; Engine Lighting; Final Frontier; Fuel Tanks Plus; Hyperedit; Interstellar Fuel Switch; Kerbal Alarm Clock; KER; Kerbal Joint Reinforcement; Kerbodyne Plus; KerboKatzUtilities; Kopernicus; Mechjeb; Modular Rocket Systems; Module Manager; NearFutureConstruction; Outer Planets; SigmaBinary; Station Science; Stock Plugins; TAC Fuel Balancer; Tweakscale
  2. Applying a force to a part is easy Rigidbody.AddForce(part.vessel.velocityD.normalized, ForceMode.Force) However, if the force isn't direct directly in line of the vessel, it is pulled into one direction and starts spinning Therefore the question is, how to apply a force to the center of mass of a vessel?
  3. Hi there, my recent missions are failing cause of the solar panels that seem to become kinda instable. each time i LOAD my craft, the panels start wobbling until everything explodes - kinda phantom force. i did some tests and it just seems to happen, when the panels are NOT attached to the "main"-craft, but if i have some "arms" going out to different sides and attach them there. Its also not happening until i reload my craft or unfold the panels - so i assume it has something to do with suntracking - not sure. tried to detach one of these "arms" while this was happening, so my craft had just one arm with panels remaining => and became stable. there are no reactionWheels attached to these arms, just on the center. SAS & co disabled. even timewarp just holds it while warp, but in x1 its continuing. Edit: Pictures: Since i doubt logs are helpful, there are none yet - but if someone thinks there are helpful information in it, tell me. The panels are from the KOSMOS-mod.; i also tried the Single ones of this mod and it was even worse.- and i am pretty sure they did work before (in an old install). havent had time to try stock panels yet. - I am still hoping someone knows whats going on here. Nevermind, found it. seems it was caused by radial attached xenon-tanks that caused instability. Followup: definetly caused by the upscaled (Tweakscale) xenon tanks, that seem to behave problemativ when reloading the game. everything is fine after start & so on - until u reload the game and it seems to have problems with the colliders.
  4. Currently, the docking ports have a "magnetic" like force that attracts them together when they are relatively close. While this is useful for eliminating human error, or just helping a player along, it would be nice to see a setting where this force could be changed. For instance, full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and no force. I suggest this because (in my opinion), docking can be exciting/suspenseful/hair raising etc, and these feelings of a delicate maneuver are somewhat suspended when the two vessels are suddenly pulled together and connected rapidly. Force options would be great because it would allow inexperienced players to continue as is (eg: mistakes in a docking vessel's orientation), and experienced players to face more of a challenge / feel more realistic/authentic.
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