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Found 4 results

  1. Join us tomorrow, June 30 on our very first Steam Broadcast! We’ll be celebrating the integration of the Steam Workshop together with Scott Manley and RocketPCGaming, starting at 9:00am PDT. You’ll be able to watch us here, directly on our Steam store page, and on Twitch at KSPTV.
  2. Join us and your favorite streamers for the Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion - Launch Party Streaming Marathon on KSPTV. Check out the schedule Don't miss a moment of our Making History Marathon! Sign up to get notified here! Happy launchings!
  3. Hello everybody! We’ve had an amazing time working on Kerbal Space Program and to see how the game has impacted the lives of thousands of people is inspiring. Now, KSP not only stands for the desire of knowledge, science and one of the friendliest and helpful communities anyone could ask for, but everyday we are also overwhelmed by your creations and contributions to this awesome community. Next week we celebrate our 5th anniversary and Christmas is coming up, so we decided to do something special as a way to say “Thank You!” to all KSP players. On December 12th at 17:00 UTC we will be launching the "KriSPmas Present Delivery" Event! A great deal of KSP Twitch streamers you know and love have come together for several days to accomplish one big mission. Deliver presents all across the KSP Universe in one shared savefile! These are some of the streamers that will take part in this adventure: Million Lights The Read Panda RocketPCGaming AkinesisGaming ... And more! Throughout the event we will give away a ton of presents in form of merchandise, game copies and unique presents. Only for you! We are very excited to be able to do this, so tune in to KSPTV! We hope to see you there! Share it with your friends, see what is possible in KSP and get a chance to receive one of the countless goodies we have prepared! Merry KriSPmas!
  4. I apologize if there is already a thread about this (please be gentle, dear mods), but after watching many hours of the KSPTV experimentals marathon, I have a few takeaways I would like to share with you: That performance boost! I can't even begin to tell you how much I look forward to that. If you know my body of work ( ahem ), then you know that I rarely do stuff with less than 300-500 parts. Having said that, I am aware that performance will vary from machine to machine. All mods will need updates. The engine swap to Unity V is such a giant change of the game's core mechanics that you can't count on any mod still working. I have tried asking @KasperVldin the stream's chat whether or not some modders already have access to experimentals (except of course Squad semi-staff members like Roverdude), but either the answer or the question got lost in the torrent of chat messages. The reworked UI is a thing of beauty. Not because it looks that much better. Because it greatly increases usability (I know a thing or two about that having written my empirical thesis on a self developed usability test), since you now can move context menus around and even make them sticky. Love this for my SSTO plane missions! That inflatable heat shield is a beast. Mat (the first streamer) punched through Eve's atmosphere with that thing reaching more than 25g and both heat shield and payload survived. Immediately discussions about the shield being overpowered broke out. But keep in mind that thing is basically a big balloon and his payload was just a very tiny rover. Would love to hear @RoverDude's input on that since he designed the thing, if I remember correctly. Also don't know yet if that thing floats... thinking about swimming bases on Laythe... There are still a few bugs, which is to be expected with experimentals. Jimorian lost visuals for a moment and then had a second Kerbin hanging behind the regular Kerbin. It looked funny and weird. Mat didn't have all of the orbit map visuals when trying to aim for Eve. He basically got there with sheer luck. Rich to the Rescue encountered two bugs: Landing gear now slides down slopes (or maybe this is intentional? However it's really annoying) After docking with multiple docking ports, some of Rich's ports suddenly disappeared. He wasn't sure if that was really a bug or if he did something wrong, but it looked like a bug to me. Due to the change in game engine, a lot of visuals look different than the old version. Planet surfaces look less "tily" from above. There seems to be an issue though with Eve, since it almost looked fluorescent in Mat's part of the marathon stream. Really weird color. So all in all it looks like KSP 1.1 will be a great update, although there appear to be some kinks still left in it. Let's just hope they will be ironed out in the coming weeks! Not sure about some long standing bugs like the "cannot activate while stowed" bug. Has anyone tried that out during the stream? Anyhow: The hype is real