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Found 1 result

  1. Bill, newly annointed Master of Space Engineering, is eager to get to work excavating exotic ores from faraway places. Imagine his excitement when he receives his first mission to the Mun. "Am I going to learn to drill?" he asks. "No. It doesn't work that way. You're going to plant a flag on the Mun." "Why?" "For experience." "Oh, then I'll get to drill?" "No. It doesn't work that way. Next, we'll send you to Duna." "Oh, there's a drilling academy there where I'll learn about drilling?" "No. You'll plant another flag." "Why?" "For more experience." "But I'll already have flag planting experience. I need drilling experience." "Well planting that flag will give you drilling experience." "Oh. OK, then I'll just take a drill with me so I can use my experience after I plant the flag." "Well, no." "Why not?" "Because we need to bring you back to officially log the experience in your record." "Can't I just radio it in?" "No." "So, I'm going to spend a year planting flags so I can get experience in drilling. Without ever touching a drill. For a year." "Or longer. That's right." "Um, that's not what I signed up for." May I humbly suggest that the XP mechanic for engineers be tied to engineering tasks such as actually drilling, repairing and repacking and science experience be tied to things like conducting experiments, manning a lab and surveying planets? Pilots can get XP planting flags because they're kind of stupid anyway and we need to give them something to pin on their chest.