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Found 1 result

  1. PS4 version with the New Making History DLC, and the newest patch loaded this morning. Default controls, normal difficulty. Thrilled about getting the new DLC, also thrilled about the fast patch. This game is awesome! My concerns.. Parts wise: -The new parts, specifically the pile of new decouplers don't have Sizes listed, I know I'll eventually remember, but 1.5m or 2.5m would make it easier. -No new Aeroplane cockpits, no new aeroplane engines, and I think only 1 new wing... Hmm.. Game play: -Internal cockpit views, why on Kerbal is the up/down view inverted? How does a console player correct this? -New missions need to totally pause while the 'Kerman storyline pop-ups' are present. X is the button I use to Stage, and you've got me mashing it to clear the screen. -Also, the new missions are difficult, calling them Beginner is hurting my feeling... -Scenarios, The Duna EVA kerbal will not respond, will not move. I took soil samples and an EVA report, then stood there. - Some players will notice that there are no re-entry effects... unless you zoom in. I kinda liked the old long line of fire. - Started a new career, and in the science tree there is a 'lock' icon on Advanced Science Tech, I didn't earn my way up to it yet, so I don't know if this is an artifact from the patch or normal. - The new fuel flow diagram seems to always show one of the fuel flows appearing to run backwards. 3 of the 4 boosters appear to flow correctly. I was building a Soyuze- ish craft. Is anybody making a console tutorial for these advanced tweek-ables?